By being a PlaySight member, you now have access to the PlaySight Edge. This is what we call the competitive advantage that our technology is bringing


By being a PlaySight member, you now have access to the PlaySight Edge. This is what we call the competitive advantage that our technology is bringing tennis clubs, federations, academies, and schools around the world.

On that note, we have lots of exciting news to share from the past few days and weeks – from the US Open to China to new installations in the collegiate world. Read on!


PlaySight Heads to Wimbledon

Wimbledon 1

Yair at the SmartCourt kiosk with several of the teaching pros.

A dream came true for PlaySight last month – we installed our first SmartCourt at the historic All England Lawn, Tennis, and Croquet Club, home of the Wimbledon Championships. Yair, one of PlaySight’s account managers, worked tirelessly in London to install the SmartCourt system and to train the teaching professionals at the club about the benefits that come with the PlaySight Edge. We also installed our first SmartCourt with Virgin Active, at their Northwood location. The PlaySight Edge is gaining momentum in the UK.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Back in the US, we put the finishing touches on a brand new set of PlaySight training videos last month. We plan on creating new videos to help coaches and players get the most out of the PlaySight system. Look for the first series of videos to be released on our website, across social media, and on YouTube in a week. We focused on the 10 most impactful drills (based on feedback from many of our PlaySight Champions – designated coaches that use the system significantly in their lessons). And now, all of you will soon have access to these drills too!

Featured in these videos is Matija Pecotic, a PlaySight-sponsored athlete currently ranked 267th in the world. Matija had a stellar collegiate career at Princeton and is now working hard on the professional tour. He trains on a SmartCourt in New Jersey and relies on many elements of the PlaySight Edge for his success – from SmartCourt drills to utilizing the content management system to review his matches from the road and in between sessions. Matija spends a lot of time refining his game on a SmartCourt – you will be seeing a lot more from him in the coming weeks and months.

FieldHouse 1

Gordon Uehling III (yellow hat), a PlaySight investor and the owner of Courtsense, will be featured as the coach in these videos. Matija is standing beside him and on the left are Drew and Eric – the brains behind the operation.

A Historic US Open

Not only did PlaySight investor Novak Djokovic cap off a historic two weeks with a thrilling victory over Roger Federer, but PlaySight also had a very busy two weeks in New York. We have our SmartCourt technology installed year-round at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and the USTA utilized it during the American Express Fan Experience at the tournament this year. Fans of all ages and skill levels were able to come and test out the SmartCourt technology, which included a groundstroke depth drill (with real-time line calling) as well as the always-popular fastest serve contest.

US Open 1

US marketing manager, Jeff, and US sales manager, Josh, manned the kiosk at the AmEx Fan Experience.

PlaySight and Midtown Athletic Clubs

We also continue to strengthen our relationship with the Midtown Athletic Clubs, one of the premier tennis and recreational facilities in the nation. We recently installed our SmartCourt technology on five of their courts at the Bannockburn location in Illinois. Midtown definitely knows what the PlaySight Edge is about! You can also check our SmartCourts out at their Chicago location.

Bannockburn photo

The beautiful Midtown - Bannockburn location.

Base Tennis and PlaySight - The Future of Youth Tournaments

There may not be a club in the world that has benefitted from the SmartCourt technology more than Base Tennis in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. This past month, Base utilized PlaySight at the Ten-Pro World Junior Tour ‘Base Stars of Tomorrow’ event. 130 different junior matches were filmed, and 50 of them were debriefed at the PlaySight debriefing station. All of these juniors now have their entire match saved on their PlaySight account - it isn’t hard to see why we are aiming to be the future of tennis tournaments.

Base tennis

A post-match debrief session with one of the tournament participants at Base Tennis.

What’s Coming Up for PlaySight?

We are heading to Northwestern University next week for SmartCourt installation and training – the Wildcats are adding the PlaySight Edge to their program in a huge way, investing in six SmartCourts for their tennis teams to train and play on. College teams across the country are benefiting from the PlaySight Edge – live streaming matches, incredible coaching tools, and the ability to watch any SmartCourt session at any time from mobile phone or computer.

Internationally, we are going to be installing our first SmartCourts very soon in China, Japan, and Singapore.


The PlaySight Edge is coming to the Big Ten Conference at Northwestern.

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