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Done! Just... in...time. Literally - it's after 1am as I'm adding in this introduction.

It may not be 100% perfect but I wanted to share the 'What's on in 2018? Veterinary CPD Calendar' in this week's eNews to see what you thought - especially the new online version which I think offers some great opportunities.

I had a bit of a glitch with the hosting of the online version as my web developers quoted 2 hours to add the html code to the Vetanswers website so I set up a tumblr page in about an hour AND I have complete control over it. It may not be the perfect long-term solution and there is still some work to do but it's a good start. I'm keen to know what you think so check it out and send me an email with your feedback.

Also this week we welcome back Knose Everyday Pet Care. They really do offer an amazing product to help you keep up with the 'big boys' - fully customisable pet care plans, designed by you, to suit your client's needs and they take care of all the necessary technology, administration & banking. You should definitely take the time to find out more in the '3 Things I bet you didn't know..' blog post below and keep your eye out for more information in the future.

Finally, you'll find a link to an important survey for Australian Veterinary Nurses on 'Work Stress and Well-Being Study'. If you've experienced stress at work or you find it hard to watch your colleagues crumble under too many pressures and you'd like to make a difference then please take part in this survey and share it with your colleagues.

Our aim is to help you - save time, connect & discover!

Enjoy your reading :)

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Welcome back - Knose

3 Things I bet you didn't know about...Knose Everyday Pet Care

Knose offers fully customizable & managed monthly Pet Plans for vets to offer to their clients. You set the protocols & prices.You do the vet work, they do the rest!

Click here to discover more....


It's here! The most comprehensive CPD Calendar for the Veterinary Industry

What s on in 2018 Cover red shading

Click here to download

Calendar Style, pdf version

It's easy to read, download and print a hard copy. It's the best way to get an idea of the range of training available AND share it amongst your team.

Click here to download your pdf version...

NEW! Online Calendar... Select from 3 different views

What s on in 2018 - Online Calendar - Monthly exp3

1. Monthly Calendar View

What s on in 2018 - Online Calendar - Agenda exp3

2. Agenda Calendar View

What s on in 2018 - Online Calendar - Pinboard exp3

3. Pinboard Calendar View

Benefits of Online Calendar

With ALL Training....

1. 3 formats to choose from: Pinboard, Agenda, Monthly
2. Search all training events to find workshops, webinars, conferences
3. With one click, you'll be able to share all aspects of the training on social media; via email; or add to your Calendar.

With Paid Listings, you can also....

4. Download a brochure or click on the link to find out more information
5. Find the perfect training event by searching using:

▪ Your position e.g veterinarian, vet nurse, practice owner, etc.
▪ Topics e.g. surgery, communication, dental
▪ Training provider
▪ Location
▪ Add in multiple search parameters to refine your search
Your position e.g veterinarian, vet nurse, practice owner, etc.
Topics e.g. surgery, communication, dental
Training provider
Add in multiple search parameters to refine your search

I'm still updating, refining and ironing out some kinks but your feedback is always welcome - please send your comments and feedback to: judyg@vetanswers.com.au

Click here to visit the NEW online 'What's on in 2018? Veterinary CPD Calendar'


Vet Nurse? Have your say.....

Work Stress & Well Being Survey...

Are you a VET NURSE in Australia?

Is caring for pets and their people your passion? Have you experienced stress at work? Do you find it hard to watch your colleagues crumble under the pressures of too many demands, not enough support, workplace bullying, difficult clients, or heartbreaking euthanasias?

Would you like to make a difference?

Griffith University researchers invite you to take part in their nationwide study into work stress and well-being in Aussie vet nurses. Regardless of whether you struggle with job stress personally, by completing the anonymous survey, you will be making a valuable contribution to increasing understanding of key issues surrounding work stress, mental health, resilience and well-being in the veterinary nursing profession.

Why should you take part?

"..there is a real need for researchers to explore vet nurse well-being in more depth, to increase understanding of key factors that may place some veterinary nurse employees at an increased risk of stress-related mental health difficulties, as well as withdrawal from the profession. Ultimately these findings will aid in the future development of targeted prevention and support strategies designed specifically for veterinary nurses."

Click here to complete the survey...


Unconscious bias - hindering gender equality?

To achieve gender equality, we must first tackle our unconscious biases

By Beatrice Alba, The Conversation

With the focus on International Women's Day yesterday, I found this to be an interesting post.

"Gender equality is seeing males and females as being of equal status and value. It is judging a person based on their merit, and not viewing them as inferior or superior purely based on their gender. Unfortunately, the evidence .....suggests this prejudice is still widespread, and we often aren’t aware of our own biases."

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