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We like to think that the world revolves around our little personal space. Truth is, Israel gets alot more attention than it deserves, if you judge by the sheer size and numbers. A real question for future historians, answered possibly only by the fact that the Jewish people and the Bible are sources of so much for so many. But I disgress. I want to look outside our borders to our friends and share just a couple of thoughts on the country we can surely call our best friend in the general league of nations:

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1) America is overwhelmingly conservative - and that is heartwarming, considering the beating taken by mainstream media outlets across the country. It can be downright frustrating to lead, legislate, speak out for the rights of the individual, in this atmosphere - yet in a nation protected by a constitution where the people are "entitled to all privileges and immunities". We cannot let any parts of society, from media to academia and beyond, forget this. (With thanks to Sen. Mike Lee, constitutional expert, for his enlightening online seminars, sometimes above my head but always fascinating and enriching.)

It is our duty as political conservatives to uphold the values embedded in the constitution, and to apply them to help shape the next generation, despite what the headlines might be screaming.

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2) Which leads me to my next thought, as a crazy football fan who just couldn't give up watching the NFL last season, despite cries to do so - in protest of the harmful 'take a knee' campaign. While I was not proud of a league that forgave this blatant attack on the US ethos of flag and country, I am relieved at news of resolving this 'chutzpah' by imposing a fine on those who won't stand for the anthem. Despite the embarrassing response of some, such as NY Jets CEO Johnson, I commend the NFL for recognizing the need to protect and cherish this national ethos, and pray that with this, the issue will disappear into the oblivion that it deserves.


Back in the Middle East: Gazan attacks have heightened and it is important to note that Israelis are of one mind regarding our right to defend and secure our families and homes. One wonders how these palestinian leaders claim ownership of a land that they are willing to burn down. Is it spite, or a childish response that if I can't have it, you won't either? Or perhaps a deeper reality where it is simply the Jewish nation that they wish to push into the ocean rather than accept our presence here and make peace with it. Either way, let's keep our heads on straight and remind people that here in Israel, our country is united, across the board, in its resolve to remain honest and steadfast in recognizing this threat to our peaceful coexistence, and yes - to using force where necessary to push back the dangerous terrorism that is sadly Gazan, today.


A thought, that has arisen from similar, previous terrorist flames: One of my favorite artists, Yoram Raanan had his studio & entire body of work burned down, in the arson attacks on Israel not long ago. He lost his life's work, and yet he returned, gathering the ashes in what seems like a gargantuan effort - and emerging not only revived but incredibly inspiring. His beautiful art grew with his spirit, incorporating the actual ash into the paintings and finding the inspiration in rebuilding a life and a soul.

Click here to see for yourself - watch his story and then enjoy one of my favorite original pieces (lost in the fire) and now his renewed inspiration:


Bishvili - for me - the world was created for me, a path to follow, to the Temple and to my purpose​

And now, bringing forth "Water out of the rock", using the burnt ash from tragedy to life:

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​Glad to share my favorites with you, hoping you find similar inspiration for the work we do each day, to share honesty in our quest for truth. ​
Have a great rest of the week!

Sarah & the whole team


Germany is far removed from its dark past, but its Iran policy remains sordid

Germany's past should have enjoined her to openly take the moral lead in promoting regime change when dealing with a totalitarian regime such as Iran.

A Strange and Unfamiliar Sound

A strange, startling and deeply unfamiliar sound was heard this week. A Trump tweet imploding, perhaps? Kim Jong-Un finally destroying his nuclear arsenal? A distant rumble from the Hawaii volcano?

No. It was the sound of the European Union and United Nations loudly supporting Israel against attack.

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Israel is Beautiful!

Please share comments and upcoming Middle-East focused activity so we can weigh in and provide insight that can help better inform and advocate for our joint interests...

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