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Keeping in touch with current news and ideas in outdoor learning

DID YOU KNOW that IOL has a strong and active social media presence?

We like to keep channels open for our members and others to keep in touch, up to date and discuss whats going on in the outdoor learning sector.

This is the current list of the Facebook pages and groups we have and also, not forgetting, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Institute for Outdoor Learning - main Facebook page
The page for outdoor news, sector updates and general IOL announcements.
11,728 people like us and 13,191 people follow us on this page.

Regions and Home Nations

With local IOL updates and items of interest for the area.
* IOL Scotland
* IOL Cymru/Wales
* IOL North West
* IOL North East
* IOL Midlands
* IOL Peaks
* IOL Wessex
* IOL East
* IOL South West

Professional Practice and Discussion Groups

Concentrating on the Groups' topics.
* IOL Freelancer Cooperative Group
* IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group
* IOL Adventure and Environmental Awareness Group
* IOL Spirituality in Outdoor Learning Discussion Group
* IOL Teachers Professional Community
* IOL Field Studies Group
* IOL Higher Education Group
* Outdoor Learning Practice Research Hub

For pages and groups rules see each page you join.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who manage the Groups, Home Nation and Regional Facebook pages, helping to keep them active and current.


IOL on Twitter 10,900 Follow us on Twitter.


IOL on LinkedIn 6,197 followers

News on the IOL Website

The IOL website also has frequently updated Members News and Latest News pages. Keep an eye on these too!


Who to contact at IOL

▪ Andy Robinson, CEO
▪ Louise Keir, Operations Manager
▪ Dave Brooks, Member Services Admin (Membership, Bookshop)
▪ Fiona Exon, Media/Publishing (Event bookings, Web listings, Advertising with IOL)
▪ Steve Ullyart, IT Manager (Accounts payable, IOL IT)
▪ Neal Anderson, Professional Standards Manager
Andy Robinson, CEO
Louise Keir, Operations Manager
Dave Brooks, Member Services Admin (Membership, Bookshop)
Fiona Exon, Media/Publishing (Event bookings, Web listings, Advertising with IOL)
Steve Ullyart, IT Manager (Accounts payable, IOL IT)
Neal Anderson, Professional Standards Manager
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