Update on Disk Golf Course IFC and Greek Council have supported the new Disk Golf Course that will be on the dirt lot below frat row. There will be 1

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Update on Disk Golf Course

Disk Golf Course

IFC and Greek Council have supported the new Disk Golf Course that will be on the dirt lot below frat row. There will be 10 'holes' with Frisbees available for check-out at Outdoor Programs. We anticipate the course will be up and running by the end of the semester with a Grand Opening next Fall. The course was designed with the hope that Greeks would have the easiest access to play! As soon as things are up and running we'll let you know.

Collect a Million
Order of Omega
Did you know

Congrats to our new Order of Omega Greeks

Janelle Cronk, Zeta
Emily Byers, Beta
Mary Jane Carr, Xi
Harrison Covey, Pi Chi
Parker Dorrough, Pi Chi
Sarah Grimley, Xi
Kayla Hunergardt, Beta
Aubrey Kucas, Delta
Cady Moris, Sigma
Caralyn Simpson, Delta
Gemma Sokol, Delta
Emily Taylor, Delta
Roberta Watson, Sigma
Ellen Johnson, Sigma
Ronald Mak, Chi Rho Psi

Without wings

Greek Survey is available until March 3rd

With the completion of your survey, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes that include:
Gift Cards to

$50 gift card to Target!

Student Organizational Board Apps Available

What is the Student Organizational Board?

At the University of Redlands, we believe in empowering students to play a central role in setting and upholding the standards for how organizations conduct themselves. The Student Organizational Board (SO Board) is an important part of leadership and self-governance for the over 120 active clubs and organizations on campus. It allows students to make decisions about whether organizational misconduct has occurred and what the appropriate response should be.

Board members receive training in April and are notified throughout the year when a board needs to convene. The role of the board is to hear both sides of the incident, ask questions to understand the details and implications of the matter before them, deliberate with one another, and reach a consensus decision.

Applications available now and due March 18th. Click Here to complete the Application.

Greek Life Dates


Presents: March 7 6-9pm Orton
Filling Org Houses: No later than March 13th
Panhell/IFC Nominations March 16

Recyclemania March 22nd: Greek Week!

March 23rd Elections
March 30th Transition meeting?
Fall President’s Meeting: April 8th
April 1: Spring Calendar Meeting

COAB and Greek Awards Banquet: April 6, 5 and 8 pm in Orton

New Member Reminders

New Member Education Dates/Times 7:30 pm on Mondays

Mar. 2 Sexual Assault Sororities in Bulldog, Fraternities in Gregory 272
Mar. 9 Active Shooter Gregory 161

Study Hours Submission form: http://goo.gl/forms/WLiGTyZEqp

Presents Review: March 4 9 pm in Casa Loma
Presents: March 7 6-9pm Orton

Going Active: March 13th for the fraternities and March 14 for the sororities by midnight

New Member Celebration Orton 9 pm March 16th...Cucas!

Greek Leadership Image Sp 2015

All Greek Bonding

Known forever

Let's Celebrate the New Members from Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 with Cucas on the Frosh Quad March 16th at 9 pm.

Come to Greek Council following this to nominate someone special for Greek council!

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