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Hello ,

Greeting from the tropical city of Kuala Lumpur
I'm writing this from the 49th floor overlooking down town KL.

Last week I was in China with Tomas and telling you about delicious Pomelo Moon Cakes and Soap flowers.
We have been working long long hours.. and everyday (no days off in China) to find you the Next Big Thing..
You can read it here.

Yesterday we took the early China Southern flight from Yiwu to Guangzhou and then to KL, arriving early evening. A taxi down town takes about an hour, where we met up with Raul our IT wizard who lives here.
This city, hot, humid, green and huge.. high-rise building, rising up out of jungle like gardens. Last night sitting in an open air restaurant enjoying a beer, I can see why Raul loves living here. This city is at once urban and dynamic, but somehow tropically calm and peaceful.

Normally I stay in one of the five star hotels close to where Raul lives - but for a change I thought we would try one of the serviced apartments that are literally springing up all over town.

The concept is a new experience for me, and pretty cool. Spacious apartments, including a small kitchen, and sitting area. Then within the building lots of big beautiful shared living spaces. We are in Lanson Place, on the 48th floor is a dramatic breakfast area, then up stairs in a area that would be a penthouse apartment, is a shared loft style office working space, and... OMG.. a seriously inspiring view.
So I'm here writing this - in between brainstorming creative idea to improve our IT system, to enable us to radically improve the giftware you get, the efficiency of you receiving it and the ease of your ordering it. The complete flow of products from artisans in Kathmandu or Ubud or Yiwu, via our local warehouses, on to containers - across the sea, to the racking and shelves in warehouses in Europe, to the boxes that arrive at your door and finally into the hearts and homes of your customers.

All these ridiculously large building rising up even higher than us all around, just shows you what can be achieved when you think big.
Here is the view..

So think big!
Talking of new stock, lots of things have been arriving in the UK, and we have some BIG unbeatable deals for you.
Two containers just arrived from India, one from Bali and one from China.. lot's of stock for you to retail.. lots of retailing opportunities.. so think BIG.. and make it happen.
Just a reminder.. at AW we don't undermine our own customers by selling our products retail as well.. we don't compete with our customers (check how many of your other wholesalers can honestly make this claim!) - so like I said - Think BIG :)
Our hardworking customer service team, is back to reasonable strength and new member starting shortly.
We are still behind with orders, and we have weekend shifts on, and a lot of overtime happening.. a big cheer for James, our good's out manager who is working hero hours.. and making hero style efforts to shift orders. Even taking van loads of stock after hours to the courier depot, when the courtier companies fail to collect enough boxes.
So we are moving heaven and earth to bring you the goods.. and here in KL three of AW top brains (not sure you can count mine in that) are brainstorming on top of a tall building, to improve the systems to make it better..

Next week I will be back in Ubud, Bali.. a quick visit to sort our warehouse problem and finish of couple of product ranges..

Take care..

Have a great week.. and don't forget to think BIG :)



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