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July 28, 2021


Why You Should STOP Doing Kegels

How many times have you heard, “Do your kegels!”? Did you know that doing kegels is often NOT what you should be doing? In fact, for many women doing kegels is harmful.

Dr. Katie Taylor with Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness wants to spread the word that doing kegels is not always the answer to pelvic floor problems. Many women have overactive pelvic floor muscles and doing kegels further tightens these muscles and can worsen a woman’s symptoms.

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~ 4605 Country Club Road W-S, NC 27014 (new location as of August 2nd)
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Fall Sessions at Dance Project

This fall, Dance Project is focusing on building strong, healthy, and thriving dancers with in-person and virtual group classes, private lessons, and community-focused performance companies.

Try their youth class combos or find your style with commitment-free adult drop-in classes! No matter your age or ability, you can experience the growth, well being, and joy which only dance can bring. The fall session runs Aug 30 - Dec 18. Learn more and sign up here.


Registration Open for Imprints Cares

Imprints Cares is the largest provider of before and after-school care in Forsyth County. Registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Don’t miss the chance to enroll your child in a program that is staffed by teachers and staff from your home school. Homework help, STEAM enrichment, recreational opportunities, and social/emotional learning activities are all part of the daily schedule. For more information or to register, visit their website at


Get Results Fast with F45 Training

F45 Training, the world’s fastest growing functional training community, is located in downtown Winston-Salem in the heart of the Innovation Quarter. F45 WSNC offers High Intensity Interval Training for all abilities. Their functional 45 minute group training classes are one of the most efficient ways to workout, providing results when combining their F45 nutritional component with their programming.

Get your FREE 7 day trial here and grab your Back to School Special!

Visit them Online, on Instagram, and on Facebook.


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