Help Legalize Tiny Homes in Ojai "Something really big just happened: Fresno, CA allows property owners to subsidize mortgages by utilizing tiny hous

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Help Legalize Tiny Homes in Ojai

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Tiny Houses are now legal in Fresno (shown with City Council member Esmeralda Soria with Mayor of Fresno). Photo: Pat Mosley of California Tiny Homes

"Something really big just happened: Fresno, CA allows property owners to subsidize mortgages by utilizing tiny houses as rental properties. In effect the City Council and Mayor of Fresno have rewritten the zoning laws specifically to allow Tiny Houses on wheels. This is a huge precedent! This rule allows property owners to relieve some stress from large mortgages and at the same time, allowing lower income individuals and families a pathway to living in better neighborhoods. This is really about updating our laws to reflect the realities of our current state of environment and economy. Believe me when I say that this is the tip of the iceberg." - Zack Giffin from Tiny House Nation

CALL TO ACTION FOR TINY HOUSE ADVOCATES: Do you believe tiny houses is a solution to many of our housing needs? Do you want to make tiny houses legal? The City of Fresno just legalized tiny homes (read more HERE). Let's make it happen in Ojai, CA!

You're invited to attend City of Ojai's Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 17th. We will discuss Tiny Homes as a legal Second Dwelling Unit as a means to provide affordable housing in Ojai (read more HERE). We are incredibly fortunate to have Dan Fitzpatrick, the person who was largely responsible for writing the new ordinance in Fresno, travel to Ojai to give a presentation to the City (thanks Dan!).

WHERE: Ojai City Hall, 401 S. Ventura Street, Ojai, CA 93023
WHEN: Wednesday Feb. 17th at 6pm. The discussion will be last on the agenda, so please be prepared to stay later.

WHERE: 1211 Maricopa Hwy # 221, Ojai, CA 93023 (Office of Tenpenny Construction across from Vons parking lot)
WHEN: Friday January 29th at 9am (suggested arrival)

To prepare for the official meeting, Dan Fitzpatrick will meet with Planning Commissioners Chester Jagiello and Kathleen Nolan to strategize. The meeting will start at 8am with a powerpoint presentation by Dan and a discussion with Chester and Kathy. Feedback and questions will be taken by the audience at about 9am. At the official meeting, the audience will have an opportunity to speak about the benefits of tiny homes to support Dan's presentation.

This is a very rare opportunity to affect change... Spread the word, tell your friends, and we hope to see you this Friday!

IMG 0475 - Version 3

Vina Lustado, Founder Sol Haus Design


The Light Haus: New Tiny House Design

IMG 1152

The Light Haus is travel worthy & DMV registered

IMG 1191

The Light Haus is built for RVIA certification

NEW TINY HOUSE DESIGN IS COMPLETE! We're excited to announce the completion of our latest tiny house design! Built on a 24' trailer with two separate offices (yes two!), large bedroom loft full of storage, uniquely designed stairs, luxurious shower, full kitchen, and custom designed furniture.

The signature element of this new design is the clerestory windows bathing the interior with natural light. We think it's appropriate to call this home THE LIGHT HAUS.

COMING SOON: By popular demand, Design Plans for the Light Haus will be available for purchase. Stay tuned for special savings for a limited time only!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.13.45 PM

The bedroom loft is light and airy with clerestory windows, skylight and plenty of storage.

IMG 7294-21

Large office below & office loft above

IMG 7354-53

Plenty of storage in the bedroom loft

IMG 7329-38

A luxurious shower

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.14.06 PM

Bedroom loft above with kitchen/ bathroom below

IMG 7345-47

Uniquely designed stairs

IMG 7341-45

Plenty of storage

IMG 7303-27

Custom designed ladder at loft


PROFILE: Vina Lustado
Vina Lustado is the founder/owner of Sol Haus Design, a design firm specializing in sustainable design and building in Ojai, California. After receiving an architecture degree (B.ARCH) and more than 20 years experience with high-end corporate clients, Vina has decided to focus her career on smaller-scale projects that could make a positive difference. Staying true to her values, Vina has completed the design and construction of her off-the-grid Tiny House. Equipped with simple luxuries as a loft skylight and a cozy fireplace, Vina has manifested her dream home in 140 square feet.


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