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"Aries" by Teo Olivieri (linked)

Spring Equinox, Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!


I hope you find this newsletter to be informative, inspiring and comforting in this difficult time. I've included wonderful articles by 2 of my apprentices; Paola Guererro and Tiffany Credle. They're posted below.

Please be advised that I am offering free daily distant healing for people who test positive for Covid 19 and who are sick with it. I have 12 of my students and colleagues on the distant healing team. If you know anyone who is sick with it, I would need their full name and their permission before I put them on the list. Everyone on the team has been instructed to send when they can for as long as they can. I'm suggesting at least 15 min. a day to all the people on the list at once. If you are trained in Reiki, Angelic Liquid Light or VortexHealing® and have distant healing experience, Let me know if you'd like to help with this. We have 5 people on the distant healing list so far.

My FREE Angelic Liquid Light Equinox / Pandemic Distant Healing is scheduled for tomorrow, Thurs. March 19th (the 1st day of Spring) 7:30 - 8pm EDT conference call, 8pm - 9pm distant healing. I'm disappointed that so few people have signed up for this! I guess everybody is still terrified of doing anything in groups. I can however assure that you cannot get the Covid 19 virus via conference call or distant healing! In order to sign up just email me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list and I'll send you all the details (see full write - up below on the Bulletin Board)

I am also offering my usual services (distant healing, coaching, astrology & Tarot readings) over phone or Skype. If you can't afford my posted rates you can pay on sliding scale (whatever you can afford). I will not be doing in person healing touch sessions, house calls or classes until it is safe to do so.

My Reiki circle will be held in conference call format from 7pm - 8pm weekly on Monday night until it's safe to meet in person again. We'll do some guided meditation then everyone will send Reiki to everyone in the circle. You can also use Angelic Liquid Light or VortexHealing® in the circle. The conference call numbers are 917 444 9040, conference ID 818181#. The circle is free but I will accept donations via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or PayPal via the Buy Now button on the contact page of my website. You are welcome to join the circle if you are not trained in an energy healing modality.

The Upside of the Shutdown

I hope all of you are well and staying afloat amidst the current challenges. It's becoming a big challenge for me, mainly because what for 14 yrs has been a very busy and incredibly fulfilling career has been temporarily taken away. I was having the most prosperous January and February ever, then the bottom fell out. I've lost 90% of my business in the last 2 weeks. I know many of you are in the same boat, especially if you're self employed. It's scary, but what can we do but keep the faith, adapt, and take really good care of ourselves and our loved ones? In any case, why worry? It never helps. This too shall pass!

In this climate of fear and isolation, we need hugs, love and support more than ever. But perhaps the upside of the shutdown is that "forced to stay home, many people have exited a vicious cycle of needing to produce more, spend more and consume more, and finally have time to listen to the birds singing, as they have returned to now silent cities with much less human activity" - Cobra

TJ and I have found this to be true and we know it's not a coincidence that a beautiful young female pigeon has been visiting us while TJ is working at her desk. She sits right outside our window on top of the air conditioner and sings to us......coo....coo....coo...... It's very comforting, and since birds are intermediaries between heaven and earth, we take it as a loving sign from the divine. As far as I'm concerned, that pigeon is an angel!

And speaking of angels, I had asked for a sign from them. I always invoke the golden and white light angels for every private and group healing that I do. I know they're always with me, but they're very discreet, subtle and gentle. They don't want to attract attention to themselves and create a scene that would interrupt the session. I totally get that, but truth be told, I wanted to hear from them! So I talked to them. I thanked them for all they do and then I asked if they could give some sort of tangible, visible sign of their presence without causing a ruckus.

The sign came a few weeks later while I was channeling a VortexHealing® group session in a friend's living room. There were 9 of us there and about 20 more on the distant healing list. I was sitting in a chair channeling the healing energies. People were lying on the floor with pillows under their heads, some were in chairs or stretched out on the sofa.

It was towards the end of the session when I felt a cool tingly sensation all over my body. I always have my eyes closed when I'm channeling, except for occasional brief glances at my phone to check the time. So I was feeling this sensation with my eyes closed and I thought this feels like white light ......a couple minutes passed and it was time to end the session. I said ok we're done ......and one of the people who was lying near me on the floor looks up at me wide - eyed and says you turned into white light! Then the person next to her said yeah, you were in a column of white light! A white light angel had merged with me! I knew this was the sign that I had asked for. Thank you dear angels, you're awesome! Very cool the way you did that and made sure that 2 people saw it........hey wait a minute! Did you guys tell that pigeon to come to our window and sing?!?

The divine will give us what we ask for as long as it's not harmful to us or others, and as long as we do our part. But we need to ask! Once the infinite has been given permission to assist, then the miracles can happen.

I'm enjoying my unexpected vacation. I have more time to read, write, meditate, and play. It's a beautiful day today and tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Lets celebrate the rebirth of Mother Earth!!

I woke up today, had a cup of tea, a bite to eat, did my Qi Gong and went to Central Park to play basketball. Then I sat on one of my favorite outcroppings of billion year old rock to meditate and send healing for an hour to all the people on our Covid 19 distant healing list.

On my way home home I thought about how unprecedented the current situation is. Nothing even remotely like it has ever happened before. Every human being on the planet is directly or indirectly affected and there's much more going on than just the virus.

We all want to have a safer, healthier, happier world in which everyone has everything they need. But we will never have that if everyone keeps doing what they've always done. If we do what we've always done, we'll get what we always got.

The definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So the upside of the shutdown is that we cannot do the same things we always do, and this opens up the space for a major planetary shift into the new paradigm. When we have a crisis like this, it brings out the best in people. Hearts open and we help each other. Atheists are suddenly praying their asses off! Trump haters are helping Hillary haters and vice versa! We see past our differences and remember that we're all just human beings doing our best to get by.

Grand Central Pandemic 2020

Grand Central Train Station NYC during pandemic "rush hour".

If we can't go outside and do what we always do, we can always go within. There is infinite space within us and nobody can take it away from us. It exists in the form of our creative imagination. Consciousness is not just something inside our skulls. It's a universal field of awareness that encompasses all that was, is and can be!

In it's present form, the global financial / geopolitical / military / industrial system is unsustainable. It's a dead man walking. If you don't believe that our world has entered a phase of accelerated transformation in which institutions, governments and societies are undergoing radical change, check out this list of 11,046 CEO's, Presidents and Chairmen who've resigned since Aug. 2017, or look at the performance of the stock market in the last month.

Let's hold space for the most benevolent future we can imagine. Let's keep our heads cool and our hearts warm. Lets imagine and feel a world that works for everyone, and let's all do whatever we can in service of the greater good. Be good, do good, feel good!!

The little things we do everyday are actually big things because they create a ripple effect in the collective. Every thought, feeling and action is creative. We are the creator and we're creating the new world as the old world dies.

Whether we know it or not we actually are the creators of our personal and collective realities. The trick is to flip the script into being a conscious intentional creator instead of an unconscious one. This requires courage, clarity of intent, and faith based action without attachment to results. If our default setting is to choose love over fear, all will be well.

"Nations attack other nations because of fear. They search for security in violence, thinking that by killing, invading, etc., they can make themselves secure, strong, and powerful... All crimes, all wars, all transgressions, have their origin in fear and in the search for security... In this day and age, fear and the search for security have twisted the planet Earth into a frightful hell. The whole world is afraid, and the whole world demands securities..." - Samael Aun Weor, Fundamentals of Gnostic Education

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Bulletin Board

You're invited to join my Free Angelic Liquid Light Spring Equinox / Pandemic Distant Healing on Thursday night 3/19, 7:30 - 8pm conference call, 8pm - 9pm distant healing. It's a free session but I will gladly accept donations. Please do not ask me to add people who have not given their permission. I will only allow 2 friends or family to be added and 2 pets per person. If you have more than 2 friends or family who would like to join, they can rsvp on their own. Email me to register via the contact form on my contact page I will send you the conference call numbers and instructions for the session as soon as I receive your rsvp.

​Equinoxes and Solstices are sacred sites in the landscape of time when we can gather together for prayer, meditation, healing and ceremony. Spring 2020 will be a season of sweeping transformation on the personal and planetary levels. The Covid 19 virus has abruptly put life as we know it on hold and we have a rare triple eclipse series leading into Summer, plus the super potent Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto conjunction. We are in the midst of a massive meltdown and reset of the global financial system, a changing of the guard in national governments and institutions, a huge global law enforcement push to clean up corruption, human trafficking, black market arms and drug dealing, populist uprisings in many countries, radical climate change throughout the entire solar system, and last but not least, hundreds of millions of people waking up spiritually both in the new age paradigm of holistic health, meditation, yoga, astrology, shamanism etc. as well as in traditional religious settings. The shift into the Golden Age which has been prophesied in every major spiritual tradition for thousands of years is well under way, and this Spring is major turning point in the process.

This session will help us catch the Equinox wave and surf it safely into Summer and beyond.

Donation Instructions

If you'd like to donate, I prefer Venmo payment to Geordie-Numata or Zelle / Chase Quick Pay to, but you can also Paypal me your donation by going to the contact page of my website - - and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to my PayPal page. If you don't have a PayPal account, click on the "Pay with debit or credit card" option and fill in the fields with your credit or debit card info.

The VortexHealing® Freeing The Heart Session #2 will be held on Thurs. April 23rd ,$20. This is the 2nd session in a 5 session series. The first 4 sessions will have a 70 min. distant healing after the 30 min. conference call and the 5th Super Session healing will last 90 min. after the 30 min. conference call. All 5 session will happen on Thursdays -
1) 3/12 - Faith, Safety, Courage $20
2) 4/23 - Love, Forgiveness, Patience $20
3) 5/14 - Peace, Joy, Hope $20
4) 6/11 - Self Esteem, Innocence $20
5) 7/16 - 90 min. Super Session $27
You can register for the 4 remaining sessions for $80 (a $7 savings). The conference call goes from 7:15 - 7:45pm EDT and the distant healing goes from 7:45pm - 8:55pm except the Super Session which ends at 9:15pm EDT You can put your pets on the distant healing list for free. The conference call is suggested but not required. The call is recorded and anyone who wants can get the download link for the recording if they request it. Email me to register. For payment instructions click HERE.

In this series Carol and I will provide healing for heart chakra related issues. Since the heart is the center of our being, it naturally follows that healing, releasing blocks and enhancing the heart energy will make it much easier for us to experience fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

My Angelic Liquid Light Breakthrough Distant Healing session will held on the weekend of the Global Ascension Timeline / End of Corona Virus Meditation on April 4th - 5th The East Coast USA time for the meditation is 10:45pm EDT. I urge you all to participate! My event will happen on Sunday April 5th, conference call 7:30 - 8pm EDT, distant healing 8 - 9pm EDT, $15 suggested exchange. This is the weekend of the exact Jupiter - Pluto conjunction and Saturn's entry into Aquarius, a super potent alignment with the potential to trigger major positive timeline shifts and an end to the Covid 19 pandemic. Email me to sign up!

Tiffany Credle 2

Tiffany Credle, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher & Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship program graduate (linked)

An Honest Moment in the Midst of Covid 19

by Tiffany Credle

In trying times like these I tend to project an unbothered countenance or relieve stress through humor. But as this pandemic changes our lives I feel compelled to share an aspect going on not only with me but others across the world and especially in cities enacting self quarantine and regular daily life activity restrictions. The hustle and bustle of life especially in big cities like the Big Apple can drown out many things. The constant movement and sound can disguise many people holding on by a thread. The people battling chronic conditions, depression and grief.

I am such a person, as someone who has been dealing with depression for years and dealing with grief especially today on the 6 year anniversary of my mother's unexpected death. The streets and businesses of New York are not just a playground, they are refuge for those of us battling things larger than ourselves who need the escape in order to get through the toughest of times. You may not know this but isolation can be a hell of a thing for a person dealing with grief or depression as it is much more than an inability to sit still and be with oneself.

This is just some food for thought for those who think sitting at home should be easy in the city that never sleeps. That everyone should be happy to stay home and watch TV or play video games. As the mayor ponders enacting a ban on all movement except for essentials like food and medicine - with good reason, the reality is some New Yorkers do not have internet service, cable, TVs or even homes. And for some of those in New York City who do have those things, they do not have peace. A walk through the streets is not always an act of rebellion or selfishness, but an act of self care, an act of release, an act of mental, emotional and spiritual healing. While I agree the call for anyone who is feeling sick with flu-like symptoms to stay home is absolutely necessary, I also ask for all of us to have some compassion for others who are sitting at home with grief, with mental illness, and with inner demons who will not give them peace in moments of stillness.

Forced isolation can be a different kind of hell for people who are vulnerable in ways that are easy to forget if you are not currently dealing with them. There may be people who due to activities and services being cancelled are fighting battles that you cannot see, including recovering addicts who may not be able to go to the meetings that keep them clean, and women and children who deal with abuse and terrors at home that many of us are lucky to not have known. Please be mindful of all of the different ways people are being affected by the Corona virus and the changes we have been called to make as a society. Please be empathetic, compassionate and vigilant during this time to people who may need your concern and your interaction but most of all your understanding.

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Poala Guererro

Paola Guererro took all her Reik classes with me then enrolled in my Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship program. She graduated her apprenticeship after co - teaching Reiki Master Teacher classes with me on Feb 1st & 2nd, 2020. She is an RYT 200 hr. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, a professional Tarot card reader, and currently a Spiritual Herbalism Apprentice.

Paola's Flight Home From Orlando

Paola told me this story in our last coaching session 2 weeks ago. I loved it and was going to tell it in my own words in this newsletter. I started to write it down, then suddenly it hit me; why not ask Paola if she would write it up!? She consented, and this is the result......

I had been taking immunity boosting shots that I would pick up in the local Publix grocery store, as I didn’t want to be susceptible to the germs I might've gotten from the flight down to Orlando. On my way home, the lines were long at the airport and the screening process was staggered and intermittent. The energy was tense and electric. The corona virus hadn’t arrived in the states yet during that last weekend of February. My flight was right on time, but the increased chatter about the virus making its way around the globe so quickly didn’t help my anxiety.

We started to board the plane, and soon we were strapped in and ready for takeoff. The plane started to taxi and find it's way to the correct runway for our departure to JFK. The on-flight crew then quickly walked up and down the aisle. The last one came past me to retrieve an oxygen tank for what appeared to be a sick passenger. I didn’t panic, but I was curious, as were the older ladies seated next to me.

I couldn’t see what the sick passenger's condition was because I was too far away and still strapped in. I was beginning to grow anxious about not knowing the situation, and why suddenly there were more flight attendants tending to this person at the front of the plane. They made no announcements.

We pulled into a different terminal and within minutes, there was an ambulance on the tarmac, with the team of first responders soon on board. It was like something out of a movie. I began to wonder if I should ask about a status, but I thought better of it. As soon as they whisked "Patient Zero" away, the pilot made an announcement that we were just waiting for clearance for takeoff. We got no more information, and they acted like it was all very routine. I started feeling like I should have spoken up, and began feeling a very light sore throat and headache come upon me. I wanted to react from a place of fear, and frustration from not knowing what was going on, and how much time it was going to take to be able to get back home and return to normalcy.

The flight was proceeding normally by the time they came around for beverage service. I looked over at the older woman that sat in the middle seat and I offered her a few slices of bread that I had in my bag from my trip to Publix, and motioned to her to grab them with the napkins I had. I saw the woman next to her also look at me, and I offered her some bread as well. This broke the tension of the situation we just witnessed and I communicated that I was not the only person experiencing discomfort and distress.

Instead of speaking my anxieties and fears into existence, I asked them if they wanted to share with me, because I wasn’t going to eat the whole thing by myself. They accepted, reached for the bread and shared the slices. We spoke about our trips, and where our families are from. We took an interest in each other’s respective journeys, and beamed like friends, and not just strangers.

Almost immediately, I began to feel better, and my headache went away soon after that. I am glad that I didn’t give the heightened stress that much attention, because I would be feeding into fear. I realized that my immune system was dependent on how I react to outside stimulus. I didn’t need to know everything, but I did need to trust that everything was going to fine if I wanted to stay healthy. The concept of breaking bread with strangers also felt good in my spirit; to support the nourishment of another, and break that veneer of fear.

I think in this time of increased isolation, and perceived fearful situations, we can choose to lead with compassion, love, empathy, and kindness to others. We are teaching our cells that we must speak love into our existence, as well as take care of each other during difficult times of uncertainty. It starts with how we react to what’s happening, and how we can contribute to our collective vibrational elevation.

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