Tai Chi Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #21 November 2019


Dear Reader,

In this issue I share the story of a magic moment that happened in a recent Chair Chi session, as well as our regular Tai Chi quote and Tai Chi Tip.

You'll also find a short clip of a 92-year-old Tai Chi teacher who proves you're never too old to do Tai Chi, and another related to the factors that make an amazing teacher.

And recently I've been reminded of a post I wrote some time ago, which I thought worth sharing again.

I hope you'll find something of interest in the collection this month!

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Chair Chi Magic Moment


One of the residents at a recent Chair Chi session sat away from the group watching us.

After a little while he started to copy our movements, which was pleasing. Eventually he got up, grabbed his chair and joined the group.

Towards the end of the session he left and I wondered where he had gone. Then he reappeared wheeling in his wife, who was in a wheel chair ... Read more ...


You're Never Too Old


In this YouTube clip Angela Hayes, 92-years-old, shows that you are never too old to practice and teach Tai Chi.

She started Tai Chi while in her late fifties. and is still teaching!


Tai Ch Tip

When learning a new skill, focus on correct technique rather than speed and/or power. Otherwise your technique will suffer.


Amazing Teachers


One of the quotes in this clip, The Science of Teaching and Effective Education resonates with me: '... great teachers first get their students excited and then keep their attention through story telling and engaging activities that spark their imaginations'.

It's a principle I follow when running a Pozitive Kidz are Happy Kidz program or a Chair Chi session for residents in aged care - and it works well for me.

Although this clip focuses on education in schools, the points discussed about what makes a great teacher can be applied to any field of teaching or coaching.


Teaching Kidz Martial Arts


In the last few days I've been busy contacting primary schools for expression of interest in our Pozitive Kidz are Happy Kidz program.

During this process, a post I wrote a while ago Teaching Kidz Martial Arts came to mind.

In that post I wrote about an article I discovered in the 1970s while coaching junior basketball: 'How to To Establish Rapport With Your Athletic Child' . It may be many years old now, but I believe it's still very relevant today when teaching children.


Sports Chi: Work in Progress


I'm still working on our new Sports Chi program designed to teach players how to improve their performance during training and games, using selected adapted Tai Chi skills.

If you are interested, you can download the flyer here.


Chair Chi - Ease Pain - Better Balance

ChairChi red-black-300W

if you would like us to run an onsite workshop and/or program for your staff please contact us now as we are currently organising our 2020 schedule.

On offer is the Chair Chi Program - Ease Pain the Chi Way and Ready Steady ... Better Balance for Seniors.

The workshops and programs have been successfully taught to staff and residents in the Aged Care sector for several years.

The skills are easy to learn, practical, are adapted from Tai Chi and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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