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I Took the National Board Exam, & my recovery is going well

It's been a while--I took a months long break from new clients while I prepared for the Board Exam in Health and Wellness Coaching. Additionally, I needed to step back and address my own health/stress and implement a slower but more doable lifestyle. Well, those changes are ongoing but progressing, and the Board Exam was a week ago Saturday. So now I'm sitting down to see where I'm at, what's next, and to lay out a path that's joyful, peaceful, and of genuine service.

While I work out the structures and systems, I can tell you I will focus on these four areas:
* Reconnective Healing sessions (and The Reconnection/Energy Alignment)
* Health and Wellness Coaching packages
* A single online program offer that teaches all my healing/life-path work
* A very low-cost newsletter subscription (for articles), as well as books/booklets

Ready for renewal

If you already know what you want, schedule a phone session here and we'll discuss your needs and set up something appropriate for you (video outside US/Canada)

There's no charge for the chat, and it won't take a lot of your time -- 30 minutes or so should do it. And there's no commitment or expectation. That's your call.

In brief, here's what each of those four are about . . .

1) Reconnective Healing is best as an adjunct therapy, especially to help chronic pain, mobility, allergic/autoimmune disorders, chronic conditions and stress. The Reconnection/Energy Alignment is for realignment on your life path. Short term or ongoing sessions may be appropriate, depending on your situation and preferences.

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2) Health and Wellness Coaching works with your strengths, values and goals to set up unique, positive, and self-determined ways to achieve desired health. Weight loss, eating habits, exercise and movement preferences, stress management and addressing chronic disease needs are all good uses of coaching.

In particular, professional health and wellness coaching recognizes that (a) you live a busy life, that (b) you have multiple and important responsibilities, that (c) addressing your health needs is not meant to take over your life, and that (d) you want to enjoy life. In other words, YOU are in control of what we work on and how we work on it -- including deciding some things you don't want to do. It's all about YOUR choices, and then helping you make them well.

Time to Renew

3) Raising Vibration, Self-Healing, Getting Unstuck, The Healing Journey--all this and more (building a lasting meditation/spiritual practice, overcoming emotional challenges, from illness to wellness...) will be combined in an ongoing, readily affordable monthly program, with or without healing and coaching added. Spread over several months, the program lets you absorb and practice without the overwhelm so common to online learning--and you keep getting better.

4) For over a year, some of my established clients have been enjoying newsletter articles for just a few dollars each month. This does two important things. First, it means I can spend the time it takes to do these well, without selling. And Second, it addresses the theft problem. Quality newsletter and blog articles show up all over the world. I don't mind when people ask and link back to my site, but the theft has become rampant (which is why you haven't been seeing those articles).

Path of Renewal

You are welcome to join my other clients in getting something worthwhile in your inbox. No click bait, no misleading titles, no pandering...just thorough exploration of health and healing written for people like you.

Details on each of these will roll out one by one, but . . .

If you'd like to get started NOW instead of waiting, you can do so! Just schedule a free phone session here and we'll discuss your needs and set up something appropriate for you (video outside US/Canada). Or send me an email and let me know what's up for you. If you have other needs, let me know those as well.

Let's get your health, wellness, and enjoyment of life on your best path--and have fun working toward your most positive preferences in ways that fit your life, needs, and desires with you in charge, building your own self-determined health, healing and wellness ideal self. Because life should be enjoyed!

Here's to renewal and thriving,
Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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