Hello !! Welcome to several new readers of this newsletter--either new students in my classes or those I met at the recent Healthy Lifestyles Fair at

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Hello !!

Welcome to several new readers of this newsletter--either new students in my classes or those I met at the recent Healthy Lifestyles Fair at the Senior Center. I'm always open to questions related to maintaining comfortable movement in order to stay active as we get older. Please let me know if there's something you'd like me to write about. And that goes for class topic suggestions too!

As the weather gets warmer, the sun seems to invite us outside to garden, walk or just sit and take in a little Vitamin D. Whatever you do, stop and notice how you're doing it. With tiny changes you can move better and feel younger.


Little by Little, Day by Day

In teaching about alignment and posture this month at the Senior Center, I’ve been struck with how small things can affect us over time. Years, even decades, sitting at a computer with our head a bit forward, for example, perhaps because the screen is not ideally adjusted or because we are intently concentrating. The result is that our default alignment becomes a rounded and stiff upper back. It didn’t happen over night and the solutions take time too.

There are many moments in the day we can use to pay attention. Last month I mentioned Ruthy Alon, Pioneer Feldenkrais Teacher and Founder of several Movement Intelligence approaches. She teaches that:

“What you do today, becomes easier to do tomorrow. What you don’t do today, becomes more difficult to do tomorrow.”



So it’s about daily awareness and adjustment. We become what we do. Here are some of my favorite times to adjust:

Before I fall asleep: lying on my side, I purposely lift my chest and place my head in line with spine and pelvis. I may curl up a bit during the night but why start that way?

Waiting for a page to load or while I’m reading on the computer: I roll my pelvis forward and back, or side to side, or in a small circle (all things we’ve done in class) to find a centered alignment. Bones for Life® students and those in the current Senior Center class know how to use their hands for feedback.

Standing in line: I check in with how I’m standing and play with slightly bending my knees as if to jump, and coming up into a well-balanced stance, keeping my lower back long. Sometimes I slowly turn around myself to look left or right, starting from my head and eyes, or starting from my feet.

How do you bring awareness and tiny adjustments into your daily life? Email me your ideas!

Website and New E-mail Address

I finally have a website and I'd love your feedback! What you like, things that aren't clear, suggestions, problems. Here's the address:


You can email me from the website or you can use my new email address:


Weekly Class Schedule - June & July

Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:30 am Chintimini Senior Center

2601 NW Tyler Ave Corvallis -- Register in advance at the Center

Stand Tall and Posture Perfect -- Continuing through June 17

$8 Drop-in

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Walking: One Step at a Time -- June 24 - July 22

Walk with natural ease, balance and confidence.

$24 Residents $30 Non-residents $8 Drop-in

Tuesdays 12:00 noon - 12: 45 pm Yoga Center of Corvallis

111 NW Second Street (at Monroe)

Rejuvenate with a Noon-time Break -- June 17 - Aug 26 (no class July 29)

Srs on floores-1

Attentive exploration of various movement combinations for:

stress reduction
• improved performance in work and leisure activities
• increased ease, comfort and pleasure at work or at play

Lessons respond to student requests -- new students always welcome!

$80 for the series -- $10 drop-in -- Register on-site

For More Information

Contact Marg: margbartosek@gmail.com or 541-286-4678