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Sweet one,

I've got a quick favour to ask, and I really hope you will respond.

I'm exploring ideas for a clothing line, something I've not done in 30 years! (Never too old, right?)

Part of this vision includes artwork from my She Reflects Colouring Book. I'm going to start with 3 or 4 images to begin. They might be printed (silver or gold on dark fabric?), with beading, embroidery and/or studs. All options are on the table. (My muse hasn't given me full instructions yet!)

Here's where you come in...

Since I love ALL my She Reflects drawings, and you are a super savvy consumer who knows exactly what you LOVE and what you would buy and wear, I need your precious feedback.

Please take a quick look below at 13 designs. Imagine each one on an article of clothing - let's say, a top, jacket or dress.

Would YOU wear any of them?

If so, CLICK the image/s you LOVE. Choose up to 4 max.

Please make your selections by May 8.

Your clicks will be tallied up on the back-end, and I'll let you know which designs rose to the top. I can't wait to see what you pick.

(Feedback at is also welcomed.)

Thanks for being a part of my process!

Your grateful friend,

PS. If you don't click on any designs, I'll assume you WOULDN'T wear them, yes? So please take a moment to respond if you WOULD.

2. uzume

1 "Uzume" (Shinto Shamaness)

6. soften

2 "Soften"

7. listen

3 "Listen"

11. love comes dancing

4 "Love Comes Dancing"

12. connection

5 "Connection"

13. moving on

6 "Moving On"

15. sisters of joy

7 "Sisters of Joy"

16. magic of letting go

8 "Magic of Letting Go"

17. i trust

9 "I Trust"

18. Peacock Goddess

10 "Peacock Goddess"

25. spiral of life

11 "Spiral of Life"

2. she reflects

12 "She Reflects"

20. return to love

13 "Return to Love"


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