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Job Opportunities with the RLC

We currently have two positions open at the RLC; to learn more about them, and how to apply for them, please visit our website by clicking here.

Defensor que hable español para trabajar en nuestros centros de Holyoke y Springfield - 23 horas.

De martes a sábado. Ofrecer apoyo a compañeros e información sobre los recursos locales, facilitar grupos, facilitar el crecimiento de la comunidad, hacer acercamiento y conexiones a otros grupos y organizaciones, ayudar con traducciones escritas (Inglés al español).

(Spanish-speaking Advocate based at our Holyoke and Springfield centers. 23 hours. Tuesday through Saturday. Offer peer support and information about local resources, facilitate groups, facilitate community growth, outreach to other groups and organizations, assist with written translations (English to Spanish).)

Defensor para casa de reposo de pares - 16.25 horas de trabajo semanales.

Se requiere la participación en la reunión mensual del equipo de trabajo. Disponible para trabajar turnos de 12 horas. Ofrecer apoyo, defensa y una presencia de equilibrio a las personas que se alojen en “Afiya” (casa de reposo de pares) en Northampton, así como a través del teléfono en nuestra línea de apoyo para pares.

(Peer Respite Advocate, 16.25 hours per week, plus monthly presence at team meeting required. Includes 12 hour shift. Offer support, advocacy and a balancing presence in person to people who are staying at Afiya (peer respite house) in Northampton, as well as over the phone on our Peer Support Line.


The Greenfield RLC Calendar is here!

After the unfortunate water situation at our Greenfield space, we were left without a calendar, or solid plans, for the month of September. After a bit of scrambling, we now have a complete and updated calendar available on our website!

You can view or print pages 18 and 19 of our current calendar by clicking here to find out about regular and new offerings within our Greenfield community.

Be sure to check where our usual activities will be meeting!


Regulations for DMH Complaints - Your Feedback Needed!

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) has issued revisions to several of its regulations, most notably the regulations related to the complaint procedure and review.

DMH is currently inviting feedback on these changes until September 16. The Disability Law Center

You can read the notice and find links to all the changes HERE.

However, the most important section (focused on investigation and reporting responsibilities for the complaint process) can be found HERE.

There are many changes that have raised concern with the Disability Law Center and others around the state. Of particular note, the new regulations offer much more room to dismiss complaints including (but not limited to) the following reasons (page 5):

1. Concerns an allegation that is not perceived to be "dangerous, illegal, or inhumane"
2. Makes allegations that are objectively impossible
3. Repeats allegation of facts that have previously been investigated

Unfortunately, while these may seem logical exclusions on the surface, they leave a great deal of room for interpretation. Could 'objectively impossible' be as simple as saying someone attacked you on a day they weren't working because you got the days mixed up? Could 'repeats allegation' be used to dismiss the same complaint, even if its a new or repeated incident? What sorts of complaints may be deemed not "dangerous, illegal, or inhumane?"

It is critical to note that the DMH Complaint process as it currently exists is already seen as insufficient by many people who currently or have received services. People often share about not feeling heard, feeling that their complaints have been minimized or dismissed, or that accountability even for complaints that are validated is limited. Perhaps even more importantly, many (if not most) complaints don't ever get filed because people fear the consequences of speaking up in that way.

For these reasons, any weakening of the complaint process should be seen as unacceptable. We hope that you will take the time to speak up!

The deadline is SEPTEMBER 16 and the e-mail to send comments to is:


Job Openings with Vermont Psychiatric Survivors

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Vermont's oldest and largest mutual support and civil rights advocacy organization run by and for psychiatric survivors, is seeking to hire a full-time Peer Advocate and Peer Advocate Coordinator to work in their Rutland office.

Peer Advocate: Duties include building authentic relationships with individuals who come to Vermont Psychiatric Survivors for advocacy and/or peer support; helping individuals identify and access community services and support networks; advocating on behalf of and with individuals regarding their expressed interests and preferences.

Peer Advocate Coordinator: Will (1) use their lived experience and training to advocate on behalf of and with individuals who have been marginalized by psychiatric labels so that they may lead full and satisfying lives of their own design; (2) oversee the peer outreach program in Rutland County focused on assisting individuals who are transitioning out of psychiatric-inpatient programs; and (3) supervise Peer Advocates and Outreach staff who work in locations across Vermont.

Complete job descriptions can be found at www.vermontpsychiatricsurvivors.org/jobs.

Click on the link or image above to visit their website!