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SouthernLegacy CollectionFlat

Bargain $0.99 ~ Limited time!

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->Southern Legacy 4-Book Collection<-

Limited Time Only ~ $0.99!

Crisp air! Hoodies! Cuddling! Flushed cheeks!
Reading beside a warm fire! I love Fall!

Don't miss out on this sweeping romance! Escape back into the past ~ You won't want to put it down. Southern Legacy won't be $0.99 long.

I was in a good mood when I decided to lower Southern Legacy's price. I'm going to be going to Indie Romance Conference this coming week. If you are near Nashville at a town called Lebanon, join me next Saturday for the book signing. Would love to see you there!

Amazon PaperWhite Kindle Giveaway!

This month I'm giving away an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle! Enter for your chance to win!

I would be head over hills if you guys could subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me under my penname Colleen Connally on BookBub and Amazon. Spread the word. I would be greatly appreciative! It's why I give away prizes every month!

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I love mentioning other great books! Check out my friends!

Enjoy the fall! Pick up copies of all these books. You can't go wrong with any of them!

Have a wonderful October!!!

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