Netzach shebe Tiferes Rabbi Yosef Farhi

Rabbi Yosef Farhi is a well known Rabbi who specializes in helping Jews reach their potential and be the best person they can be. He works with individuals and families in a variety of ways such as coaching​, mentoring, motivational speaking, leading interactive women's chaburas, writing weekly Parsha sheets, authoring blogs and podcasts, teaching effective learning seminars and offering courses in kiruv initiatives. Rabbi Farhi is known for his ability to connect with people and bring out the best in them. Please get to know him at

Please read this short introduction to Netzach shebe tiferes prior to watching the media clip

Tifferet is the Sefira of mercy. Tifferet also exemplifies interpersonal harmony, for it branches to and contains all of the other Sefirot. Netzach exemplifies everlastingness and continuity. The Netzach aspect of Tifferet then, is making your acts of mercy continuous. Also, Netzach of Tifferet is the Middah of making your relationships long-lasting.

How does one achieve life-long relationships? What can empower you in a way that will make your acts of Mercy so engrained that it becomes part of your nature?

Watching the Netzach of Tifferet video will empower you to make healthy relationship habits, of thought and behavior, so that your relationships become beautiful, life-long, and real.

Rabbi Farhi "homework" for netzach shebe tiferes

What is the one relationship habit of thought, that if you adapt this one habit, will have the greatest effect on your relationships?

What is the one relationship habit of behavior, that if you adapt this one habit, will have the greatest effect on your relationships?

What thoughts or behaviors can you begin to implement that will make the people in your life feel better about themselves?

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please reach out to me. I appreciate your feedback.

Excerpt from Sparks from Berditchov - an Inspirational Guide to Avodas Hashem by Yaakov Klein

Candle of Awareness: When a Jew honestly considers the purpose of this world and his life within it, resolving to devote himself with all his strength to his true mission of serving and growing close to his Father in heaven, a tremendous flash of clarity and holy awarenes from the seconds before his birth flow upon him and light up all aspects of his life..

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Special gift to omer initiative participants from Rabbi Cable

Rabbi Cable, who gave us chesed week, has been,in the Ale Shur chabura, going in depth through the sefiros for each week. This week's class was for tiferes week and we asked permission to share this with the participants in the omer initiative. We were given permission and would like you to know that anyone interested in joining the Ale Shur chabura will be hearing in-depth personal development Torah on the omer through Shavuous. Thank you Rabbi Cable!!

If anyone would like to register for the on-going chaburah (Mondays at 9pm IST; 2 pm EST) contact

A practical verbal introspection to help us focus when working on the midda of the day

Thank you Hashem for my life that is my unique opportunity to direct the life force within me that might naturally further conceal You.. Please help me purify my heart. I want to purify my heart so that I sincerely have heartfelt emotions only to fulfill the Torah and emulate You. May these deep emotions be honestly reflected in my speech and deeds so that Torah and the force of Your Lovingkindess are seen and felt in the world. May it be a merit for Klal Yisrael and an acceptable teshuva that fixes what needs to be fixed and that generates eternal life and makes a kiddush Hashem.

We would love to hear from you regarding your efforts with the omer initiative. Please send your experience to so that we may share with all participants...unless you indicate otherwise, it will be posted anonymously due to the sensitive nature of inner work.

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