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Dayton Dirt Blog :: October 2, 2020
WIN a Fall Porch Bundle!
Create An Affordable Hedge
October To-Do List
Store Hours

DAYTON DIRT BLOG - Oct. 2, 2020

As it goes, we’re still taking plants from the growing areas to the overwintering houses to get ahead on the season and the fact that temperatures have cooled down to allow the plants to be shoved together.

Plants put away in fall hoophouse dn

The mum business is all but finished as supplies everywhere of quality mums have dried up. More perennials from our summer planting have become available such as a new cone flower called ‘Atomic Orange’ (shown below) which is truly an electric orange and at least 8 new daylilies including a new smaller red one called ‘Double Pardon Me’.

Echinacea AtomicORange SingeFlower Dn

Corn stalks are in good supply again for the weekend along with the ever disappearing pumpkins that are used for decorations in fall. We have restocked with large orange pumpkins, smaller white pumpkins, pie pumpkins and mini straw bales are also back in stock!

fall stuff

Another load of arborvitae and Green Giant Cedars finally arrived as well as more boxwood and Viburnum to be repotted for future stock next year.

tractor loading green giant cedar thuja2

Don’t forget that time is almost out for lawn renovation and new plantings.

It's now time for spring bulb planting and we will soon be planting our share of bulbs to decorate the grounds for about mid-April through mid-May.

So much to get done!




From now until Saturday at 1:00 pm, you can enter our Facebook contest to WIN a FREE porch bundle which includes 2 corn stalks, 2 large pumpkins, 1 pie pumpkin and a mini straw bale. $31.00 value.

Head over there now for your chance to win!



Sometimes evergreens can be expensive so with some budgets, its best to start small. Our second crop of Green Giant Cedars in easy-to-plant 5 gallon pots are now available and priced just right at $29.99 each. There are over 100 available but they will surely go quick!

Thuja GreenGiant 5gallonpotted Dn

Since it is hard to tell how big those plants actually are, I thought I would grab one as a size reference. It may look more on the smaller side but these grow FAST -- up to 3' per year once established!

Green Giant Cedars should be planted on 5 foot centers to create a nice hedge. They are deer resistant, winter hardy and retain their lustrous rich green color all year 'round. They grow to about 25-30' tall and 5-6' wide at maturity.

They require a spot in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil.

Thuja GreenGiant 5gallonpotted withAmy Dn


Our houseplants and fun pottery have found their new home for the winter months as they have been successfully moved from the Owl Barn to the annual greenhouse.

We have even restocked with new cyclamen, prayer plants, split leaf philodendron and a new upright peperomia called happy bean (shown below, top right).

Houseplant Layout Fall 2020


October 1
Plant your favorite tree in order to establish before spring

October 3
Stop watering Christmas Cactus for 30 days for better bud set

October 4
Spray foliage plants with insecticide before bringing indoors

October 8
Rake debris away from German Iris to lessen destructive borers

October 10
Cut back foliage to 3" on German Iris

October 12
Dig & store tender bulbs and tubers after a hard frost

October 16
Apply Plant-tone or Holly-tone for fall feeding

October 18
Usual peak of fall foliage color in NE Ohio



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