Sunny Day for Devos Keep your Skis and Snowshoes on! ...the Loppet is here in 6 days! Don't forget to sign up and come and join in the year-end fu


Sunny Day for Devos

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Coaches: Jim Batrud and Gavin McPhail take the devos on a sunny Spring Break ski! PC: Jim Bratrud

Keep your Skis and Snowshoes on!


Mass start at Vancouver Island Loppet. Photo Cred:

...the Loppet is here in 6 days!

Don't forget to sign up and come and join in the year-end fun. The loppet has a new feature added this year- a snowshoe race! Click here for the race notice and more details such as maps and weather updates see our website.

News from Mount Washington

...on the final days of the season! Read the fine print on the extension of season below!

Season Passes BBQ
Where: Raven Lodge
When: April 2nd, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm,
What: Come on up and have a burger on us.

Zero Ski Sale
* Zero Skis on Sale for 70% off starting Saturday March 25th.
* Rossignol Xium - $179.69 - 198cm
* Rossignol Ultra Lite - $89.69 - 198cm
* Fisher CRS - $92.69 - 182, 187, 192, 197, 202, 207cm
* Fisher Superlight - $112.49 - 182, 192, 197, 202, 207cm
* Fisher RCR - $139.49 - 197cm
* NIS NNN Bindings 40% off.

Season Extension
April 2nd will be the last day of operation for cross-country skiers this season.
Season pass holders can ski on the Alpine on the extended weekend, April 8th and 9th, with their Nordic Season Pass.


Thank you to all our wonderful club members and hard-working volunteers for another successful season! Please join us for our end of year banquet this weekend, held at the Native Son's Hall in downtown Courtenay this Sunday, April 2nd.

This event will be a potluck, so please arrive by 4:30 pm with a dish large enough to feet 10 people. Dishes will be sorted by last names:.....

▪ A – H: Salad
▪ I – P: Dessert
▪ Q – Z: Main course

Dinner starts at 5 pm.

Shortened awards/acknowledgements at 6 pm. Everyone welcome from jackrabbits to masters.

Volunteers Needed for Loppet

The Vancouver Island Loppet is Saturday April 1st (10 am start) and John Andres is coordinating feed stations for this event. The 5, 15, and 30 km routes all pass by these feed stations so they are a great viewing location if you have family or friends racing - and you get that warm deep down glow from the wonderful support you'd be providing to our club.

Help needed at the following...

Volunteers for Feed Stations
Station #1 - located at the start of Lake Approach - OK for volunteers
Station #2 - located in the Meadows at the Jackrabbit Cutoff - need 2 (or more) volunteers
Station #3 - Finish line in the Stadium - need 2 (or more) volunteers

Last year we served hot soup/drinks at the Finish station and only cold drinks at the two on route stations(to keep things less complicated). If you can help organize at a station - there is a detailed equipment list provided for each station.

Shopping for Food
Looking for volunteer to shop for food based on detailed shopping list from a past Loppet

Baking Donations
We also need baking donations (cookies, cakes, squares, etc) for station #3 at the finish line.

Please advise if you can help out with any of the above by contacting John Andres at 250-923-1861 or email. If you can help meet John for a pre-meeting at the Raven Lodge at 8:30 for any last minute details. He is planning to race that day and needs to start warmup by 9:00)

Wood Gundy Ski School Photo and Video Request

Calling all Club Members with a photography or videography talent or even those who have taken pictures or video over the season of club activities, lessons, events etc. SNSC is working with Mount Washington to produce a promotional video for use with the Wood Gundy School Ski Program Orientations. Included in this video will be a good sampling of all of the great programs and fun events our club has in store for families and students being introduced to Nordic Skiing through the school program.

Here is what we need:

We are looking for any short (up to 1min. max) clips of video that is 1080p quality or iPhone (as long as it was shot sideways not vertical) to be included in the project.

We would love it if someone could capture the Cookie Loppet along with some clips of the start and finish of the 15km and 30km Loppet events as well.

Please send any photos you feel would be useful for insertion into the video (a mini slide show) or video clips to Lynda Magor.

We ask that you ensure that permission for being in club photos or videos has been obtained for anyone appearing in your pictures or videos.

Junior Race Team at 2017 Haywood Nationals

IMG 4752

Race team, Coaches, Andrea and Brad, and Wax Techs, Stewart, Berend, and Sarah enjoy a stellar week of skiing and activities in Canmore and all are thankful for the support from our awesome club! More information to follow.

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