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Dear Animal Welfare Supporter,


An Example of What Your Donation Supports:

After the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills (HSSF) followed up on a complaint, this illegal puppy mill case involved hours of investigations, and evaluations. Based on compelling evidence, HSSF obtained and executed a Search Warrant. Over 50 dogs were found in deplorable conditions and seized.

IMG 9168

Filthy water inside the puppy cage


Feces and Urine soaked floor


False claims on the Internet about the dogs being raised in a home with family

These are huge operations that must then deal with safe boarding, veterinary care, and follow-up exams of all the rescued dogs. Medical treatment is prescribed, and all of the dogs must be cared for until they find
homes and all the legal issues are properly handled.

This is indicative of the highly professional animal law enforcement operations that HSSF has conducted for over 8 years. No other animal welfare nonprofit organization in the region has certified animal law enforcement officers. HSSF's Humane Officers respond to complaints and first work to resolve the animal law violation (neglect, abuse, or cruelty). Often, lack of proper education is the problem, but if the offender(s) will not cooperate, or the situation is dire, our Humane Officers seize the animal(s) and prepare and submit the case to the District Attorney for prosecution.

On May 4th starting at 12AM until 11:59:59 PM, you will be able to help us stop animal cruelty by making a donation in this year's Big Day of Giving Event!!!


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