Registration fee: $60 There is space for up to 12 women. Please register and pay by Friday, February 10 to hold your spot. E-mail heather@heatherpe

Heart Rhythms-Feb 17-2A

Registration fee: $60

There is space for up to 12 women.

Please register and pay by Friday, February 10 to hold your spot.

E-mail to register >>>



Exploring Matters of the Heart

Open hearts. Broken hearts. Light hearts. Heavy hearts. Lonely hearts.
Gentle hearts. Happy hearts!

How's your heart doing these days?

With all that's going on in the world, and Valentine's Day coming up on February 14th, it feels like it's time to offer another Heart Rhythms workshop.

I am so pleased to be able to invite you to my home for this workshop. I am now living in a lovely spot for a retreat, about an hour from Halifax. (Detailed directions will be provided to the women who register.) My property is in a wooded area, surrounded on three sides by a lake, and there are no nearby neighbours. Perfect, eh?

So what's it all about?

As you know if you've participated in any of my workshops or drum circles, they are very experiential. (That would be an understatement!) Although there is a framework in which the experience happens, the unfolding is pretty organic with lots of places to go within that framework. Attempting to describe it, for those who like to know exactly what will happen, is much like describing a rainbow. However, here's my best shot:

I believe the heart is a vital organ, and energy center. We need only look to our expressions: It tore the heart right out of me. She put her whole heart into it. She poured her heart out. The heart is a lonely hunter

In some ways, our hearts are like sponges, absorbing "stuff" we are exposed to in our emotional environments. They can get polluted. Exposure to media, toxic political environments, the emotions of others, etc. Not necessarily a good or bad thing. Just life. One could argue the more we are able to do that, the more we experience - really live - life in the moment.

The "problem" happens when we keep doing and doing this, often unconsciously, with no regard for the toll this is taking on our happiness. It is so automatic. The pressure builds, like a smoldering volcano, and we wonder why we feel "dis-heart-ened".

My intention in facilitating Heart Rhythms is to create a soft place to explore matters of the heart. To welcome you to a healing space where you are free to take time out from the outside world, and pour some love and attention on your heart. Figuratively speaking, give it a well deserved heart massage. A cleansing. Carve an opening for a heart spark to reignite our passion and prepare us for venturing back into the outside world in love. Feeling refreshed.

Try harder, Heather. Less rainbow. More color!

We will explore matters of the heart in ways that are creative, inspiring and fun. (Much of my work involves drum-inspired meditation and movement.)
We will sink deep into this healing space and open our wise and loving hearts so they may be warmed and, well, purified. (Magic happens when strong, beautiful, courageous women show up to be there for each other.)
We will create a personal, healing, helpful wellness tool to support us long after the workshop is over. (I place a high value on inspiring women to create a good "takeaway" for themselves.)

What women have said about the HEART RHYTHMS workshop:

A new experience for me ... heart warming ... very pleasant ... loving ... opening ... empowering ... exciting ... awesome!!
Wonderful group experience.
Met amazing people.
It was a great afternoon!
Thank you for mostly doing, rather than a talking or instructing workshop.
You hold a very safe container for all to participate.
Have more workshops like this.

Check out the video testimonial with Therese for her reflections on her Heart Rhythms experience.

Are you coming?

There is space for up to 12 strong, beautiful, courageous women and your big hearts!

Please register by Friday, February 10 and pay in advance, to hold your spot.
No drop ins. That way I know who to contact if we have a stormy weather forecast for that day. (Storm date is the next Sunday, February 19.)

Detailed directions will be provided to women who register. Church Lake is about an hour from the start of Hwy 103, off Exit 11 (Blockhouse). Far enough to feel like a nice day trip and retreat if you live in HRM, and not too far if you live in Lunenburg County!

The workshop is from 10 AM to 1 PM. You are warmly invited and encouraged to stay afterwards and share a pot luck lunch. It is a great way to complete the workshop.

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

10:00 AM - 1:00 pm
Followed by a pot luck lunch

Cost: $60

Heather's Place, Church Lake, Upper New Cornwall

E-mail to register >>>

For this workshop, please register and pay in advance.

Celebrate! Liberate! Heal! Relax! Release!



Therese Interview-1

Click on the picture to hear what Therese has to say about Heart Rhythms

Therese shares how Heart Rhythms helped her

Therese attended the first Heart Rhythms workshop on Todd's Island in April, 2015. She found it so helpful, she went to the second workshop in Lantz in September, 2015. In April, 2016, Heart Rhythms happened for a third time. A few weeks before the workshop, Therese kindly agreed to do an interview with me and share her experience. We thought it would be helpful for women who were on the fence about whether or not to register for Heart Rhythms.

On February 12, 2017, I am offering Heart Rhythms again. This time, at my home by a lake in Lunenburg County. I deleted the beginning and end of the original interview, since the details of date, time, etc. were outdated. In this eight minute interview, Therese talks about what she gained from the workshop, and what "exploring matters of the heart" means to her.

Click here, or on the picture, to watch the interview with Therese.