HOOP LOVE- One Day Sale- Feb. 14th Let your Hoop Love SHINE! Celebrate your LOVE of Hooping this Saturday, Feb. 14th -Move into the magic and get yo

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HOOP LOVE- One Day Sale- Feb. 14th

One day Valentine s Day Sale

Let your Hoop Love SHINE!

Celebrate your LOVE of Hooping this Saturday, Feb. 14th -Move into the magic and get your very own bunkbed in an African Safari Style canvas tent that sits on a wood platform-


Enjoy a fully enclosed and cozy space that you will share with up to 8 new hoop friends. Enjoy S'mores, stories and hooping around an evening campfire near to the Canvas Tent Pod village centrally located to all other accommodations ( next to the Treehouse Cabins) workshop areas and Hoopcamp central.
Bathrooms and hot showers are nearby.

Hoopcamp is a Hoop Dance centered, all-inclusive retreat in the redwoods of California. Experience 4 days/3 nights of Hoop workshops, jams, healthy food, shopping, yoga, music and more!

HOOPCAMP packages are all-inclusive. All packages include: Your meals (10 total), your choice of accommodation, all workshops and hoopcircle discussions, evening hors d’oeuvres and wine/beer/soft drink receptions, local and international DJ’s sets, designed and shaded outdoor hooping spaces, daytime snacks, hoopjams and performances every day/night and a late night indoor hooping and lounge area.



Hoops-Giving Hoopcampers 2014-Photo Gallery

Find yourself- Following Your Bliss!!

Photos 2014

Download Photos from Hoopcamp 2014!




Printed yearbooks this year!
YOUR photo and BIO included.
Get it signed by Presenters and your Hoopcamp Community.
A Great Keepsake!

More INFO to come.
We are looking for a few great graphics folks to be on our YEARBOOK COMMITTEE
Email us if you are interested in CREATING!


Hooping.org and Hoopcamp's Third Annual

Presenter Invitational

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Submissions begin on Monday, Feb. 23rd on the
Hooping.org website!

How would you like to be invited to teach this year at Hoopcamp 2015 and score a free Glamping Tent pass to attend the biggest hooping event of the year? The Hoopcamp Presenter Invitational for 2015 is your opportunity to do just that and spin that dream into a reality.

Hoopcamp is looking for your workshop and in partnership with Hooping.org we are holding our third annual Hoopcamp Presenter Invitational, a search for the next great workshop to be offered at Hoopcamp 2015! Info will be posted on Hooping.org in mid-Feb.

This year we are looking for a workshop that explores the theme for this year:‘Puttin on the Tricks’
Join us at Hoopcamp’s new home- Camp Campbell-for an epic year as we gather our international hoop family to dance our moves and tricks with style, finesse and polish. We’ll be exploring how to infuse our hoop dance with elegance. We’ll glide, twirl and strut our way back to the days when sparkle and dazzle were supreme and performances told a story between two dance partners with elaborate choreography and pageantry. Get ready to pull out your -top moves- and put on your- top hats- as we sync up with our hoops. We just ‘gotta dance’ and we’re going to do so with CLASS this year at Hoopcamp..

So let us into your world. Share your tricks and sync them up with your dance moves in a 3-minute or less video workshop tutorial.

We will be selecting one lucky presenter to offer a workshop at Hoopcamp 2015 this year. ONE selected Hoopcamp Invitational participant will then be presenting a workshop at Hoopcamp 2015. You’ll receive a comped Glamping Tent package ticket to Hoopcamp 2015 as well, allowing you to attend this award winning event for free. How cool is that?

Even if you have already purchased your package to Hoopcamp and you submit and win, then we will refund your ticket in full.


Hoopcamp 2015- Spin it Forward

Hoopcamp will match your contributions!

Spin it

We are overflowing with gratitude for the contributions made in the first day of our Hoopcamp Registration on Feb. 1st,2015
Many of you who registered have made contributions on our registration page from $5 to $50 to help other Hoopers live their DREAM of sharing their MAGIC in the Redwoods this year.

Please continue to SPIN the Hoop Love forward!

For everyone that keeps the circle moving, Hoopcamp will match your contributions until hopefully our fund grows big enough to extend more FULL scholarships to very grateful Hoop Dancers that we will all get to meet, dance and celebrate with as we acknowledge and honor our Hoops-Giving!

Everyone who contributes will be recognized in our HOOPCAMP YEARBOOK 2015!

NOTE: Our Hoopcamp & Hooping.org SCHOLARSHIP ENTRIES will begin on MARCH 23. Stay connected on our Facebook pages and our website for more announcements.


EARLY BIRD SALE continues until March 31

Early Bird Sliders

Move Yourself Into The Magic


Help a Flow Sister Beat Cancer


Melanie is poetry in motion when she is expressing beauty, strength and grace inside the circle of a Lyra Hoop. She was one of my first hoop students 8 years ago and I have followed her journey from the hoop to her joy and talent as a Lyra performer infusing all she does with magic!
Help her on her healing journey with a few love dollars from the Hoop Community.

Meet Melanie, who's world in November, was rocked by the news of an invasive breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. Since then she has gone through multiple surgeries, medical testing and doctor appointments. Due to her line of work as a massage therapist and esthetician she has not been able to work and has been advised by her Lymphadema specialist to wait another month before starting back. The struggle here is Melanie is self employed and does not get benefits or disability pay during this time off making the financial burden for living expenses, medical bills and therapies a challenge.

Melanie believes strongly in alternative ways of healing. She is being advised by the Western Medical Dr's to do radiation and take a pill form of Chemo for 5 years. Melanie believes in the importance of trying natural approaches, such as detoxing, dietary changes and emotional work to find the root cause of the cancer before using the more invasive methods. Her belief is that the western therapies treat the symptoms of disease and not the cause.

The good news; she is a lively, energetic, passionate being with an incredible spiritual talent in massage, esthetics, yoga and energy work and is not going to allow this disease to take her down.

Support toward her healing transformation is deeply appreciated.

We will continue the Hoops-Giving section of the monthly newsletter. Please send requests for inclusion to: hoopcampinfo@gmail.com


Hoopcamp is looking for VENDORS!

Vendors 2014

Hoopcamp is looking for VENDORS for our 2015 Marketplace. Send us an email if you'd like to vend or know of a vendor that you want us to include!! We will email you all the info and welcome you into the Hoopcamp Vendor Circle in the Redwoods.
EMAIL: hoopcampinfo@gmail.com

CIRCLE THE LOVE and Support your Hoop-preneurs

Keep spinning it forward as we share the gifts of our gathering with those we love.
Your gifts make it possible for others to tap into and cultivate what they LOVE as we together build our growing CIRCLE.

Info and Links to our Hoops-Giving Vendors 2014 can be found on our Hoopcamp Website:

Stay Connected

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Please share and stay connected with your HOOPCAMP FAMILY!

Hoopcamp Facebook Group ( posts monitored to keep true to our gathering)

The Hoops-Giving Hoopcamp Private Group.
If you attended Hoopcamp 2014 and you are not on this page, please email us at hoopcampinfo@gmail.com to request being added.

We will be creating a new 'Puttin On The Tricks' Facebook Page in Feb for all those registered for Hoopcamp 2015.
Use these private pages to connect, share photos and inspiration.


The Hoop Camp Films YouTube Channel
All the amazing footage from Ben and Peri of IdealFilmFactory including the Performances, Hoopjams and Renegade Shows.

Our Hoopcamp Website-
Feed from our Facebook Hoopcamp and News and Updates posted here.
Check back often for info on our scholarships and contests.