* * * Latest News - 13 September 2016 * * * Bad habits – just get rid of them! Dr Souter has practical steps on how to break bad habits, and provi

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Latest News - 13 September 2016

Bad Habits

Bad habits – just get rid of them!

Dr Souter has practical steps on how to break bad habits, and provides a list of SOME of the useful remedies homeopaths may prescribe.
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Queen and Corgi

Queen's corgis fed homeopathic remedies

These lucky pooches have their treatments in order of seniority at meal times, "served by a butler in an eclectic collection of battered silver and porcelain dishes." Read more | Comment


Video: Solving health problems with homeopathy

A retired doctor tells of his experience with homeopathy and how amazing results can be achieved with a little knowledge. Watch the video and read the summary. Read more | Comment


Obesity and homeopathy

Who would have thought homeopathy could help with weight problems? Squeeze it into your healthy eating and exercise plan for best results!
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Homeopathy and natural remedies for PMS

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, a common hormonal imbalance affecting women. Fortunately, homeopathy, herbs, and supplements can help.
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Final Reminder: Aconite 30C Pills- 70 Percent Off!

Until midnight Monday (UTC/GMT -8 hours), Aconite 30C pills are $5.00 a vial (normally $16.00 each) - and that's just the beginning. Each week we will offer a new homeopathic remedy for just AU$5.00! Read more


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Sleepless Husband

Coffee for a sleepless husband: homeopathic effect?

Q: “My husband can’t sleep at night unless he has a cup of coffee. I have told him it is the homeopathic effect but he just laughs at me. Am I right?” Read more | Comment

Heat Exhaustion

Helpful remedies for heat exhaustion

Homeopathy can help a person stabilise when overheated. Check this list of remedies for throbbing headaches, flushed faces, cramping, dizziness, and more. Read more | Comment


Homeopathic treatment of arthritis

Homeopathy has numerous remedies for the painful symptoms of arthritis, whether it be osteo, rheumatoid or gouty. Some of the common ones are listed at this site. Read more | Comment


Reader's letters: Don't close homeopathic hospital!

Supporters say that senior management has "no idea of the damage they will do" if they close a homeopathic ward that treats chronic conditions.
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Constipation? Homeopathy is safe and effective

Homeopathy is a medical therapy that avoids the side-effects of conventional medicines for constipation. Check out this cool list of remedies. Read more | Comment


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