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April 2020 - Los Angeles, CA

About ACEI

Founded in 1994, ACEI is a full-service company providing complete and integrated services in-house in the areas of international education research, credential evaluation, and translation. And, through our Global Consulting Group®, we offer our expertise in the following specialties: Media and Branding, Global Pathways, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to interested institutions and organizations around the globe.


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Greetings from ACEI,

We hope our April Newsletter finds you well and safe. During these challenging times, ACEI is making a dedicated commitment to responding to the needs of our clients and applicants by providing services to ensure the best delivery method of student data while ensuring the health and safety of our team. ACEI is fully operational, and clients and institutions may reach us by phone, email, post and even our online chat on our website. We strongly advise our institutional and organizational clients to take advantage of ACEI’s SecurePathway©, a proprietary secure platform to directly access, view and print completed evaluation reports online instantly with a unique account ID and password. Signing up with ACEI’s SecurePathway is free.

We have also been offering a series of free webinars, Mindful Minutes with ACEI, to provide our international education community a safe platform to learn from peers and professionals on coping techniques during times of crisis. You may access the recordings of these webinars via these links and passwords by clicking here and scrolling down to Presentations.

In addition, we continue to provide informative stories and opinions on our weekly blog and bring to you a collection of articles on domestic and international education and related news in our monthly Newsletter, The Report. Subscription to The Report is free.

Finally, on June 10th, we will be hosting a free webinar on “How to Spot Fake Online Programs.” ACEI President & CEO, Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert will be joined by Allen Ezell, retired FBI Special Agent who has been indefatigable in his fight to expose diploma mills. You’ll find the latest contribution Allen has written for ACEI’s blog in this Newsletter. We hope you will join us for what we predict will be an eye-opening webinar on the continuous proliferation of diploma mills and fake online programs especially now during this time where more institutions are embracing online instructions.




Sir Richard Attenborough Teaches Geography To Children

Sir David is about to begin a new BBC education initiative whereby he explains several topics to children. Starting today, April 20, kids can learn about oceans, animals and more from master David Attenborough himself. A Planet Earth workshop of sorts. To read more, click here.


Source: Simon Davis/UK Department for International Development/AFP

Ingenious Student Inventions to Fight COVID-19

Student inventions are exciting because they provide a glimpse of future innovation. But in the time of COVID-19, certain student inventions are not only relevant but of absolute necessity right now. To read more, click here.




Fake Schools Offering Fake Online Courses

Allen Ezell, retired Special Agent with the FBO, offers an update on Axact, the fake diploma company, which was exposed by The New York Times in May 2015. Unfortunately, as Allen demonstrates, Axact is back in business and morphed into a number of new companies. To read more, click here.


Students Sue for Refunds of Tuition & Fees

At least five institutions and university systems are facing class action lawsuits filed by students who want refunds on spring semester tuition and other fees. To read more, click here.


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How Can Universities Shape a post-COVID World?

“The world will never be the same again.” This is perhaps the least hazardous prediction one can make about the consequence of the COVID-19 crisis. This crisis will surely change all societal institutions, not just the healthcare sector. The precise nature of that change is, at this time, unknowable. To read more, click here.


International Students’ Perspectives on Online Education

“The benefit of everyday college is you have a schedule. It teaches you discipline.” says Colorado State University student Shamser Singh. What happens now that everything is online? To read more, click here.


And, the Surveys say…

Find out what recent surveys by The British Council and Studyportals say on what prospective international students are thinking about studying abroad after Covid-19. To read more, click here.


More analytics from Surveys…

At this moment, based on these analytics, academic rankings of institutions are taking a backseat as competition for being a safe destination country for international students becomes the primary focus. To read more, click here.


The Affects of COVID-19 on International Students from High Risk Regions?

In our August 17, 2020 blog, our guest contributor Fazela Haniff shares her insights on the hardships faced by international students who are from economically and politically challenged regions. To read more, click here.


Study Abroad while Staying at Home

Because of the coronavirus, colleges are encouraging staying home to study abroad. To read more, click here.


TUNISIA: Baccalauréat exams will take place despite COVID-19

Tunisia’s Education Minister Mohamed El Hamdi has insisted that the baccalauréat examinations will take place as scheduled, in spite of the closure of schools due to the outbreak of the COVID-19. To read more, click here.


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The Future of International Education in a Post-Mobility World

Student mobility was an outdated approach to international education even before the current pandemic. In future, universities must ensure that internationalization is no longer dominated by mobility, without which it becomes more accessible, more environmentally sustainable and less likely to cause brain drain. To read more, click here.


ACEI Additional Services

Digital Delivery of Evaluation Reports: SecurePathway©:

ACEI is a proud signatory of the Groningen Declaration Network which “seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens worldwide by bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem.” For the past two years, ACEI has committed itself to this shared mission through the introduction of SecurePathway©, an ACEI proprietary digital platform for the secure delivery of official evaluation reports and supporting educational credentials. For information on ACEI’s SecurePathway©.

Signing up with ACEI’s SecurePathway©, is free and does not cost the institutions any fees. To receive ACEI expert reports and certified academic credentials via SecurePathway©, complete this form.

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ACEI’s Global Consulting Group provide institutions and organizations looking at expanding their international student recruitment with customized solutions to help overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment. For more information visit:


ACEI offers a comprehensive range of professional services that include: international credential evaluations; translations; consulting; and training. For more information on ACEI, please visit or contact: Tel: 1-310-275-3530; Email:

ACEI was founded and incorporated in 1994 in the State of California and is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE).

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