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All Souls Anglican, Cherry Hill, NJ

March 2019 Prayer Letter

We greet you in Jesus’ name. Every month or so we will send this prayer email to you, letting you know the most effective way you might pray for us. We do hope you will consider All Souls Anglican for your personal prayers that this new mission for the gospel may continue faithful to the gospel.

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Bible Study 2

This Coming Sunday: The Second Sunday in Lent

Join us this Sunday for Evensong at 4:00 PM when we welcome Rev. Mr. David Harr to lead worship and to preach on Psalm 131 entitled, “The Calm Soul”.


For Your Prayers

We do so need and thank you for your prayers. Here is our latest update.

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Prayer 7

Join us this month as we raise our voices in THANKSGIVING and in PRAYER to our heavenly Father because:

   •    Since last month’s email, I have learned that a response paper I am tasked to lead/write that defends the biblical prohibition ordaining women to the presbyterate will now have a much wider readership as the promulgation of error enters a new phase in seeking more extensive support within the Anglican Church of North America. I have been grappling with the seriousness of what is at stake and my lack of ability and knowledge to lead this work. Please PRAY that the small band of brothers who have joined me in this vital undertaking will use their giftedness in research and writing to defend the flock from false teachers and teaching. PRAY that we will be granted the time needed to produce such a work and to gather others to review our drafts before its release.

   •    We have an all-church prayer meeting every month on Friday mornings Wednesday night at a member’s home. Both our small groups conclude in session in pray led by a member after concerns are shared. Corporate prayer ends our liturgy three/four Sundays out of four/five or prefaces our coming to the Lord's Table with updates and additions gathered before we begin. But pastoral visitation reveals that the many of our members falter in regular personal prayer through the week or neglect it all together in “busy” seasons of the year. PRAY that our prayers will be honoring to God. PRAY that our members will be stirred up to pray as God commanded which is for their good.

   •    In our expository sermon series on Luke’s Gospel, we will providentially arrive at Luke’s account of the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday, 14 April. Luke’s pattern in our Savior’s approach to Jerusalem focusses on our lives as disciples concerning the seriousness of sin, the wonder of saving faith, and the nature of Christian service. PRAY that I will know how to keep such essential teachings clear into what our congregation most needs to hear.


Latest Sermon Podcast__

Our sermon this month is the seventy-sixth sermon in our series on the Gospel of Luke, Luke 18.15-17, Receiving Children.

Here is the link to the sermon podcast. Share it by forwarding this link or email it to your friends.


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