February 2018 Have you fallen out of love with your home? I hope you'll turn that around with this 7-day challenge to Love Your Home Again. Check out

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February 2018

Have you fallen out of love with your home? I hope you'll turn that around with this 7-day challenge to Love Your Home Again. Check out my suggestions and let me know how it goes.


Don’t love your home right now? Take a moment to tell us why in this month's Survey. The results will be shared with you next month.

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Love Your Home Again: A 7-Day Challenge

I was inspired to write this month’s piece by a course I took on Minimalism and the 30-day challenge the teacher shared with us. Thirty days seemed like a huge commitment, but it got me wondering what would happen if we all tried a 7-day challenge. Will we love our home just a little bit more? Well I certainly think we will, so here goes.

Day 1 – Stay offline for one full day. I know, yikes. No social media, no email, no YouTube videos. You get my drift. Sit, enjoy your house, read a book, go for a walk or maybe complete a project you’ve been meaning to get to. There’s no better feeling then checking something off your To Do list.

Day 2 – Declutter your fridge. Get rid of anything expired, anything you haven’t used in a few months and especially anything that is unhealthy. If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it. And then give the fridge a really good cleaning before putting back what’s left. If you found you had a lot of waste, try Chef’s Plate or Hello Fresh meal delivery service. I’ve tried Chef’s Plate and loved it. At first it might seem more expensive, but it could save you money if you find yourself buying food that you don’t consume before it goes bad. Seems to me to be especially good for singles or couples.

Day 3 – Donate or sell at least one item you don’t like. I know we all hold onto pieces of furniture, knickknacks, artwork and other items in our home just because it’s always been hanging on that wall or tucked in that corner. Or maybe, like a client I went to see a few weeks ago, you’ve had your sofa for 18 years and you just don’t love it any more. Try moving pieces of furniture around or flipping your artwork to another room. It can make all the difference. Or replace that sofa that’s served you well all these years with a beautiful new one that hopefully will give you joy for another 18 years.

Day 4 – Stop complaining. This is one I loved from the course I took. Don’t complain to others and most importantly don’t complain to yourself. Turn off that negative voice and find something positive to think about. If you notice something you’ve been complaining about a lot, do something to change it.

Day 5 – Reduce priorities. Let go of something you are holding onto which is no longer important. Maybe it’s a goal you set to please someone else and that’s why you haven’t accomplished it. Instead, pursue goals that you are passionate about and that add meaning to your life.

Day 6 – Identify your impulse shopping triggers. What makes you spend money when you weren’t planning to? When do you do most of your impulse shopping? Make sure you fill this time with another activity. What makes you shop? Is it a commercial you have seen on television? Is it something that a friend posted online that you now think you also need to own? Replace impulse shopping with a more meaningful activity that adds an experience to your life instead of stuff.

Day 7 – What have you purchased in the past that still makes you happy? Look around your home and notice everything you own. Are there any special items you have had for a few years that you still enjoy having? That is the feeling you want to have with everything you bring into your home. Notice what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Let go of things that don’t help you love where you live.

Let me know how much more you love your home after taking the challenge!



How do you feel about your home? Click on the image at the left to participate in this month's survey. We'll bring you the results next month.


January's survey results indicate that there were many successes in 2017 that we were proud of, enjoyed, did well and were satisfied with the results. Here are a few of those outstanding accomplishments:
* Joining an organization that reflects the same values and sees my worth as an employee.
* Co-operating with my spouse to repaint front verandah.
* Started an exercise program!
* Finished every project I started.


Here is what one of Jane's clients had to say:

Financially and project-wise, all is great and am so proud and happy that you lead, managed, pioneered such a wonderful project. A real treat to work with, both in the accomplishment and your professionalism. ~ KD - Kitchen Renovation


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