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February 2021

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Lots of great news to share in this newsletter. First of all, if you haven't seen the wonderfully creepy video trailer for my Feb 2021 thriller, Quiet in Her Bones, you can check it out on this page of my blog. (Make sure to turn on your sound!)

In more good news, Archangel's Sun has been chosen as one of Amazon's Best Books of the Month in Romance! It's also a Library Reads Hall of Fame pick!

I'm so excited for you to meet Titus and Sharine and travel with them on this adventure.

In Psy-Changeling news, I'm working on the third draft of the next book (I always do multiple drafts - I like working on the whole book with each pass). More news to come, but I'll give you a hint - it's time for us to meet the most powerful members of the reclusive Designation A - and you might be surprised at who some of them are.

I'll have more book news for you next year, after I sit down and work out my writing plans for 2021. For those of you waiting on the Bishop-Esera clan, I haven't forgotten Danny. (I adore Danny!)

In this newsletter, I have info on:

▪ an upcoming event in Auckland, NZ;
▪ a virtual event that is open to readers worldwide; and
▪ how you can order a signed copy of Archangel's Sun.
an upcoming event in Auckland, NZ;
a virtual event that is open to readers worldwide; and
how you can order a signed copy of Archangel's Sun.

Plus, I also have an exclusive excerpt from Archangel's Sun for you.

Happy reading!

p.s. if you'd like to read the previous newsletter, here's the link

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Upcoming Auckland Event: Archangel's Sun Book Launch

Sunday November 29th

Epsom Community Library, 195 Manukau Road

Books will be available to buy on the day.

Gold coin donations appreciated - money to go toward Rotary literacy programmes.

Light refreshments provided.

For more information or to RSVP, contact:


Virtual Event With Sarah J. Maas

Nalini Singh with Sarah J. Maas: Archangel's Sun
Monday November 30th @ 7:00PM-8:00PM ET

Join us for this discussion on Archangel's Sun. I'll be in conversation with bestselling author Sarah J. Maas. The event will take place on Crowdcast.

This is a ticketed event. Each ticket includes one paperback copy of Archangel's Sun, a signed bookplate from me, a signed bookplate from Sarah J. Maas (while supplies last), and a single-use login for the virtual event.

Store will ship internationally.

To purchase a ticket, click here.

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November 24th 2020

Archangel's Sun: Signed Copies

Your attendance ticket to the virtual event listed above includes a copy of the book, and a signed bookplate while stocks last. (You should see the signing station in my study - bookplates everywhere!)


New Zealand online retailer Mighty Ape is taking orders for signed copies of the international edition of Archangel's Sun. They ship internationally. Pre-order link


You can also order signed copies of any of my books from my local romance-specialist bookstore Chapter Books & Tea. They also ship internationally.

French Archangel s War

ARCHANGEL'S WAR - French Edition

The French edition of Archangel's War releases November 11th.

I couldn't resist sharing the gorgeous cover one more time!

KindleFr, Kobo
AmazonCa, AmazonFr, FNAC

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ALT Text: "She looked ethereal, a creature out of some other world. Then she lifted her head and raised an eyebrow. 'Are you attempting to smite me with your glare?'" - Archangel's Sun, On Sale November 24th

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November 26th 2020

Exclusive Extra: Advance Excerpt From Archangel's Sun

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Excerpt from Archangel's Sun

By Nalini Singh

Thinking of her son, she glanced down at the letter again. He’d be proud of her if she did this, proud of her for having the strength and the courage. And so she would. She’d let him down for far too long. It was time Illium had reason to call her his mother with pride.

The last of the sun’s rays caressing her wings, she crossed the rooftop to enter the building. She then made her way to the well-appointed room shiny with technology she didn’t fully comprehend.

However, she’d learned the usefulness of such things in the time since she’d stepped fully out of the kaleidoscope. Now she asked one of her loyal people to put through a call to Raphael.

She took that call in the privacy of the office suite that was her own. An aged white desk with curved legs, soft fabrics on her furnishings, fresh flowers, paintings on the walls, this was a far gentler room than the one that appeared on the wall screen in front of her.

Raphael’s office leaned more toward glass and steel, akin to his city. She could see none of Manhattan’s glittering lights in view around him, but what she did see were the shelves that held unique treasures—including a feather of purest blue that struck a pang of need in her heart.

“Lady Sharine.”

“You look tired, Raphael.” Lines of strain, knotted shoulder muscles, faint shadows under the striking blue of his eyes. So many times she’d painted that blue—first in an attempt to capture the eyes of the archangel who was her closest friend, then the eyes of Caliane’s son—always it took her an eternity to get the color just right.

Crushed sapphires, molten cobalt, the mountain sky at noon, all this and more lived in Raphael’s and in Caliane’s eyes.

As an artist, the color was one of her greatest challenges and greatest joys.

He thrust a hand through his hair. “It’ll be a long journey for all of us before we can rest.”

Sharine felt the urge to mother him; she wasn’t certain that urge would ever pass. He’d been but a youth when Caliane walked the path of madness, and though Sharine was a fragile creature even then, the spiderweb cracks growing year by year, she’d been there. After finding his broken body on a field far from civilization, she’d covered him in the shade of her wings and she’d brushed his tangled hair back from his face, and she’d held him.

Such a determined youth he’d been, but so very wounded inside.

To see him now, strong and vibrant and loved fiercely by a woman who was everything Sharine could’ve ever wanted for him had she the imagination to consider that someone like Raphael’s consort could exist, it made her heart bloom, made her believe in happiness and in changing your destiny.

Caliane had never told her son, but at Raphael’s birth, some of the bitter old ones had whispered that this was a child bound for lunacy and decay, that his mother was an Ancient far too long in the tooth. So strange, that such a prejudice could exist in a race of immortals, but there were always those who looked for the darkness in everything.

Those same ones had whispered that Sharine was the harbinger of death.

Caliane’s boy had quieted them all. He was a shining embodiment of the best of them, a critical reason why the world wasn’t today drowning in blood and death. Not the only reason, however. “Where is Elena?” Her fingers curled into her palm at the memory of the knives she’d held under Elena’s tutelage.

“In the park with her best friend, Sara, and Sara’s child,” Raphael said, his face lighting up in a way it never did for anyone else. “We decided that we could all do with an hour away from the grim task of getting the city to rights. It shatters the spirit, to see our home in ruins.”

Sharine could not imagine the devastation of seeing a cherished city broken and burned, but one thing she knew—Raphael’s city was a place with a brave heart. It would rise again, gleaming towers of metal and glass that touched the sky, its rivers clean of the debris and gore of battle, and the scorched land rejuvenated.

“What will you do with your hour, my boy?” she said, itching to push a wayward strand of hair away from his eye.

A sudden, dazzling smile. “I’m going flying with Illium. We plan to meet Jason as he flies home.”

“I’m surprised that you even know he is in the vicinity. Your spymaster is wont to slip in and out of cities like smoke.” She knew very well that Jason had been near Lumia in the months prior to the war, but she’d only discovered that after the fact.

The Cadre trusted her, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t under watch. A decision with which she had no argument. No one had watched the one before her, and evil had thrived. Simply because she had no intention of doing the same didn’t mean the next person to have this responsibility would be as trustworthy.

Raphael laughed, making her smile, it reminded her so of his gleeful childhood laughter as he all but bathed in paints. “I’m of the opinion that Jason allowed himself to be seen. He knows we worry about him when he is beyond our help—and so, sometimes, he throws us a bone.”

Shaking her head at these games of the young, Sharine said, “I’ve received your letter.”

Astonishing blue eyes holding her own, laughter yet lingering in them. But his words when they came were of an archangel. “What do you say to our request, Lady Sharine?”

Copyright © 2020 by Nalini Singh

For more information on the Guild Hunter series, click here.


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