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Dear friends,

It's the month of May and spring has brought with it a renewal of many sorts. Politically, the international community is on the move, with country after country lining up to discuss moving its embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing what we have known for a few millenia: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the heart of the Jewish nation. It was an honor to attend the event with Congressional delegations from the House and Senate; special shout-out to some of those who worked without much credit to reach this historic moment:

Rep. Ron DeSantis, whose whirlwind trip last year was followed by a hearing in Congress - here's a reminder from our files:
Rep. Dennis Ross, also on the move, leading a team of our congressional friends talking behind the scenes to any and everyone of significance in making this historic decision.
Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. We can testify to Senator Lee's round-the-clock discussions, with our team and without, to move the White House and create this change in policy.

It is nothing but a miracle, encouraged by personal effort and a President unafraid to keep his promise. During his announcement we manned a 'situation room', working hand in hand with the top Embassy officials here in Israel, to create supportive, vocal 'watch-parties' here in Israelas a means of saying thank you and showing support for the move.

Click here to read more on the festivities with our US guests.

We celebrated the holiday of Shavuot, or Pentecost, this week, with its many customs. Dairy products to reflect our land 'flowing with milk and honey'; staying up all night to learn as a community, in an effort to recreate the drama of receiving the Torah at Mt Sinai, becoming a nation. It's interesting to note that Shavuot has as its date, the 50th day of the counting - we count from Passover to Shavuot, 49 days, culminating on the 50th with the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Its significance is only in relation to the exodus from Egypt and the dramatic finale - standing as a nation and accepting God, on the brink of entering the Land of Israel. This significance is not lost on our people today, as we gather in celebration and mark the renewal of our people in our land - a miracle in our times.

It's important to note the miracles that happened to us then and now, and the part that we can all play in making history and moving the dial just that much closer for the good guys, as nature renews itself and we face new creative times that challenge us with legislative & military developments, an upswing in political campaigns and in efforts to advocate for what we hold dear. Have a great rest of the week!

& Sarah
& the whole team


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