Greetings from Galactic Heart . . . Our friend and colleague, Steve Beckow, founder of the impressive website "Goldenageofgaia", has recently posted

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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .


Our friend and colleague, Steve Beckow, founder of the impressive website "Goldenageofgaia", has recently posted some amazing excerpts from Sheldan's vast informative updates (see below). Thank you, Steve, for honoring Sheldan in this way.

Today when I visited Steve's website I found this message:


I’m in hospital at the moment awaiting a triple or quadruple bypass. (The doctors won’t know until the surgery, which won’t happen for around a week.)

Unlike poor Sheldan, I won’t have medical bills because medicare is free in Canada.

I’m very low energy at the moment and won’t be able to answer email or Skype messages.

I know you care and the greatest way to show it is just to allow me to rest. Michael is my doctor and is guiding things so I’m confident all will go well.

I have a few prescheduled articles and then may repost a few “encore” articles for your reading enjoyment.

Thank you for your loving consideration.



Let's honor Steve by following his instructions. Let's shower him with our Love and intentions for a complete recovery from his heart surgery. See Steve strong, vital, perfect and healthy as he recovers from surgery. He has and continues to dedicate his Life to supporting the Divine Plan. We are with you, Steve, in spirit ~~ holding you in the Light of perfection. Blessings. Truly, Together we are Victorious!

Selamat Ja!
(Sirian for "Be in Joy")

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Sheldan Nidle: The GFOL Starfleet and Its Deployment

Part 1 of 8

Steve Beckow posted these on his website:


Thank you, Steve, for this most honoring collection of Sheldan's updates.


Sheldan Nidle, in his Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, published a most absorbing catalogue of our star family’s spaceships and their deployment, etc., etc.

The GFOL is the only star fleet I’ve seen described in such a detailed manner. I’m going to excerpt from the archive and post his discussions of the ships and their deployment in an eight-part series.

I think I’m safe in saying that you won’t find this kind of information in any other place than Sheldan’s archive. We look forward to his complete recovery.

The plans may have changed over time but this is a view of the contemporary intergalactic scene around 2000 to 2007 – above, on, and below Planet Earth.

Sheldan was hit by a ray that has left him convalescing (I’m sorry. I don’t know the exact nature of the ray). We look forward to his complete recovery.

You can donate to his medical bills if you like to:

Their paypal email is and their website is:

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Every Fleet maintains a number of Science Teams that constantly survey the Star and, if applicable, the Solar System they are assigned to investigate. In your case, several of our large planet-sized craft are surveying the existing condition of your Solar System. (Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation, “Update,” May 7, 2002, through Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, at

Soon our ships will have completed their complex maneuvers and eight large planetoid-sized ships will be ready to carry out our promises. (Ibid., Dec. 9, 2000. Same URL.)


At present, our First Contact Team is moving some 130 large Mother-craft into areas that your many major governments can more easily monitor. We are doing this to more firmly establish our role as the final persuasive hammer for the decrees of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Presently, your worldly Cabals have blatantly shirked the implementation of certain positive elements in their ‘end game’ agreements. We can state that we are working to adjust these things. (Loc. cit.)

Much smaller Fleets of our Motherships are carefully assessing each Planet in your Solar System. …

The actual First Contact Fleet has a three-part command structure, which presently is being used to assist our Galactic Federation Medical Teams. At the top are the various interstellar Motherships, each containing several smaller atmospheric Motherships. These [atmospheric] Motherships are employed as Sector Command Posts and each launches several Scout Ships.

These, in turn, can quickly teleport their personnel to wherever they are needed, or land, if necessary. All members of this small fleet of 3 to 50 Scout Ships are closely monitored by the atmospheric Motherships. If need be, any Scout Ship can be transferred, instantly, to another Sector. The Fleet is organic and operates, much like a neural network, according to the principles of fluid group dynamics. (Ibid., May 7, 2002.)

Most of our Inner Fleet is made up of these older Motherships. When you enter them, you immediately feel their great Love and deep caring for you. Unlike the newer models, these Motherships were constructed to remain in a specific configuration. This consists of either a large cigar-shaped pod, which can be many hundreds or even thousands of miles long, or alternatively, a series of huge, interconnecting, lozenge-shaped units.

ashtar command-galactic federation 025 0001

These two designs easily accommodated the primary mission requirements. In general, the Ships with the single hull were used for diplomatic, liaison, and defense operations, and those with the multi-hull design, for a variety of scientific responsibilities. It is to the latter that most of the newer Scout Ships are assigned.

And as these Scout Ships are larger and more complex, these older Motherships were fitted with enlarged access portals, modernized landing docks, and updated service stations. These renovated docks have the ability to allow the Scientific Scout Ships to reconfigure, or shape-shift, according to the needs of each specific mission.

Upon entering these older Motherships, you will first notice the different lighting and floor technology. The hallways are illuminated using a special photochemical process which produces a soft, full-spectrum light that reproduces the light of the Sun without the harshness that your light is noted for. This lighting is adjustable and is regulated according to individual desires by the Ship’s artificial intelligence computers.

The flooring embodies pressure-sensing material that reacts to the way you walk, giving you the impression at first that you are literally “walking on air.” Both these technologies have been updated, and these newer versions, now combined with personalized holographic technology, can reproduce those aspects of your Home World that give you the greatest pleasure. Thus, you are always in an environment designed to support you in every way to enable you to attain your highest level of creative potential.

The various Lounges, Crew Quarters, and Workspaces are likewise designed for optimum relaxation and functioning. The main purpose of a Fleet Mothership is to aid her Crew in carrying out its delegated mission. All workspaces are integrated with a telepathically interlinked computer network and a variety of Android Assistants. Each Android is at the service of any fellow workers. These Assistants help in repairing and maintaining needed equipment and in interpreting the data collected during the day’s many scientific expeditions. (Ibid., Feb. 21, 2006.)

(PAO will continue tomorrow with part 2 and continue each day until all 8 parts are posted ~ My heart expands while reading about our GF ships)


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About Penney:

I’m a spiritual teacher and visionary, a clairvoyant and empath. I write pioneering, popular books that clarify expanded perception and transformation. I enjoy following the personal and societal process of our awakening, and am fascinated by the growing awareness of what’s next and how things will unfold.

It’s time for us to integrate a new and higher consciousness into how we live and what we create. It’s time to make the intuitive way and the Intuition Age – normal!

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