Letter From Publisher Knowing Who YOU are, is Having a Full Life "He who knows himself, lives a purpose filled life". ---Syrah Scott Do you know wh

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Publisher: Syrah Scott

Letter From Publisher

Knowing Who YOU are, is Having a Full Life

"He who knows himself, lives a purpose filled life". ---Syrah Scott

Do you know who you are? Or, are you still searching? Most of us are "leaves in the wind" and go through our daily routine, reacting to life's challenges and crises rather than being proactive and actualizing our dreams. How do we actually perceive the world and how it works? What are the rules to life?

Before you take another thought, I must tell you that you are the ultimate creator of your life. What you perceive in the world is a reflection of your inner thoughts, ideals, and feelings. Your experience in life reflects your perceptions of the world and the way it works. When you see yourself as a victim, you will attract negativity. When you see love, you will attract love. Simple as that.

When you know who you are, you are empowered. Your life will be full of joy, hope, and passion. When you accept who you are, you are invincible. Dig deep and embrace every bit of you, while on your path to greatness.

"BeYou-tify Your Life" is the very FIRST quarterly newsletter that focuses on empowering YOU. Ultimately, it will help you develop a better version of yourself. The newsletter will include the latest information about health & nutrition, healthy eating, fitness, fashion, music, art/culture, education, mental health, politics, entrepreneurship, and other important issues facing our current social environment; as it relates to being the best YOU.

Kick off your shoes and get cozy with us. Together, let's begin to create the best YOU.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share this gift with you. Now, share it with your friends, family and colleagues! You can either click the social media buttons located at the top of our newsletter, or simply press the forward button located at the end of this email. It feels AMAZING to spread "GOOD NEWS" around the world!

Syrah Scott

Off to a Start

Start the New Year Right: Image courtesy of Top Choice Models

New Year, New You…Not Quite!

By: Priscilla Smikle

At the beginning of the year, many of us make a New Year's resolution.. A hopeful spirit of starting fresh and making a promise to ourselves. Most of the time, we envision the possibilities of the New Year to be bigger and better! Maybe even the best year of our lives. A healthier year often means putting aside bad habits and taking better care of ourselves. The most common resolution that people make at the beginning of the year is to lose weight. Through dieting and/or starting a new fitness regimen, one can give hope to a "fit" body by May! Unfortunately, another New Year tradition is to ditch these goals, and dig into a big piece of delicious chocolate cake. The experts say that although weight loss is the number one resolution made, it is often tossed to the wayside by mid-January! In fact, they say only 8% of people that have made resolutions, actually see them through. Pretty disheartening isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. What if I told you that maybe the reason why the “New Year! New Me!” doesn’t always ring true, is because it’s just not a logical way of doing things. To be honest, a change on the calendar does not always equal to a sustained change. Don’t get me wrong, people have done it this way and have succeeded (all 8% of them). What’s the difference between them and everyone else? I’m betting to think it has to do with their mindset and habits before the stroke of midnight.

I’m going to share with you the little things I have learned, studying and listening to those who have had success. Now I can’t promise a completely “new you”, but I do hope the following information will change your perspective on… well, change!

1. Any new habit that you are hoping to ingrain into your subconscious, takes at least 21 days.
Yes, 21 consecutive days! Not Monday–Friday then let loose on Saturday and Sunday; weekends are included. Hmmm…maybe that’s why the cut off is about January 19th? People simply haven’t committed enough time.

2. Making small but measurable changes.
With tons of options on how to get in shape, it's no wonder that so many people become overwhelmed and just give up all together. When accomplishing a goal, weight loss or otherwise, it’s wise to start small. For example: If you stand to lose say 60lbs, don’t declare “I’m going to lose 60lbs by May!” With such a huge goal at hand, you may just plan to wake up early every morning at 5am and only consume salads and green shakes. Sounds doable right? No. No!

First, in most places, it’s really cold at 5am on a January morning, and you might not want to get out of bed. Second, no sustainable weight loss can be maintained with that diet. You’ll be hungry, cranky and lonely (no one wants to be around a cranky person). And third, yes there’s a third, your mind can’t take on such a huge undertaking no matter how strong your initial resolve is. This is where starting small can help in big ways. Instead of starting at 5am, how about you dedicate just a 10 minute workout 3 times a day. That can be in the form of walking, a quick "in the office" workout or 10 minutes of dancing. As for changing your diet, maybe a better perspective can be a healthy alternative to a staple already used in your diet. If you, like me, grew up eating rice for pretty much every meal, then quinoa can be a welcomed healthier alternative. Add in some fresh veggies, nicely-seasoned grilled chicken, and you’ll have a wonderful and fulfilling meal. Green drinks can still have a place as a supplemental beverage, filled with tremendous health benefits. Not to mention, it’ll keep the crankiness at bay. You will definitely find new ways to fit these habits into your lifestyle. Before you know it, these changes will add up and become your newly found way of life

3. Raise your standards and beliefs for yourself!
In order to seriously implement any real changes into your life, you have to raise your standards. No longer can it be okay to treat your body as the enemy. It’s time to now foster a new belief of being good to your-self. Now, you have to make a commitment to be a better you! Now, is the time to accept that the old way of doing things is just not effective. NOW, it's time to love and appreciate your amazing body, as it is! Think about it; you don’t have to remind your body to breathe or pump your oxygen rich blood to nourish the cells in your body. So let’s show some gratitude to our wonderful selves. By doing that, we’re more apt to make better choices. We are more likely to stick to these changes because it came about organically; better yet from love.

I hope these tips help to get you started on your journey. Remember you’re doing this for YOU. It doesn’t matter what goal you put forth, whatever it is, it will be achievable!

With Love,
Prisicilla Smikle


Professional Dancer/Artist: LaTonya Swann

Here’s to Staying Mentally and Physically Fit!

By: LaTonya Swann

Have you ever heard the saying “if you look good you feel good”? I’m sure. BUT, what you don’t know is that it also works in reverse! If you FEEL good you LOOK good, and that makes you more efficient at achieving your dreams. Nice Skin, Shiny Hair, Healthy Body, Strong Mind, Attractive Spirit, Loving Environment, Rich Life-- believe it or not, all characteristics of people are at the height of mental and physical health, not cosmetic products. The inside is what counts!

In your quest to #BeYou and the best you at that, here are my TOP 2 TIPS to staying mentally and physically fit!

Physical exercise is one of the fastest ways to feel good. The endorphins your body releases during exercise, are like instant happiness. You feel good and you’re on your way to looking good too! There is also a pride you get after completing a task, which makes you glow from the inside out. I personally recommend exercise regimens that also incorporate a calming, upbeat, and/or spiritual factor to them such as dance, spinning, or yoga. It’s like taking two fitness classes at once; one physical and one mental. Don’t forget your mind is a muscle too. Reading is another way to flex that mind muscle. I always see reading as a healthy form of escapism. You come back brighter, smarter, and more relaxed with a stronger mind.

In the West (The Americas) meditation is a highly unappreciated form of fitness. However, meditation even in its most basic form, strengthens your mind and keeps your body fit, providing extreme focus. But, what IS meditation? Everyone sees the Buddha character with his fingers flexed into that position we all know, but what is that guy doing? The point of meditation is to use breathing methods to separate thoughts from emotions to attain mental peace. You calm your mind and observe your thoughts. I know it sounds weird but, so many times a day we get caught up in our thoughts and it affects our day; making us sad, stressed, or angry. But with the help of meditation, we can learn to guide our thoughts to daily happiness and mental fitness. Notice I didn’t say “control” your thoughts. That’s quite impossible as we have about 60,000 thoughts a day. CRAZY right!? But meditation helps us keep most of those thoughts positive. And through these positive thoughts, we find our true selves, our true wants, and our true purpose in life. In your meditative state, (I say “your” because I want you to try it after you finish reading this article), you will begin visualizing your ideal you and environment. The energy your mind is creating goes toward manifesting your goals into your life. Try It!

1. Get into a comfortable position in a room where you won’t be disturbed, that is bright and welcoming.
2. Close your eyes and count backwards from 10 in your head, breathing deeply at a slow pace in between each number.
3. Keep breathing, notice every thought you have “when is that homework due” “what if someone comes in” “what is mom cooking for dinner”, but let it pass by continuing to focus on your breath. Is it fast, is it slow, is it deep, is it shallow, how does it sound? (Start off with 5 minutes a day and increase at your own pace to 20 minutes a day for effectiveness).
4. At the end, continue breathing, but this time count forward from 0 to 10 in your head breathing slow and deep in between each number
5. Once you get to 10 slowly open your eyes and take note of how calm and powerful you feel.

Am I right or am I right? First timers @ me, LaTonya, on Twitter to let me know how your experience was. It's okay if you don’t get it the first time. You don’t grow big muscles from one day at the gym. Stay encouraged and positive and you’re already on the way to being the best You possible! The You that can conquer anything!


What is BY

#BeYou Campaign Advertisement Photography by Steve Azzara

Cheerleaders, Helping to Free the Children of Tomorrow

By: Syrah Scott

Too many people succumb to the pressures of fitting in with established social mores that have been established as the "standard way of life." Most adjust and "make the best of it", while others act out, completely shut down, or otherwise cave-in and fall prey as they feel they can't and don't live up to the standards of "the system". People in the entertainment world specifically models and actors, deal with these pressures on a regular basis. Too many resort to anorexia, bulimia, drugs, or even far worse - suicide. This is an unfortunate yet real situation that is making an indelibly negative impact on the entertainment industry and the world at large in record numbers that are alarming to say the least.

Launched in September 2013, #BeYou is an answer to many of these serious public health issues. It is the cheerleader and the support system for youth stricken with grief, hopelessness, and despair. It is the voice that individuals need for encouragement, and the outlet that people cry out for when they want to speak about their struggles and put life's dilemmas into perspective.

Essentially, #BeYou is about embracing yourself, honing your skills, and living out your true purpose in life. It’s about self-expression, freedom of speech, and liberation. With focus on a positive outlook on life, the movement aims to inspire those that have doubt, insecurities, and extreme disbelief in themselves. #BeYou desires to motivate the masses to take action, think outside the box, and connect with their inner self. Being “normal” can be repetitive and limited. #BeYou encourages everyone to reach for the stars, and positively stimulate those around you, to do the same.

School Outreach & Scholarship Fund
The #BeYou Team saw a greater need within the community, and decided to "hit the streets", and visit several schools in New York City. They went on a "School Outreach" tour to 5 high schools, (Liberation Diploma Plus High School, Fashion Industries High School, High School of Art and Design, Cristo Rey Brooklyn, New Vision's Charter School) and delivered motivational and enlightening seminars on empowerment, self-assurance, leadership, entrepreneurship, and other issues that young people of today face.

The campaign created The #BeYou Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund to help empower aspiring young entrepreneurs. Four students from the schools visited were selected to win the scholarship. #BeYou is currently raising money to help support the scholarship fund.

Student participants also took part in a tee shirt contest in which the winner received a fun photo shoot with the #BeYou Team.

Spreading #BeYou Around the World
The #BeYou Campaign put on several events to further promote its educational initiative. Among them are: A Night with TCM, Dance for YOU (Charity Dance-a-thon), and #BeYou, An Answer to Suicide Press Conference.

Professional Artists (Erica Appleby, Katerina of Bijoutique,Kim Abreu, Jarrod Razak, and Thomas Pitilli) donated artwork that expressed the #BeYou mission, to help raise money for the #BeYou Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund.

In March 2014, the #BeYou Team released a promotional video, entitled "Suicide...A Glimpse Into Their Life". It was inspired by the recent hike in suicide amongst youth, and illustrates just how life’s pressures drive individuals into having thoughts of suicide. It presents an intimate view into the moment just before ending their life. The characters were also shown in a positive light; making it through the storm, and reclaiming their life back. Main roles are played by Top Choice Models' Gina Marie, and Actor/Model Dimitri Stanford, and featured parts were performed by Top Choice Models' Ariah and Shannen Ashlai, and actress/model Rebecca Sikar.

The #BeYou Campaign desires to create something larger than just a one-time affair and brand name. Their intention is to develop DEEPER MEANING in people’s lives. To add greater value to the success of the campaign, the #BeYou team selected individuals to help promote and educate people about its mission. These representatives are genuinely excited and passionate about what they do, and work within the fashion, entertainment, and business industries. The Ambassadors embody #BeYou's overall image, mission, and values. Current #BeYou Brand Ambassadors include: Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker: Johnny Ly; Model, Actress & Singer: Brienna DeVlugt; Singer & Songwriter: Meredith O'Connor; and Accessory Designers: Coco & Breezy.

Last October, the founder of the #BeYou Campaign, Syrah Scott, spoke at the Girl Scouts 53rd National Convention about Self-Image/Body Image to hundreds of passionate and driven young ladies.

The #BeYou Campaign has been featured in Epoch Times, Lucky online, and other influential blogs. Many companies have signed on to support their mission including: Top Choice Models, Girl Scouts, Condor Hotel, Sephora, Supra Footwear, Flywheel Sports, Bye Bye Banana Bread, Patmar's Bakery, CLONE New York, 16 Handles, Design Moves, The Aloe Source, Floss Gloss, Mastiha Shop, Rime NYC, Sheaterra Organics, BCCO NYC, Bijoutique, BGArt, The Herb Shoppe Brooklyn, Banner Buzz, American Turf and Carpet, and Echod Graphics.

Overall, #BeYou's objective is to touch the hearts of the city, nation and world. The campaign requests that supporters spread the word, donate, and join the #BeYou Campaign in its promising mission.

To sponsor and/or donate to the #BeYou Campaign, email Thebeyoucampaign@gmail.com or click here: #BeYou. Also, be sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


Winners of the #BeYou Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund, Photography by Ally Moy


Benny Escontrias: The Champion of Thoughts

“Gangsta” Kid, Living in a “Gangsta” World. Still I Rise

By: Benny Escontrias

Imagine being raised by “gangsta” parents who ONLY knew about “gangsta” ways and what their environment taught them. My name is Benny Escontrias and this is my story. Allow me to set the stage…I'll begin in 1982, in the city of Commerce, East Los Angeles (one of the toughest parts of California). There I was, a young boy who didn’t understand “love” or what it meant to be a good person. As you can imagine, my life was filled with trauma, violence and ruthless times.

As a child, my father was in and out of jail. My mother had to raise us, but she didn’t have much. We lived off of food stamps for many years, and when those food stamps ran out, we went without food. I know what it is to be hungry. There was always a lack of money in my house. My mother didn’t work and my dad barely supported us, so, I know what it’s like to go without necessities. I remember the time when I had to buy school shoes from the Salvation Army. Imagine me on the first day of school, with generic second-hand “toe covers”. Let’s just say that it didn’t sit so well with my peers. And I remember the times that I had to wear the same pants over and over again throughout the week. It was totally embarrassing for me, but I guess sooner or later, I got used to it and was thankful for whatever I had.

In the course of my childhood and teenage years, my family moved 8 times; moving from the city of Commerce to Rosewood, from Rosewood to Montebello, from Montebello to Norwalk twice, from Norwalk to Whittier, from Whittier to Hollywood, and from Hollywood to Rancho Cucamonga, just like the “Next Friday” movie. What was different was that this movie was real. We moved so much that I couldn’t build good relationships. I know what it’s like to not have friends. I also know what it's like to start over, many times. By the time I was 10, I had been to more funerals than birthday parties; every year somebody my parents knew died. So, I know what it's like to experience the loss of a loved one. I was raised in the “ghetto”, a place of sadness, despair, and hopelessness. One day at about 10 or 11 years old, my parents, some friends, and I were at our “favorite” neighborhood park having ourselves a good ole time; you know drinking beer, playing handball, and all that good stuff—when boom, boom, boom! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on a bench (between the parking lot and the handball courts) where my parents were, doing my homework and a white Monte Carlo pulled up in the parking lot. Two individuals dispersed from the car, walked a few feet from the car, yelled out a gang name and pulled out a hand gun pointing it towards the handball courts. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as they began to shoot. It took me a few seconds to realize what was actually happening. I was terrified. I ducked and ran towards the recreation building where everyone else was running. While running, I saw my dad’s friend with a chrome shotgun in his hand running towards the shooters. I watched as someone shot at my parents. It was like a scene from out of the movies. At a young age, I’ve seen just about everything; from shootings to drugs, violence, death…hell, I’ve seen the whole nine yards.

If you’re thinking about joining a gang, or going down the wrong path, you’d better think twice. There is nothing but bad outcomes that happen as a result of that choice: death, jail, drug addiction, and endangering your family. By the time I was 12, I began acting out in every way possible. I was taught by my parents and the environment they raised me in; that's all I knew. It was normal to me. It was what I believed in. When we moved to Hollywood I began my own journey into the “street life”. Remember, my only role models were “gangstas”, so that’s all I knew. I wanted to be a “gangsta” so bad, because I wanted the money, the power and the girls, and I thought it was cool. At age 15, I began the journey that some people would call the “path to destruction”. I started to do the things that I saw growing up including drugs, stealing cars, vandalizing buildings with graffiti, fighting, and being in really bad relationships. And let me tell you something about relationships at a young age, you think you’re in love, but what do you know? Exactly, NOTHING about love, I was too young. Now back to the story… I've done some really bad things that I’m not too proud of and hurt a lot people along the way. I’ve experienced jail a few times, so, I know what it’s like to have your freedom taken away from you. It sucks being in jail!!! It's a place you don’t ever want to be. Your freedom is stripped away, they tell you what you have to do, the food is HORRIBLE, and when you take a shower, you take it with 10 to 15 other butt naked dudes! Not to mention, they put you on lock down like a “pet in a cage”. Trust me, YOU DON’T WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS LIFE. I repeat. YOU DON’T WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS LIFE!

Think twice before you do something that you know you’re not supposed to be doing. And be careful who you choose to call friends, because if you don’t choose your friends wisely, you can end up in a bad situation. I was stabbed 3 times and cracked behind the head, by dudes I didn’t even know. I was hanging around the wrong crowd. I understand what physical pain feels like. When I was in high school I experienced a very dysfunctional relationship with my girlfriend at the time. I understand what mental and emotional pain feels like.

Today, I am free from all of the pain. I am free from all of the despair. I stand today as a survivor of life and an inspiration to others. Despite everything I've been through, I AM completely grateful and thankful for every single moment I experienced. I am who I am right now because my past has empowered me. I’ve learned how to appreciate the things I have in my life. I learned how to make better decisions. Because I experienced so much hate in my younger days, I now fully understand the meaning and the power of love. I was shown how to hate, but now I know how to love.

I understand what you may be going through, but you must know that you are an AMAZING human being. You have been created in the image of absolute greatness. You were born to be somebody. You are here for a purpose and one of the most important days of your life will be when you realize that purpose. Never settle or accept any negative situation. You have the power to rise to great heights. So rise and become the greatest version of yourself. Follow your passion and trust your heart; energy never lies. Love yourself, love your story. Express love to everyone you meet. Go home and tell your family that you love them. No matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, you can be, do & have anything you want! You are appreciated & loved. I love you, BennyEsco


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be you Jewelry

Be You Jewelry, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, is handstamped and personalized jewelry made of fine metals designed and crafted to promote the love of oneself. We believe that positivity is key to overcoming self-doubt, that may keep people from fulfilling their dreams. Our company believes in local community, and aspires to help people in need. Be You Jewelry makes it a priority to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness. We made our dream come to life; now let us inspire you to chase yours.

Be kind. Be thankful. Be happy. Be beautiful. Be strong. BE YOU.

~BElieve in YOUrself~

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YOUR Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing

Cleanse YOUR Sexual Organs

Is There Anger in YOUR Sexual Organs?

By: Evelor Stellar Savior

Oh my! This is such a touchy subject, yet, it is so needed now when people are yearning to free themselves from trauma, attachments, and suppression. People are realizing that they are not obligated to endure suffering and that they can evolve through joyful experiences. They are searching for ways to be themselves and create lasting happiness in all of their relationships. I myself had to go through my own journey of restoration, become a catalyst for boldness and wholeness, and take my sensual and sexual power back.

Why is that so important? Well, the good news is that the energy that fuels our self-esteem, self-confidence, financial and career fulfillment, creative and manifesting abilities is intimately tied to the depth of our sensual and sexual energetic health!
If you've been looking to increase your self-love and embrace the gifts of your divine sensuality and sexuality and couldn't do so fully and freely, here are a few fearful illusions you may need to heal:

1) Subconsciously avoiding to grieve and heal anger attached to:

a. Sexual disrespect (Physically, energetically, and emotionally)
b. Sexual un-fulfillment (Self-suppression, obligation, and/or sensual dis-sensitization
c. Deception
d. Abandonment
e. Shame (Distorted Self-image, self-doubts, unworthiness etc..)
f. Feeling dis-empowered to say No to unwanted relationships demand
g. Feeling obligated to sacrifice your own happiness because of your children
h. Wanting to break free of certain restricting relationship dynamics but suppressing yourself because of fear of criticism...

2) Perceived lack of the right nurturing from your mother or mother figures
3) Perceived miscommunications, rejection, and abandonment from your father or father figures
4) Low density entities attached to your energetic field (passed on from intimate activities with a partner who was a host for these entities; public interactions, prolonged states of sadness and depression, etc...)
5) Stuck in seeing the body, sexuality, and sensuality as un-sacred when deep inside, your Spirit is yearning to embody the enlightening gifts of profound pleasure, intimacy, and erotic enchantment!

Here's ONE major clue:
Although you may have worked on these things listed above before, if while you were reading them something in you felt uncomfortable, frustrated, or uninterested, that is an indication of subconscious programming protecting you from facing the pain and healing deeper layers of these unresolved wounds! The great news is that I have a simple exercise that can help you to start healing them!

The Sexuality Cleanse Meditation (Allow at least 25 minutes)
The purpose of this exercise is to assist you in feeling safe to love your body, love your sexuality, and to be comfortable with all aspects of yourself. Your inner-power increases as you embrace the totality of who you are. Let's begin.

In your private space, sensually undress your sacred body. Take various deeply grounding breaths. Invite your innate wisdom to come to the forefront. Gently place your right palm on your clitoris for women and for men, hold the shaft. Rest your left palm on your belly button, which is a portal to universal consciousness. Relax your muscles and your entire body. Keep your thought centered on the sacredness of your being.
Mentally communicate with your sexual organs and ask: ``Show me what I need to know about my sexual energy right now. What do I need to let go of? What do I need in order to feel completely safe to fully express myself creatively, sensually, and sexually?"

The key answers are in the mental images, body sensations, and feelings that will spring forth into your awareness to the degree you allow them to. Stay in your heart. Make a note of the messages your own inner wisdom will give you during this intimate conversation with your sexual organs. Clear what needs to be cleared with chanting the sound OM various times. Let your intuition guide you.

Congratulate your soul for your courage to see, know, and accept the truth of how powerful and phenomenal you are.


Passionately rooting for your joy and absolute freedom!
Evelor Stellar Savior


Milly by Michelle Smith at Lincoln Center (NYFW), Photography by Syrah Scott

My Hunger for Fashion

By: Stefanie Ibertis

My first memory of fashion was back in the 90s (yes, last century) watching Fashion File with my mother. The highlights of New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week would captivate our minds and make us go to the mall and shop until we dropped! Obviously, we did not buy at high end boutiques, but this show was an inspiration that fed my “hungry for fashion” mind and still influences how I dress myself every day. To this day, I still watch video clips of collections being shown on the runways, and get VERY excited when February and September roll around each year to see new and exciting trends get introduced (or reborn!) onto the fashion scene. About 99.8% of the actual pieces showcased on runways will never make it into my closet (there's always a small chance I can score big one day, right?!), but the pieces I see being modeled inspire me to find trends that I can incorporate into my closet. Simply just going to the mall just to buy clothes doesn't do it for me anymore!

You can find inspiration for fashion just about anywhere you look. Runway shows might be a stretch for some, but for me, it is where I draw up ideas, and it pushes me to do MORE with my everyday look. Many of us might not get the chance to see the catwalk in person, but it doesn't mean we cannot dream big or not take some inspiration from it! Many people (to many of which I stay away from) have told me that I am wasting my time watching these shows because the looks cost way too much money. And maybe these looks would put a huge dent in my wallet, but the idea of seeing a designer’s creativity come to light makes me want to see my creativity come to light in my own (inexpensive) ways! I like to think BIG and differently when it comes to fashion and personal style; standing out never gets old. It is always on trend. Don’t neglect what might seem out of reach or “high fashion” simply because it is expensive or a designer label. Take a piece that you absolutely loved in a runway show and try to find something in a similar style out in the streets. Emulating an outfit that was on the catwalk will make you look put-together and hopefully make you feel like a million dollars! But always remember this: when creating a signature look, always #BeYou.

Be sure to check me out on social media!
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Fashion Ads

#BeYou Campaign Fashion Ads: Styled by #BeYou Brand Ambassadors Coco & Breezy, Photographed by Jessica Richmond


Woman Entrepreneur

Seriously, Think About It! Why Women College Students Should Consider Entrepreneurship

By: Nicole Nurse

Are you in college, a university, or pursuing a post-secondary degree? You’re probably a bit nervous about going “head first” into your career after graduation. Questions like, Am I making the right decision to go to school? Will I find a legitimate internship after I graduate? Am I guaranteed a job in my field after I finish? “Will I be able to find a “good-paying” job after I graduate?, are running through your mind.

These questions can bring on panic and loads of stress. But, keep calm I have in my hand, a solution to your possible problem. Have you ever considered starting your own business? Yes YOU. Ever had any wonderful ideas in your mind, but never put them to use? I’m quite sure you have. Remember those pair of jeans that would have been perfect if they only had a mini-sized wallet connected to it for those times you were at a party. And what about the time that you lost your keys in your tiny apartment, and came up with an idea to never lose your keys again. And what about…you get the picture. Well, why not make money off of those ideas and work for yourself?
Okay. Now that I have your attention, here’s a list of questions that you will have to answer before jumping in.

What are my strengths, talents and skills?
• What do people need in the industry that isn’t already in the market?
• Based on my talents, what problem can I solve in the industry?
• Who can I go to for start up money?
• What resources do I have to make my business work?
• Where can I find help?

Tons of resources are out there to help the start-up entrepreneur including: SBA, SCORE, NBIA, Garys Guide, and Entrepreneur, to name a few. There are even meetup groups on line, including Meetup and Swap The Biz NYC. Just as you would do a Google search about a class assignment, you can search up anything you need on the Internet.

Now, I’m sure your parents told you that you are as unique as a snowflake and whatever you put your mind to, you can do. They are absolutely right. No one has the same talents or had the exact upbringing, memories, and biological responses as you --- not even an identical twin! So you have something to bring to the world that others don’t. It is also no news that the employment market has dramatically changed. Companies no longer keep employees for 40 years and retire them on a healthy pension. The competition is fierce and employers are either going in-house to select talent or are picking and choosing referrals to work for them for free. Benefits and job security are a rare privilege for most; even for brilliant college graduates just like you.

So, what can you do about it? How can you win the game according to the new rules of play. You got it! Work for yourself! This does not mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater and never search for a job. Statistics show that you may have 7 jobs in your lifetime. In the beginning, it’s okay to work for someone else and gain experience. Career changes are now normal. But a side-business and the skills you will gain as an entrepreneur will remain with you forever. Here are 3 greater reasons to consider entrepreneurship in and after your college years:

1. Think about the opportunity. There are more undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship courses offered on college campuses just like yours, than ever before. You have a chance to learn the ropes and find out what’s needed before taking a risk. Enroll in a class and collect all the information you need to know; you’re going to class anyway. Secondly, here’s your chance to be your own boss. A chance to make a career off of your own idea. A chance to live a happy life doing what you love.

2. Think about the network. Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH! The more people you know, the more opportunity will come your way! Your network will include your friends and family, neighbors, old colleagues and professors, potential customers and business owners (suppliers and competitors) within your industry, etc. This is where it gets fun! Remember those events that you wanted to go to, now you could be going to many of these every month. Mixing and mingling with new faces is key to building your network. Utilizing networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and (find one) will behoove you. On LinkedIn you can directly speak with the decision makers of the company, which is super important. Your network will increase over time, and you will establish life-long friendships, find mentorship and increase your knowledge in your industry. The bigger and more diverse your network the more likely your business will survive and thrive.
3. Think about the money. More company leaders like Andrew Yang, CEO of Venture for America are placing college grads in internships at start-ups around the country. Programs like these assist existing entrepreneurs and groom young graduates to become entrepreneurs. Once you become an entrepreneur you can be assured that large corporations and local, state, and federal governments grant a percentage of their business contracts to women-owned companies. When the federal government is the customer, women-owned businesses are 23 times more likely to win the contract.

College teaches us how the systems we take for granted were created. Now is the time to think critically about your future and how you might create a life that works for you. #Thinkaboutit

Nicole Nurse
Founder of Black Leopard Public Relations

Book NewtsLetter

#BeYou Book of the Quarter

Time to take matters into YOUR own hands and start the new year off with GOOD habits! The "#BeYou Book of the Quarter" is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey. It focuses on balancing personal and professional effectiveness. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, and individuals that just want to get their life together! This book is definitely one of our favorites! For those of you with a busy schedule, there is an audio book! And teenagers...Yes! They've got you covered too. Checkout The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens!

Be sure to hold yourself accountable for reading. Take notes in a journal and apply what you've learned to your everyday life. We want to hear from you! You have two months to read through everything. Send over your feedback to thebeyoucampaign@gmail.com and let us know how it worked for YOU.

Happy Reading!

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Marian Elizabeth and friends In "Yoga Mode"

I choose a Healthy Lifestyle, Do YOU?

By: Marian Elizabeth

I wake up to the morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for the excitement ahead. The house is still and I rise with the sun, no alarm needed. I am headed to yoga and meditation. I am calm, I am happy, I am healthy. A healthy life FEELS good on the inside, it radiates from the heart and the body glows. A healthy life doesn’t mean perfection, a certain size or a particular weight. A healthy life is an inside job- it is balance, wholesome nutrition and movement. It is freedom.

Rewind five years back and I would not describe my lifestyle as healthy. I was much heavier for my body than I should've been- trust me, I still have the hips and gotta love what my mama gave me, but I was not exercising, I was deprived of sleep and I was eating poorly. I woke up one morning and had an epiphany; I understood that this body, this physical suit, is with me my entire life- I carry my emotional, physical and mental well-being with me everywhere, in all moments, in every second of the day. I decided to make a change, and to change my mentality in the process. Instead of doing a fad diet, I made the conscious decision to make health my number one priority and to treat my body right. I also decided that this was not a “phase” or a “fad diet”… this was my journey, this was a LIFE CHOICE. I decided to CHOOSE health, to CHOOSE exercise and to CHOOSE happiness.

Since that day I have learned, and learned again, and learned even more… isn’t that part of life? Learning and evolving. But, I learned that movement was a crucial aspect to a healthy life. I learned that our bodies were born to move, shake, dance and wiggle. I learned that I loved starting my day off with some type of exercise because it changed my mindset and I was propelled with inspiration for the day. I learned that yoga was my movement of choice. Yoga, for me personally, allowed my mental state to let go of unwanted stress, anxiety and fear. Yoga allowed me to evolve spiritually and find compassion, balance and acceptance. It is one to two hours of uninterrupted time with ME. Yoga allows me time to breathe, move my body with love and strength, and find forgiveness for myself. Yoga brings me home. Most importantly I FEEL GOOD doing yoga and I look forward to that time of the day to move my body lovingly.

I balance movement with eating well. BALANCE is the key concept because we are flawed individuals and that is BEAUTIFUL. Imperfection is unique and we are not meant to fit one type of mold, we are meant to love ourselves, celebrate differences and be the very best version of ourselves. For me, wholesome eating includes following the plan of Weight Watchers because it focuses on a lifestyle change of eating, portion sizes and choosing healthy food options over unhealthy. A typical day consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed food, lean protein and water. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full while understanding the “WHY” behind eating. Many times I found myself eating for various reasons: stress, tired, control, bored, angry, sad, happy… the list goes on… and until I could truly identify the reason WHY I was eating, I could not fully embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone has a unique and diverse story about creating a healthy lifestyle. What worked for me may not be the key for others but it is a glimpse into a life of a busy, working, social, 25 year old teacher and business owner. We are all united in finding what makes us FEEL GOOD and once we can find that from the inside, we are free to make the CHOICE: a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle? I think I will go with the first choice ;-). Will you?

Marian Elizabeth

Campaig Adsn

#BeYou Campaign Ads, Photography by Steve Azzara


Great treats from Beyond Sushi

It’s BeYond Sushi!

By: Lauren Durden

A new year, with new possibilities – many of us have new resolutions that we're working on for the New Year! For some, getting healthier and eating better in the New Year is a top priority. But what if you live in a city like New York, where there’s temptation around every corner and thousands of amazing tastes to be had? “Beyond Sushi” is the answer for you, and it’s in the form of deliciously nutritious vegan sushi, spring rolls, soups and salads.

While Beyond Sushi has various soup and salad options, including a kimchi salad and a DIY soup bowl, the real stars of the show are their sushi rolls, pieces and hand rolls. Before you start thinking that vegan sushi sounds a little too health-nutty for you, take a look at their offerings and you’ll soon realize that going vegan is way more delicious than you ever thought possible.

The “Spicy Mang” roll is rolled in black rice that turns vibrantly purple when cooked. The roll is filled with avocado, mango and cucumber, then topped with spicy veggies and served with a toasted cayenne sauce. Want something a little more out of the box? Try the January Roll of the Month, a black rice roll filled with grilled eggplant and roasted parsley root, then topped with a kalamata olive tahini and curly parsley.

Standard pieces of nigiri are transformed into colorful vegetable and fruit pieces with black or six grain rice topped with baked tofu, mango and enoki mushrooms, among many offerings. Vegan sauces accompany the nigiri range from housemade “shiitake teriyaki,” to chili mango. Hand rolls, burrito-like handheld sushi rolls, feature everything from Kimchi and grilled haricot vert to daikon and seaweed salad. The hand rolls are served with kicked up sauces, like hot pepper and sweet soy mirin.

Want to work on a new skill in the New Year? Beyond Sushi offers classes that teach you proper sushi prep, including knife skills, rice preparation, as well as sushi rolling and cutting. The best part of the class? Everyone gets to snack on the sweet classwork after the class is done!
Beyond Sushi goes above and beyond in creating their dishes with a focus on sourcing sustainable and local ingredients, many of which are found at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City. Even better, these ingredients are doing double duty for you. Aside from tasting great, all rolls pack a healthy punch of anti-oxidants, vitamins, iron or immune system boosters – just what you need during cold and flu season.

Perhaps the best aspect of Beyond Sushi is the price tag. Each veggie and fruit nigiri is only $1.15, and most everything else on the menu clocks in under $10.00.

So, if you’re looking to get a little healthier in the New Year, while still eating fun, creative food in the city, swing by Beyond Sushi for some vegan rolls. We promise, you won’t even miss the fish.

Let me know how it goes, when you stop by Beyond Sushi! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr


Artist/Rapper: JD Supreme

I Desire to Be Supreme in All Things

By: Syrah Scott

Unlike other rappers, JD has gone against the grain and kept his true identity. His plan is to positively change the world through his music.

JD Supreme is an rapper/musician born and raised in Westbury, Long Island. He started rapping at the age of 19. With a sound similar to Digable Planets and Pharcyde, this East Coast rapper has a dream; "I always knew this is what I was going to do, I just didn't know how". JD made it a ritual to practice everyday at perfecting his craft. He would write for hours and hours. "My mentality became, "I'm not going to be outworked. You may be naturally better at this than me, but I guarantee you won't beat my work ethic." Fear drives him to his success. "I'm scared but I refuse to let fear stop me. I feel most alive in fear. I feel pure. I feel real."

JD is currently working on 2 projects, one called "Castles Made Of Sand" and his album "88' Cutlass" IV, due to release this Spring. He's worked with artists such as "Saba", "Ngan Toxic, Marlo DeMore" and his current record label is Coliseum Records.

JD's inspiration for art is the ability to express himself in any shape or form and not be stifled by what others think he should create. Musically, Jimmy Hendrix, Andre 3000, and Nas are his biggest influences. JD's overall goal is to make the world a better place, make people happy, and make their lives a little bit easier. "I just want people to have fun like they did as a kid before being "cool" became a thing."

On January 13, 2015, JD Supreme dropped his latest song and video "Tropics". He is hot and will be the next big thing in Hip Hop"!

Check him out on Twitter!

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Sofie van der Ploeg

Give Yourself a Gift! The Valuable Side of Art and Creativity.

By: Sofie van der Ploeg

Creating beautiful things with art and creativity is the visible side of art. Ever since we were little kids, we were judged on how pretty our creations were. When people come to me for a course they very often start with: “I can’t draw” or “Mine will be ugly”. Sometimes even experiencing anxiety or pressure. For me, art has nothing to do with being able to draw or paint, it is about being able to treasure the valuable side of creativity, really enjoying it, and accepting that something might become “ugly”. Almost just like in real life where we sometimes make bad choices and just have to deal with it. In Art, we can erase it and paint it over and over again.

The valuable side of art is that it is able to show you what your inner voice looks like. Art activates different sides of the brain than talking, which makes art sometimes more real than talking about your emotions or what you go through. It also confronts you with your inner demons. Do you let your need to make something beautiful undermine you? Are you finding it hard to finish your work? Your creations can show you things you have forgotten or didn’t know at all. The only things you will need are: a little bit of guts, letting go of your ego, and inspiration from Pinterest and some art materials.

Creativity is like a muscle which can be trained. You can exercise and your creativity muscle will get stronger! The difference is that creativity cannot be controlled, it is not like: when you do twenty brushes a day your creativity will develop at a higher level within a year. Please don’t let your fear of making something ugly undermine you. On paper and canvas it is really easy to erase or paint over the things you are not happy with. Please, give yourself this gift!

For more about me, Sofie van der Ploeg

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