Someone Is Going To Win A New Pivot Mach 4 SL Bike

Why Not You – Enter the ACA Sweepstakes!


In our community, team comes first. The top of the podium isn’t the top of the mountain or the end of the trail. Laughter fuels us. Community binds us. And friends and family bring out our best. The ACA is so much more than racing because life is so much more than a race. Right now your support can help keep this life changing experience rolling. And you could win a new Pivot Mach 4 SL bike or other great prizes, too!

Entry Deadline

Proceeds Split 50/50 Between the ACA and Teams!

Enter the ACA Sweepstakes and support youth cycling in Arizona. All proceeds will be split 50/50 between the ACA and our teams. When purchasing your sweepstakes entries you will have the opportunity to identify a team you would like to support. Teams will then receive half of the proceeds from your purchase, and will have full discretion on how to spend it on their team. The other half will stay with the ACA to continue to improve and expand programs, coach training and clinics, and events that we host each season. The ACA will also set aside a portion of the funds to help families needing financial assistance to participate.

Please join us. Enter for your chance to win a new bike, and in the process help the youth of Arizona develop strong mind, body and character through the life-long sport of cycling.


Sweepstakes Prizes


Grand Prize: Pivot Mach 4 SL Pro XT/XTR with 120mm Fork (MSRP $7,499)


2nd Place Prize: FOX 34 Factory Suspension Fork (MSRP $969)


3nd Place Prize: Lazer Jackal KinetiCore Helmet (MSRP $220)

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4th Place Prize (10 winners): Hammer Nutrition Swag Package


5th Place Prize (10 Winners): ESI Swag Package


6th Place Prize (10 Winners): Squirt Swag Package


Team Prizes

Each team that participates in the sweepstakes will keep half of the money they raise, and will have full discretion on how to spend it on their team. When a ticket is purchased online, the buyer selects the team that they want to support from a pulldown menu. At the end of the campaign sales will be tallied and each team will receive their split. In addition, the top two teams that sell the most tickets per registered student-athlete (minimum six riders on team) will win prizes from Strike Visuals and Feedback Sports!


1st Place Prize: Strike Visuals Custom Tent (MSRP $775)


2nd Place Prize: Feedback Sports A-Frame Portable Bike Stand (MSRP $330)

Share the sweepstakes information via email and social networks. Remember to include YOUR TEAM NAME and make an “ask” to select your team when purchasing tickets, and consider including information about how your team will use the funds raised from the sweepstakes.


The Arizona Cycling Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth development organization, building strong mind, body and character, guided by the principals of inclusivity and equality. The ACA promotes interscholastic mountain bike riding and racing, provides training and education to coaches and teams, and offers a comprehensive infrastructure to grow youth cycling in a fun, safe and professional manner.

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