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Greetings from the Algarve

Last week I was in Spain and telling you about one particular review from a customer that reaffirmed my life's work. You can read about it here.

Actually we are just having a short holiday.. a road trip from Malaga to Lisbon.

So we drove down to Portugal to check out the Algarve on the way to Lisbon, we have a surprising number of customers here, I was kind of interested to find out why.
I'm also really interested in Portuguese culture, it was a potent force in years past.. invading for good and bad all parts of the world. Think of Goa, Brazil, Macau, the Portuguese traders got everywhere and left their mark. Did you know that the Portuguese were the earliest traders in the spice islands, Indonesia and Malaysia. The historic town of Malacca (I have been) is still stamped with Portuguese culture. I have friends in Goa that still speak Portuguese and make sticky sweet cakes laced with vanilla - that we seen in a resturant here last night.

First stop Faro, the old town area is beautiful with regal storks that only nest on top of the oldest and finest buildings in huge untidy nests. Reminds me of our intelligent crow living at AW.
In the cobbled backstreets we soon found a super esoteric shop, the perfect Gothic backdrop. Then around another corner a fun hippy shop.

Then on to Albufeira, a bit rowdy for my taste, seems like a stag do location all tuned to the bloody football. Testosterone bouncing off the walls and tumbling into the fractious streets in the bar zone under the "Britz Welcome" signs. And later when the boring Belgians beat the Brits 1-0 all seems a bit impotent.. But the old town is nice and again interesting shops. Lots of craft shops and in this part of the world sell Morrocan leather and craft products, and surprisingly good quality and value. Better than in Spain. I really would like to find some Morrocan crafts we could sell, maybe next trip Marrakesh.

Today going to explore a bit more and then head up to Lisbon.

Meanwhile in back at AW HQ, it's already cranking up ahead (yes I know it's only June) of the Christmas season.. and already busy - in-spite of the football. Selling very well, while our current stocks last are Soap Flowers, Salt Lamps and Summer Bags.. also Silver great for summer sales. And the Sun is shining so all those summer items are sizzling along.

New stock as always arriving, check out the deals.
Hope you are doing well, and enjoying the sunshine when you have time.

Take care



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