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Hi Art aficionado,

A friend who lost her home in the Thomas Fire invited a few artists to her temporary home two days after moving in. She was "christening" the room that will be her interim studio while her original house is re-built. No heat, hot water or refrigerator yet, and no furniture, since everything burned in the fire, but boom!, she kicked those obstacles to the curb! When a handful of friends with art supplies and folding chairs gather 'round a banquet table - PRESTO - you have an art studio! With laughter, creative concentration, coffee & snacks, and assorted papers, glue and scissors, we owned the morning. Art-making supplies swept all fretful occupations aside for a few hours of camaraderie and creative courage! Our theme, because it was unfamiliar to each of us, was Abstract Collage. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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No furniture, but tissue paper, glue, snacks & art friends!

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Abstract Collage Art Morning

It's easy to push art-making to the Later-Cupboard when life gets crowded, or incoming priorities bully it off the calendar. If you're not getting to your brushes, invite friends to come and help you claim that time again. The work and the gathering don't have to be perfect, and masterpieces aren't necessary. Everyone should simply make something to get the train rolling. Take photos of your day so you can remind yourself later in the week how much you love to be busy with art, and how important it is to keep time for it on your calendar.

Here's to you, getting back to art, even if it's messy.
Do it anyway.
See you in the studio,
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Hide & Seek


Wheat of Zeus

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Marigold Eruption


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