_Ami's Newsletter: Cool Kid Books, Crumb Quilt, Cleaning Tip, Amazing Puzzle Balls, The Quilt Show & More! It's all in the February 16th newsletter. _


_Ami's Newsletter: Cool Kid Books, Crumb Quilt, Cleaning Tip, Amazing Puzzle Balls, The Quilt Show & More! It's all in the February 16th newsletter. _


Zoey is a big "reader." Her favorite books in the whole world are the "That's Not My ____" books. (The blank in the title stands for any one of the 30+ animals (from Cow, Goat, and Monkey to Hedgehog, Meerkat and Penguin) in the Usborne book series. They're 10-page board books (thick pages toddlers can turn without damaging) and each page has a colorful illustration with a "feely" insert that Zoey pets. She loves them! We have to read each one several times.

My daughter was so impressed with the books she got from Usborne Books, that she has become an independent consultant for them. If you're looking for high quality books at reasonable prices for infants to middle school readers click here.


Appique enthusiasts, doodlers, and quilters who like complicated coloring books should click here, and search for Mandala, Art Deco, Coloring books, or the Big Book of Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring.

If you want free and discounted books, she can let you know how easy it is to host a FaceBook party. Really. On FaceBook. You don't have to clean your house, prepare any food, or even get out of your jammies for that matter. (I'm having a party Thursday night.) Email Jennie at jenniferc.ubam@gmail.com.

Crumb QuilLowRezt

Crumby Quilt #1

Crumb Quilting

This is embarrassing. Almost two years ago, I challenged everybody to try Crumb Quilting. Well, I finally finished one! Ta-dah!

The blocks are 3.5" x 3.5" finished and some have as many as 20 different pieces in them. The process is random, experimental, and all in miniature. It was only slightly insane. I have two more Crumb Quilts in the works. (Just don't hold your breath.)


Get the Kit!

My Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern now comes as a kit. It has for several months now, I just forgot to tell you. In addition to the pattern booklet (with full-color illustrations every step of the way), you'll also get the a half yard of Quilter's Grid (very necessary to keep fabrics from slipping), and a Chenille needle. Just add fabric and stuffing. And a sewing machine.....some embroidery floss. Maybe a chair. Get yours here. The kit includes full-size pattern pieces (plus 2 sheets of Sticky Template Plastic) for four size Puzzle Balls.


What makes my Amazing Puzzle Ball so AMAZING? It comes apart and goes back together again. Intentionally! That makes it much easier to sew and way more fun to play with. If you don't believe me, Scooter and I will demonstrate. (Watch the video.)


Amazing Puzzle Balls aren't just for kids either. You'll notice this particular Amazing Puzzle Ball was made with insect fabric. Can you identify the insect? No, they're not butterflies. Starts with an "M." You got it! They're MOTHS! So....it's a Moth Ball!
(Aw, come on, Scooter laughed!)

What kind of fabric would you use for a Pin Ball? Or in my case a Corn Ball? See what fun you can have?


Here's A Place I Bet You Never Thought of Cleaning!

Normally I don't clean my iron unless I accidentally iron over fusible. But, as I was filling it with water yesterday I happened to notice dust bunnies between the iron and the sole plate. Brown ones. Eeew!

Fabric is dustier than we think! In fact, I remember ironing one of Steve's shirts (back when I was young and foolish) and as I was aiming for the collar I missed. Instead of sliding it under the iron, it caught right in that useless channel between the sole plate and the rest of the iron. That little maneuver cleaned all the burnt lint right out of there. The problem was that it all stuck to his shirt color. I was going to have to wash it all over again. So I wadded it up and put it at the bottom of my "fabric to iron" bucket. It's probably still there.

Here's a better way to clean that part of your iron. Grab a couple of Q-Tips. It's about the only thing you can use them for now that it's practically illegal to stick them in your ears any more.

IMG 6530
IMG 6542

Oh. I almost forgot. My iron croaked the day after I cleaned it. You may want to leave well enough alone.

For a little history on the Q-tip, click here. Sadly, the Q doesn't stand for Quilting.


In honor of International Quilt Day (March 17, 2016), The Quilt Show will "open" all of their shows from the first nine series--that is, from show 100 through show 1700--for the entire weekend of March 18-20. That's 221 shows for free! It also includes a wonderful show with Yvonne Porcella, one of our quilting icons who just passed away.

If you'd like a look back on the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, watch show #712 which was filmed in 2010. The AAQI went on to raise more than $1.1 million for Alzheimer's research. The AAQI is officially retired now, but the research projects you helped fund helped scientists learn more about the disease, bringing us closer to a cure.


Scooter's Video Pick

Hi Everybody. Dog here. Mom said I laughed at her Moth Ball joke. She bribed me with extra kibble.

This video is about singing. I don't sing. I bark. A lot. Sometimes I whine. But I don't sing. After watching this video I want to learn how to sing.

The video starts off a little slow, but hang in there for the chorus. You will want to learn how to sing too.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and are going to celebrate International Quilting Day on Wednesday.

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