I am getting just a tad sick of winter. We had a few days in the low 20's with sun and it felt almost warm. Very little of the snow melted, just enoug


I am getting just a tad sick of winter. We had a few days in the low 20's with sun and it felt almost warm. Very little of the snow melted, just enough to make potholes. We have begun memorizing where they are so we won't break an axle.


This New Yorker has the right idea---spray painting the snow!

As more cold air moves in again, temperatures have dipped way down and the wind is blowing. Here's my question: Why can't I have a hot flash when I need one?!


Zoey Update

She's four and a half months old now and in this picture she is modeling half a crocheted tape measure cover (on a headband).

I found a wonderful free pattern called The Genius Headband by Elizabeth Alan. It works for any yarn and any size hook. Watch the video here.

IMG 3379

Click the picture for video.

More Tape Measure Covers

I have 24 in stock and I will crochet them to order. They make pretty cool keepsakes. You can order one here.


5 Tips for Threading Needles

If you're "Slow Quilting" otherwise known as plain old "hand quilting," and formerly known as "quilting," before people started quilting with an electric needle, then threading a needle is something you do with some frequency.

Try these tips:

1- Hold the eye of the needle over something white, or at least light colored, so you can see the eye better. Jamming the thread at the side of the needle isn't as effective as aiming it at the eye.

2- Use new thread, and cut the end off the thread at an angle just before you try to thread the needle. Old thread is too limp and hairy. And, the point you create will give you a slight advantage.

3- Lick the thread and use your lips or teeth to flatten it on the way out of your mouth. (Sorry if I grossed you out there.) Thread is round but needle eyes are various degrees of oval.

2015-02-26 1601

4- Update the prescription for your eyeglasses, find a 10-year old you can bribe to thread your needles for you, or...

5- Invest in a good mechanical needle threader like the Bohin Easy Needle Threader.

IMG 3430


Thread the entire pack of needles onto a single spool of quilting thread, then pull off one threaded needle at a time with the exact amount of thread you need.


Click picture to watch video.

EXTRA Bonus Tip

Bohin makes a handy-dandy needle threader for your sewing machine too, in case the sewing machine threader that comes with your machine is YOU! Watch me learn how to use it in the video at the right. (Click the picture.)

Get one here.

IMG 3358

Click me!

Scooters Video Pick

Scooter here. I am the dog. Today I thought I'd share a picture of me relaxing as that is what I do best and I am very handsome. I relax all over the house, but my favorite place is in the bathroom. I don't know why. Neither does Mom. If you click the picture of me, you'll get to see a movie about a dog family in a car. It also has a bathroom in it. I am not in the video, sadly, but you still might enjoy it.


Thank You!

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