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Featured Candidates & Positions

June 2018

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Staying aware of evolving trends that could influence your industry can be time consuming but can pay off in the long-run. Like most professions, recruiters have to respond to a variety of evolving forces that influence our line of work. A trending topic which we often come across is the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the workplace. So for this month's newsletter, we explore the debate surrounding the impact of AI. But first, here are our featured candidates and positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Candidate Profile 1: Mexico based, Director of Quality and PSS

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This Mexican National candidate has an impeccable record of success for a USA based, automotive systems supplier. The candidate has excellent communication skills in Spanish and English and has an Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering, along with an MBA from a USA school. This person has made measurable improvements in all areas of Quality, including taking the company from a containment situation with a customer representative on site, to receiving the top quality award from the same customer. This candidate also implemented and built a Statistical Problem Solving group on site for this large, high-volume automotive parts facility. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Candidate Profile 2: Export Compliance, Empowered Official and Legal Counsel

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This candidate has extensive experience in Aerospace/Defense, and has built out the entire North American Export Control team for this global manufacturer. This person has saved the company 4 Million Dollars in exemptions/exceptions, and is well versed in EAR/ITAR. The candidate has a wealth of experience with licensing agreements, jurisdictions, contracts, and more. Please contact or call 519.258.1844 ext. 102 for more information.

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Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Director of Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

This position is with a great company that has been awarded new booked business that will allow the company to triple in size in the next three years. Looking for someone whose leadership skills can help build a world-class manufacturing company. Please apply only if you have experience developing a strong manufacturing team, success in leading cultural change, and experience in a high-volume automotive manufacturing setting. Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.102.

Divisional Quality Manager, Aerospace

Do you want to work for a $14 Billion manufacturer known as the global leader in its product area? Do you want to work for a company with huge career growth potential? Do you have experience managing a sizable team of quality engineers/technicians, NDT test engineers/technicians, and auditors? Do you have aerospace/defense experience with critical component products? Are you interested in working in Canada? Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.101.

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Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Today's Workplace

In this ever-changing world of technology, artificial intelligence is bound to have an impact on business, whether it be positive or negative. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

There has been increasing discussion over the potential threats AI will pose on today's workers, and how it will shift the entire dynamic of the workplace in general. "If machines do get smarter than humans, there could be a loss of control that can be a detriment."-Muhammed Othman.

With AI's evolving abilities on the rise, there is question about where to draw the line on allowing these technologies to essentially take over jobs that have historically been performed by humans. There is no doubt that these advanced technologies have improved the efficiency on certain redundant tasks and have increased performance. However, the job market will surely be affected, with the service industry predicted to lose a significant number of jobs to AI.

When machine intelligence exceeds our ability to understand it, we should be cautious. It is important that we do not allow these systems to become so advanced that they act in ways that will make people unnecessary for certain tasks. If AI ability continues to accelerate at this rate, and machines increasingly replace human workers, it doesn't necessarily mean humans will become redundant. In fact, some individuals believe it may even strengthen the economy. "AI encourages a gradual evolution in the job market which, with the right preparation, will be positive." - Matthew Lieberman. .

Artificial intelligence is already well on its way to becoming the new normal. While it will bring along changes to our places of work - both negative and positive - it is important that we learn how to adapt to it and make it an asset in the workplace.


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