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Easter is next Friday which means that next week's eNews will be published on Thursday. It also means that it's time to share information with your clients about all the Easter dangers, especially...CHOCOLATE! Check out the blog post below which has some useful links, information and images to share with your clients over the coming week.

Also this week is a guest blog post from Dr Hubert Hiemstra with some great advice to help navigate the challenges of working in the veterinary industry - in particular the voice in your head that panics about bears when it's usually only a squirrel (read the post to see what I mean).

We're also delighted to welcome iM3: The Veterinary Dental Company as a Premium Member or our Community. iM3 have been long term supporters of Vetanswers and we really appreciate their support over the years!

If you didn't get the chance last week, check out our Whats' on in 2019? Veterinary CPD Calendar - it includes ALL the CPD we can find for the veterinary industry & is available as an easy to search, online version as well as an easy to download & share pdf version.

Our aim has always been to help you - save time, connect & discover!

Enjoy your reading :)

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Vetanswers Blog Posts....

Veterinary life: define the small stuff & learn from the big stuff (Guest Post)

A movie quote from his teenage years has given guest blogger Dr Hubert Hiemstra some great advice to help navigate the challenges of working in the veterinary industry...

Danger! Chocolate! Resources to share with veterinary clients over Easter

Easter is a great time to connect with and educate your veterinary clients. Over the years I've collected some great resources to share on social media that will help you connect with, educate and inform your clients.

3 Things I bet you didn't know about... Pet Parking (Guest Post)

Pet Parking is a handy product that provides a safe, trouble-free solution to tethering a pet on a leash. Find out what else makes them different and how they can make your life easer...


Welcome to the Vetanswers Business Directory:

Premium Membership: iM3 - The Veterinary Dental Company

We are delighted to welcome iM3 as a Premium Member of our Community.

iM3 enjoys an enviable reputation for quality products & superior customer service in the veterinary dental industry. Their reputation & passion is your guarantee of advanced technology, unique features & quality workmanship - and even more importantly...They love what they do!

Free Membership...

Animal Tech

Animal Tech is an Australian service that prescribes, manufactures and fits custom prosthetic or orthotic devices for animals based on veterinary referrals.
Click here to visit Animal Tech in the Vetanswers Business Directory

High Performance Vets

Veterinary coach, Dr Natasha Wilks, helps veterinarians to accelerate their career & improve their life in areas such as: career planning, communication & EI skills, salary negotiation, increasing income, stress management & well-being.
Click here to visit High Performance Vets in the Vetanswers Business Directory

Name Tags & Badges

Check out Name Tags and Badges if you need name badges for your Vet Surgery. They supply a range of identity products!
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What's on in 2019? CPD Calendar updated for April...

What s on in 2019 Veterinary CPD Calendar v2 April Cover red

Download a pdf version, print it up & share with the team.

February CPD Calendar Online

Visit the online version & search for the right training for you and your team


How to beat imposter syndrome at work (HRD)

Ever feel like someone's going to come in and call you out on what you're doing?

Imposter syndrome is real and we probably all feel it at some or another....
“One piece of advice I always tell my teams and myself is that your career did not come by chance, and where you are now and where you aim to be is justified."

"Indeed, with an estimated global 70% experiencing impostor syndrome at some point in life, the feeling that you’re not as good in your career as other people think you are has nothing to do with skill level or competence, but the impossibly high standards people set form themselves..."

Tips to help beat imposter syndrome at work

1. Accept praise and know your worth
2. Stop thinking like an imposter
3. Don't seek perfection
4. Know you are not alone

"Impostor syndrome tends to be the domain of overachievers...."


Help out with a survey....

E collar for blog

Source: Small Animal Talk Blog http://www.smallanimaltalk.com/2019/04/has-your-dog-or-cat-worn-elizabethan.html?

Has your dog or cat worn an Elizabethan collar (e-collar) in the last 12 months? (small animal talk blog)

A team of researchers including Dr Anne Fawcett "are seeking to find out how Elizabethan collars impact the behaviour and welfare of animals wearing them."

They're looking for both dog and cat owners with a pet who has worn an e-collar over the past 12 months to complete a quick online survey.

Visit the blog post to find out more & please share with your clients.


This is a really good post to share with kitty clients (& our vet agrees!)

Leo and Buddy

King Leo and his canine subject Buddy

Urinary tract disease in cats (MetroEast Home Vet Care)

I came across this post a week or so ago and as King Leo (right, resident ruler of the Gillespie household) has been suffering from exactly this problem it caught my attention.

Especially this line: "The textbook cat with FIC is a young/ middle-aged neutered male, indoor only cat who probably is on the pudgy side." Oh dear - tick...tick.. &..tick - that explains Leo to a T!

Of course, he's been to the vet and yes, everything has been discussed with me which is exactly how I knew that this was such a good post.

Share this one with your kitty clients :)


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