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This is our first edition of the SEI Newsletter for the Spring 2018 academic semester. We have a brand new staff and SEI Student Association executive board who are busy planning informative and inspiring events for students. In this edition, Professor Shaughnessy delivers his thoughts on the expanding capabilities of 3D printing, including affordable prosthetics and small homes that could provide more dignified accommodations for those living in shacks or other structures. Students write about their international ventures, the Cape Town water crisis, and new, exciting organizations in the social enterprise space. This edition also includes synopses of our most recent events with Dr. Gordon Adomdza on human-centered design and Miguel Granier of Invested Development.

It's not too late to take advantage of SEI meetings and opportunities this semester. We hope to see you at our upcoming events to learn more about what's in store!

From the Founder & Executive Director

Printing A Better Life
By Professor Dennis R. Shaughnessy
By now most of us have heard about the promise of 3D printing. Also known as “additive manufacturing” this new technology holds great promise for firms both large and small, especially in the area of on-demand production of parts and products.
Read more here & RSVP to the next Speaker Series featuring the founder of e-NABLE, a network of volunteers using 3D printing for social good.


Featured Read

Aweik, It Just Takes One Step
By Alejandra & Vanessa Pena
If we want opportunities, we have to become agents of change and the catalysts of those opportunities for the people that have been left out. In the end, the equation is straightforward: the more opportunities we have in life, the greater responsibility we have to give back to our country of origin in the most creative ways. In our case, all the steps we took placed us in the exact same position where we started, a valley in the core of the Andes mountains in Ecuador. Read more here.

News & Spotlight

As Day Zero Approaches, Cape Town Copes With Water Crisis
by Kayla Vestergaard
Cape Town is expected be the first city in the world to run out of public water, and it will happen in less than four months. As of February 6th, “Day Zero” — when the Big Six dams fall below 13.5% capacity — is predicted to be May 11th, 2018. Read more here.

Girls Just Want to Have Funds: Investing in Women
by Anastacia Villis
Women in the third world are repressed in more ways than just monetary restrictions. They lack not only the capital, but the basic rights that are necessary to make any progress toward a more equal world — both socioeconomically and based on gender. Organizations like Prospera and Mama Cash are paving way in this realm of socially motivated initiatives, organizing grants to be given to different movements internationally that are centered around equal rights and opportunity for women and trans women everywhere. Read more here.

North & South Korean Perspectives on Unification & Entrepreneurship
By Danny Jooyoung Kim
The indifference towards our neighbors up North is growing as the time goes on. We might speak the same language, but we live in two different worlds. Last month, Northeastern had a pleasure of hosting a group of Korean student entrepreneurs, and to my surprise, a third of them were North Korean defectors. After a wonderful lecture from Professor Shaughnessy on social enterprise, a group of Korean students (from South and North) and I gathered at a nearby cafe to chat. Read more here.

A Support Network for Social Entrepreneurs
By Georgia Horton
Tendrel recognizes that not only are the issues that social entrepreneurs are working to solve challenging, but so are the obstacles that they face along the way. Personal, professional, and systemic roadblocks are all areas that inhibit good intention toward creating tangible change. This is where Tendrel offers forums, network connections, webinars, and chapter events to share information and advice on a global scale to facilitate large-scale social change. Read more here.

Human-Centered Design With Dr. Gordon Adomdza
By Austen Moye
In the most recent installment of the SEISA Speaker Series, Dr. Gordon Adomdza delivered his unique perspective and profound insight on the topic of Design Thinking. Growing up in Ghana, Dr. Adomdza has studied all over the world and has a distinct sense of perspective that quite literally spans across the globe. Read more here.

Invested Development: Solving the World's Challenges Through Innovation
By Katie Powers
The Social Enterprise Institute kicked off the Spring 2018 Speaker Series with Miguel Granier, founder and managing director of Invested Development (ID) based in Boston. Founded in 2009, ID invests in early-stage tech startups that help deliver innovative solutions to social problems in underserved markets. With a focus on telecommunications, energy, and agriculture technology, ID has made 58 investments in 18 companies across 7 countries. Read more here.

Shinola: Good News for a Broken Detroit or a Case of 21st Century Imperialism?
By Arielle St. Cloud
Shinola emerged in 2011, as a semi-affordable, upscale lifestyle brand in the business of watches, leather goods, and bicycles. It is markedly emerged as a leader in the movement to restore integrity and fiscal opportunity to the economically depressed city of Detroit. Although the Midwestern city was once the shining patriotic symbol of American manufacturing, it is now an urban grief-stricken ghost-town; therefore, perfectly positioning the fallen city to be the backdrop for Shinola, a corporate “White Knight." Read more here.



▪ SEISA Co-op Panel - Monday, February 12th, 6-7:15pm, 215 Shillman Hall
▪ SEI Speaker Series: Jon Schull, Founder of e-NABLE - Monday, February 26th, 6-7:15pm, Alumni Center
SEISA Co-op Panel - Monday, February 12th, 6-7:15pm, 215 Shillman Hall
SEI Speaker Series: Jon Schull, Founder of e-NABLE - Monday, February 26th, 6-7:15pm, Alumni Center


Free Admission to Ashoka U Exchange!
The Ashoka U Exchange is one of the largest international gatherings of college and university students and faculty coming together to learn and share social innovation practices on college campuses. This year, Babson is proud to be the co-host of the Exchange, taking place April 5-7 at the Sheraton Boston. This is an amazing opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members to attend this event for free. Volunteers are asked to work a total of 8 hours at the Exchange, which can be satisfied in 1 day or split between 2 days. We will schedule volunteer hours to the best of our ability based on your responses. If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out this volunteer form. Please feel free to contact Jennifer MacDonald ( if you have any questions.

Jobs & Internships

▪ More Than Words, Associate Director of Events (Boston, MA)
▪ Center for Women & Enterprise, Development Coordinator (Boston, MA)
▪ GlobalGiving, Fellowship Program (Washington, DC)
▪ Fair Trade USA, Marketing Specialist (Oakland, CA)
▪ Samsung, Corporate Social Responsibility Internship (Ridgefield Park, NJ)
▪ Net Impact, Fellowship Program (Oakland, CA)
▪, Givebutter Ambassador (On Northeastern's campus)
More Than Words, Associate Director of Events (Boston, MA)
Center for Women & Enterprise, Development Coordinator (Boston, MA)
GlobalGiving, Fellowship Program (Washington, DC)
Fair Trade USA, Marketing Specialist (Oakland, CA)
Samsung, Corporate Social Responsibility Internship (Ridgefield Park, NJ)
Net Impact, Fellowship Program (Oakland, CA), Givebutter Ambassador (On Northeastern's campus)

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