Malchus shebe Yesod Rabbanit Iris Odani Elyashiv

Our facilitator this week is Rabbanit Iris Odani Elyashiv

Rabbanit Elyashiv’s first shiurim were on Parshat HaShavua (The Torah portion of the week)). Her method of teaching is known as The Pardes, an approach to Torah study with emphasis in textual analysis. Her lectures are intellectually challenging, inspiring, stimulating and exciting. Many of her students- the ones present at her lectures and the ones watching online at are constantly growing through her spiritual guidance and leadership ,and have found fulfillment in a Torah lifestyle.

The Rabbanit is currently teaching The Sefer (book) Tomer Dvorah, authored by The Ramak: Rabbi Moshe Cordovero , Zt''l, Zy''a. This Sefer is known to be a Segula for the prevention and cure of this generation’s dreaded disease. It is also considered the Shulchan Aruch of Tikun Hamidot, (the development and improvement of our moral character, personality, and temperament). Her goal is to teach and help everyone reach their potential in the perfection of their midot, thus, living a Torah-filled life, experience true happiness, and sincerely love and respect one another. This way we can hasten the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days, Amen! Find out more at

Today is the final day of the 6th week. Har Sinai is allegorically right around the corner and soon we will be entering into a new time zone of spirituality reality.

Try to take a moment to make one final deep breathe and to choose something deeper and more profound.

Yearn to Hashem to help you perfect your flaws and live a life of meaning and empowerment and inspired Emuna.

Tomorrow we will speak about the avodah of Malchus week.

Everything is about to be different.

More information about Rabbi Nivin - In response to your inquiries

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas offer personal development programs for men and women on a variety of topics. A new Chabura will be forming right after Shavuos on the topic of Yeud Marriage Coach Training.

Excerpt from Sparks from Berditchov - an Inspirational Guide to Avodas Hashem by Yaakov Klein

The Gift of Shabbos: Shabbos is a day on which the earth below is elevated into, and united with, the spiritual realm above, causing tremendous spiritual energy to flow into the world at large and into the General Soul of Klal Yisrael of which each individual Jew is a part. It fills us with clarity and a heightened awareness of the Divine, a true feeling of closeness with our Father in heaven. Though no amount of preparation can earn us access to the blessings of Shabbos in order to allow the tremendous light to rest among us we must spend the six days of the week longing and preparing ourselves to be adequate vessels. Proportionate to the energy we put into preparing for Shabbos during the week shall be the effect Shabbos has on our lives. And the more of an effect Shabbos has on our lives, the more spiriutal success we will find in the following week. :Just one Shabbos and we'll all be free" -- one true Shabbos is all it takes to trigger a never-ending cycle that elevates every facet of our being..

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A practical verbal introspection to help us focus when working on the midda of the day

Thank you Hashem for my life that is my unique opportunity to direct the life force within me that might naturally further conceal You.. Please help me purify my heart. I want to purify my heart so that I sincerely have heartfelt emotions only to fulfill the Torah and emulate You. May these deep emotions be honestly reflected in my speech and deeds so that Torah and the force of Your Lovingkindess are seen and felt in the world. May it be a merit for Klal Yisrael and an acceptable teshuva that fixes what needs to be fixed and that generates eternal life and makes a kiddush Hashem.

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