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Dear all,

Whether you're in the office or on vacation, it seems the entire planet watched nervously as two events unfolded: the Mondial and the rescue of the boys from the depths of that watery cave.

Nail-biting and nerve-wracking, we watched in every language on the continent. If you're like me, you have mild favorites among the soccer teams (football to the rest of the universe!) but not a real stake in any one game. And those boys - one skinnier than the next emerging from the pit of the ground, as we hailed the truly heroic divers on their mission to save these young lives.

Capturing the world's attention with human drama is not difficult. We in Israel face that daily on the front pages of the news. It's easier to get attention if you claim underdog status, and it's quite simple to catch an image of an Israeli soldier pausing for a moment and seeming to loom over children. But the truth behind the lens, and the words, is that Israel must fight this battle as it does all others - fairly, compassionately, and with tenacity.

A current example is the story of whether the US is putting out its own new plan for peace in the Middle East. First, that's the correct term - regional peace is what we are after, not a piecemeal treaty that is flimsy at best and harmful at worst to achieving real stability in the region for all of us.
Second, take a look at any random news article on the issue. Like this article just published yesterday.

Concentrating on Gaza is the first step to returning to an overall solution that focuses not on Ramallah but on a wider lens. However, you'll note that it takes more than focus to realize the issues are being whitewashed. Abbas is reported on here as any western leader with values. He is not. He faces a tough, Middle Eastern neighborhood and must do what he can to appease and survive. It's not a democracy of the people, but a wild-east of gun-toting terrorist influence on the street and in the governing body. Good luck to him but keep your eyes wide open.

Teach your peers to read the news with a grain of salt. Share with your staff the truth about history and conflict. Use the various sources that we share with you to understand and know the real deal. We'll get there..


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Jerusalem mufti issues ‘fatwa’ forbidding Muslims to sell land to Jews

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem, issued an edict on Tuesday calling the “land of Palestine” an inalienable religious endowment forbidden to sell to “the enemies.”

Why the concern for UNRWA?

On Monday, seven former US ambassadors to the UN sent a letter to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisting that the administration restore full funding to UNRWA, the UN agency that funds so-called Palestinian refugees.

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