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New Moon in Gemini Annular Eclipse, June 10th, 2021

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!

How are you doing? Enjoying eclipse season so far? Have you noticed that the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse on Wed. 5/26 and the upcoming New Moon in Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse on Thurs. 6/10 are creating massive positive change in the world? Regarding today's eclipse says -

"Dawn doesn't break like this every day. On Thursday morning, June 10th, a crescent-shaped sun will emerge from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean visible from parts of the northeastern USA and Canada. It's a sunrise solar eclipse. Get the full story + observing tips"

Read more about the eclipse in Message Of The Stars....

Please let me know if you'd like to join my Free Angelic liquid Light Healing® New Moon Eclipse session tonight Thurs. 6/10, my *Astrology For Beginners Class next Tues. 6/15, my Angelic liquid Light Healing® Summer Solstice Session on Sun. 6/20, the VortexHealing® Manifesting w/ Lakshmi Super Session on Thurs. 6/24 or my Reiki Level 1 & 2 classes on Sat. 6/26 & Sun. 6/27* (see details for these events on the Bulletin Board below)

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My amazing partner TJ Thomas standing next to a giant amethyst geode at the Museum of Natural History Gem & Mineral Exhibit, NYC, USA


TJ got us tickets for the Museum of Natural History Gem and Mineral show. We went last Friday afternoon and loved it. They have some really gorgeous rare gems and crystals there. The tickets we got were not for the general public. The show opens for the public at the end of this month. We highly recommend it!

We also signed up for last Saturday's Wild Bird Fund bird watching tour through Central Park. It was a beautiful day and our guide was wonderful and very knowledgeable. We learned a lot and sited many beautiful birds, including a Baltimore Oriole which we saw at the 85th St. meetup spot before we even started the tour!

The Wild Bird Fund is a wonderful non - profit that rescues injured birds and rehabs them at their storefront on Columbus Ave. near Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Quan Yin Jade

It was great to be out in natural surroundings in a group of like minded people after such a long period of Covid isolation.

Most of the tour took place in The Ramble, a wooded area in the middle the park.

According to The Central Park Conservancy -

"Over 210 bird species have also been spotted here, making it a favorite area for birders."

"Described by Frederick Law Olmsted [the designer of the park] as a “wild garden,” the Ramble was created for strolling, exploration, and peaceful contemplation. The Conservancy recently restored the landscape to renew the area’s scenic character and preserve the woodland escape at the heart of Central Park’s design, maintaining an atmosphere reminiscent of the Adirondacks, an original intent of the Park’s design."

Cardinal male and female

Female and male Cardinal "kissing". The male is red.

"The twisting paths and thick canopy inside make it easy to get lost in the sights and sounds of lush greenery, giant boulders, and migrating birds. But if you’re lucky, you could stumble upon three of the Ramble’s most popular features: Azalea Pond, which gets its name from the century-old azalea plants at its southern end; the Gill, a stream that feeds into the pond; and Ramble Stone Arch, often considered one of Central Park’s most picturesque bridges."

To top it off, we saw a male Cardinal and his wife perched a few feet away from us on a low fence along the path after we left the group on our way home!

Birds are like angels. They bring us messages from the spirit world. We knew how auspicious it was to see these mated Cardinals just a few feet away from us. TJ's Mother died of a heart attack when TJ was 18 yrs. old ( 1 + 8 = 9 and 9 is the number of Mother Divine) TJ's Mother loved Cardinals! TJ and I are both Divine Mother devotees......

Annular Eclipse Africa

Annular Eclipse w/ "ring of fire". These eclipses are rare. Thye are a sort of hybrid Total Solar Eclipse in which the Moon appears to be slightly smaller than the Sun.

Message Of The Stars

We know that an astronomical eclipse involves "the obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer" but also offers this more general definition -

"a. A fall into obscurity or disuse; a decline: "A composer ... often goes into eclipse after his death and never regains popularity" (Time).
b. A disgraceful or humiliating end; a downfall: Revelations of wrongdoing helped bring about the eclipse of the governor's career."

The revelations of corruption in the old paradigm control matrix are coming fast and furious now. I've mentioned in previous updates how the eclipses are triggering an information avalanche, and now we have the leaked Fauci emails scandal and the forensic election audit in Arizona all coming to a head.

As usual, I'm going to tiptoe around these highly controversial hot button issues. However, I'll just say this; if you believe the mainstream media Covid and election fraud narratives; that Covid originated in the Wuhan animal market and that the election was absolutely legal and fair), OMG, YOU"RE SO NAIVE!!

The truth about all this is coming out and many will be shocked as what was once labeled as delusional conspiracy theories is proven to be true.

When the veneer begins to crack and crumble, and the naked truth blasts gaping holes in our belief bubbles, a whole new world emerges that is as beautiful as it is terrifying.

It's frustrating and depressing to know how dumbed down the masses have been for eons, and how hard it is to penetrate the impermeable membranes of their belief armor. This is particularly difficult when family members or old friends simply refuse to consider what you know to be incontrovertible truth.

But it's actually abusive to try to force one's views onto another who is unwilling to consider them. In the end it's better to "live and let live" and to honor other people's right to make choices and adopt beliefs that they're comfortable with.

The planets today are reminding us that the most important truth of all is the truth of who and what we are in the deepest spiritual sense - incarnated immortal divine souls on a mission to transmute darkness into light!

Mercury will stay retrograde until Tues. 6/22. Just remember that Mercury retrograde can very productive if we slow down and take extra time for contemplation and meditation.

Self realization / enlightenment is the only game in town worth playing, so let's tap in to the powerful divine energies of this deeply transformational New Moon in Gemini Annular Eclipse and review, re - evaluate and reset our intentions and beliefs for optimal fulfillment in all aspects of our lives!

Bulletin Board

Special Discount Offers! - book three 45 min. distant healing sessions for $135. In these distant healing sessions we will talk on the phone for at least 15min. before the 45min. distant healing begins. A 3 session package like this would normally cost $270. Book a 90 min. astrology - tarot reading over phone or Zoom for $72 (normally $108)

The Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing® New Moon in Gemini Annular Eclipse Breakthrough Session will happen on Thurs. 6/10, and the Angelic liquid Light Healing® Summer Solstice Breakthrough Session on Sun. 6/20, 7:30 - 8pm EDT conference call, 8 - 9pm EDT distant healing. In order to register, email me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list and if you have pets you'd like to add to the list, tell me their names and what type of animal they are. Mother Divine and the Angelic realm will assist me in this session in helping us release anything that's blocking us from experiencing abundant fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

These sessions are free to all but if you like it and would like to support my work, please consider donating ($5 - $20 suggested) via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or Paypal via the Buy Now button on my contact page -

It's not too late to join my Video Conference Astrology Classes for Beginners. This is a 12 class program. Classes are held bi - weekly 7 - 9pm, $36 each. The first class was held on Tues. 5/25. If you'd like to join class #2 it will be held on Tues. 6/15. See my website for topics covered in the classes.

The VortexHealing® Manifesting w/ Lakshmi Super Session will be held on Thursday, June 24th, $27, 7:15 - 7:45pm EDT conference call, 7:45 - 9:15pm EDT healing. This is the last session in our Manifesting w/ Lakshmi series and in it we will give 90 min. of healing instead of the usual 60 minutes (that's why we call it a Super Session!). Carol Ribner and I will help the group release anything that's blocking our ability to successfully practice conscious intentional creation of reality.

We are living in a time of accelerated transformation out of the old paradigm control matrix into the Age of Aquarius. We are knee deep in the long prophesied
shift of the ages! As the Great Awakening / Great Cleansing proceeds, our vibration ascends out of density into higher light frequencies and the process of manifestation is becoming easier and faster. These group sessions will help us manifest our dreams in the most benevolent way, both for ourselves and our world.

In order to register, email me at telling me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list, and if you have pets you'd like to add to the list, tell me their names and what type of animal they are. Then send your payment via Venmo to Geordie - Numata, Zelle to, or use PayPal on my contact page.

I'm teaching Reiki Levels 1 & 2 on Sat. 6/26 & Sun. 6/27, 10am - 5pm on the Webex video conference platform. The fee for one class is $220 with a $60 deposit. If you elect to take both classes (most students take both) on the following day, the discounted fee is $400 with a $120 deposit. Your ICRT Reiki manual will be mailed to you before class. For details of class curriculum see my website.

My Free Conference Call Reiki circle will be held every Monday night from 7pm - 8pm EST. We'll do some guided meditation, self Reiki, Reiki for each other and Reiki for world peace. You can also use Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ or VortexHealing® in the circle if you like. The conference call numbers are 917 444 9040, conference ID 818181#. If you want a call in number for location outside the NYC area or for another country, go to the Turbobridge website and click on the Call - In Numbers tab. You don't need to rsvp for this event; just call in at 7pm. These circles are free to all but if you like it and would like to support my work, please consider donating ($5 - $20 suggested) via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or PayPal via the Buy Now button on the contact page of my website. You are welcome to join the circle if you are not trained in an energy healing modality.

I am offering my usual services (distant healing, coaching, astrology & Tarot readings, Reiki classes) over conference call or Webex video conference. If you can't afford my posted rates you can negotiate and pay on sliding scale (whatever you can afford). I can now accept clients for in - person healing sessions and readings at TRS Professional Suites in the Lower Manhattan financial district (I will not treat you or read for you in person if you're sick with Covid 19).

Recent Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all the healing sessions you are offering it is helping me incredibly! I’m very grateful! I’ve been attending the Reiki circles on Monday too and WOW! I don’t know what I’m doing exactly, just being open (eventually I’d like to take your classes), but I feel amazing during and after - so much relief. Thank you for offering those and letting a novice join!" - Anon.

"Not sure what it was, but something HUGE shifted during our last session! My sleep last night was amazing + I feel so grounded. There were 2 things that happened in dreams past 2 nights that I'll ask you about on Tuesday night. Whatever is going on, I want more!" - M.Z.

"Thanks again for the Reiki session and the Reiki Level 3 class. I can feel a huge shift this week. Really dramatic actually. All good things! :)" - S. D.

"Geordie’s apprenticeship program has been life changing. When we first started, I was suffering from severe anxiety, and a deep sense of loss and helplessness. I knew, however, that I was open to learning and being of service. That was all he required. Geordie’s program was structured to include regular coaching calls, homework exercises, training, and initiating students to all Reiki levels. As part of the coaching, Geordie had me list the objectives I wanted to tackle over the course of the program. Looking back, I’m amazed by how much progress I’ve made on each and every one. My anxiety has greatly diminished, I’ve gained a better sense of stability, and have become a much more effective healer. It was truly a blessing to be his apprentice, and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone. In gratitude, LeMar Moore - Attorney (NYU Law School) Deer Spirit Reiki Master-Teacher, IET Master-Instructor, Magical Structures Level VortexHealer"

​"And thanks so much for the solstice healing session the other night, that was really amazing. I felt waves of energy and, as usual, fell into a deep, trance-like calm for the whole hour. The most relaxed I’ve felt in as long as I can remember." - D.G., participant in my Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing Summer Solstice New Moon Eclipse distant healing session 6/20/20

deer medicine

Services, Classes & Regular Events

Healing Sessions in Person -
$135 for 90 min., 3 sessions - $378, 5 sessions $630
60 min. sessions - $108
Distant Healing Sessions via phone or Webex - $108 for 90 min.,$288 for 3 sessions,
$99 for 60 min. session,
$72 for 45 min. session
House Call or Hospital Healing Sessions (canceled until after the shutdown ends) - $135 for 60 min., 3 sessions $360 (additional travel time fee added according to distance involved)
Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot - $135 for 90min. in person or $108 over the phone or Skype, $108 for 60 min. in person, $99 phone or Skype, $72 for 45 min. phone or Skype.
60 min. Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot + 60 min. Healing Session Combo - $250 in person or $225 via phone / Skype
90 min Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot & 90 min. Healing Session - $288 in person or $252 phone or Skype

Contact me for rates on space clearing and astrology tutoring - / 646 505 9798

Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program - My Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program began in February 2017. After a candidate is chosen, they assist in teaching all 4 levels of training (Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher). They also have weekly coaching sessions which may be over the phone or in person, and homework assignments. Another aspect of the program is providing Reiki in a volunteer capacity at the free clinics I supervise. The program is tailored to the needs of the individual candidate. If there are issues blocking the candidate's general fulfillment in life and success as a Reiki healer and teacher, these will be addressed through counseling and healing sessions. I am accepting applications for an apprentice who would start working with me in January, 2020.

My 2021 Reiki & Angelic Liquid Light Healing Class Schedule -
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Level 1 - Sat. 1/30
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 2/20 & Sun. 2/21
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 3/27 & Sun. 3/28
Reiki 3 - Sat. 4/24
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat., 5/22 & Sun. 5/23
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 6/26 & Sun. 6/27
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Levels 1 & 2 -
Sat. 7/24 & Sun. 7/25
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. 8/7
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 9/25 & Sun. 9/26
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 10/23 & Sun. 10/24
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. 11/27
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 12/11 & Sun. 12/12

Karuna Reiki® is taught by private appt. online or at your residence only.

Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 for professional healers, yoga practitioners & meditators - If you are an L.Ac., LMT, Craniosacral Therapist or other holistic health professional, a yoga teacher or seasoned yoga practitioner, meditator and / or chi gong practitioner, you may qualify for my accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 training. Do you know the 7 chakras and basic anatomy of the human body? Do you know what chi is? If your answer is yes to most of the above then you're probably ready to take Reiki 1 & 2 in 7.5 hrs. (it normally takes about 13 hrs) in a private one on one class, preferably at your residence. The fee is $333.

Group VortexHealing® Sessions w/ Geordie & Carol - distant healing for anyone anywhere in the world, once a month on Thursdays, $20, 7:15pm - 8:45pm NYC time (you can put your pets get on distant healing list for free) . These sessions start with a 30 min conference call. At 7:45, we log off the call and start the healing session which lasts for one hour. Email me to register and pay via Paypal. High quality / low cost divine magic energy healing and awakening sessions for the people. These groups sell out fast so please RSVP in advance. See testimonials on my site.

Deer Spirit Reiki Circle - FREE CONFERENCE CALL REIKI CIRCLE EVERY MONDAY NIGHT 7 - 8PM EST (USA) 917 444 9040, CONFERENCE ID 818181# CONTACT ME FOR INTERNATIONAL CALL IN NUMBERS (DONATIONS ACCEPTED) When it becomes safe to meet in person again the circle will resume regular bi - weekly schedule on Mondays, 7pm - 9pm, $20, at TRS Professional Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. in the financial district in Lower Manhattan. RSVP required. This circle is open to the general public - you do not have to be attuned to Reiki to attend and receive treatment. If you are attuned to Reiki, any level or lineage, you are welcome to come and give and receive treatment. We start with a guided meditation and then give 30 min. treatments on massage tables.

Love & Gratitude,
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