Rise higher with God’s help


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Peace to struggling hearts

Does your life feel like a roller coaster ride these days? Charlene learned, during a divorce, how God can put us on firm footing and treats us well. Read how she was blessed during this experience.


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Let Jesus’ resurrection transform you

"We, like Peter, make mistakes, are overcome by fear, have times of spiritual dullness, fall short of what we want to be. Yet there is a Comforter—the Science of what Christ Jesus taught, or Christian Science—that is here to transform our lives today."

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A new crop of blessings

Have you experienced loss? The burden of debt? Evan shares inspired ideas that helped his family through challenging times. Read how he learned that God doesn't just restore what is lost — He improves our life.

This article is also available in French.


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A poem by Suzanne Goewert.

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A word from our pastor:

The Holy Bible

... be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

—Romans 12:2

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Jesus prayed; he withdrew from the material senses to refresh his heart with brighter, with spiritual views.

—Mary Baker Eddy, p. 32


Product Spotlight

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Building of The Mother Church

We can experience renewal and progress even in challenging times. For example, The Mother Church was built in a time of great economic downturn. Read how the power of prayer overcame countless obstacles to complete this impressive building project. This edition includes 32 pages of color photos and lists the inscriptions on the walls of The Mother Church edifice.


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Special group reading event!

Praying for the world with The Christian Science Monitor

Meet us online Saturdays at 2 PM (ET). We'll read articles and then, as a group, share ideas on praying about the issues they bring up.

Articles for Saturday, 10/3:

California wildfires: Why this year is so intense

‘We’re not dead yet’: Big Basin redwoods scorched, but not lost


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October Podcasts from JSH-Online

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Monday Sentinel Watches

What is Christian Science and how does it heal?

October 5

Conflict resolution

October 12

Overcoming Distractions

October 19

Praying about elections

October 26

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