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Special issue dedicated to studies where the results do not support the intervention tested and yet generate very useful data for the field

We seek papers for a JND special issue on the topic of "The Null Hypothesis" – dedicated to those studies where results were not as anticipated or hoped for. Testing if a hypotheses is correct or not is the way science advances, but pressure to publish has resulted in researchers preferentially publishing studies that disprove the null hypothesis: reporting on an effect is much more common than a lack of it. This is particularly evident in translational research, where potential therapies are evaluated in model systems or patients. The neuromuscular field is aware of a publication bias towards therapeutic approaches that appear to have beneficial effects in model systems and patients. Failure to publish studies where therapies are not beneficial, toxic or results are not reproducible, not only impedes science and therapy development, it also leads to unnecessary duplication of efforts and a waste of resources.

The World Duchenne Organisation (WDO) has generously offered to cover Open Access fees for publications related to dystrophinopathies in this special issue due to sponsorship of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) and Duchenne Parent Project Netherlands. WDO will select some of these publications for further awards.

Submission deadline: 1 March 2021

Contact: Annemieke Aartsma-Rus (details available via the link below)

More details here (PDF link)

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A special issue of JND is planned entitled "Terence Partridge: A Distinguished Career Dedicated to Muscle Research"

The upcoming JND special issue will celebrate the distinguished career of Prof. Terence Partridge in the field of myogenesis and skeletal muscle diseases. The guest editors of this issue are Dr. Jyoti Jaiswal and Dr. Kanneboyina Nagaraju and the publication date will be summer 2021.

This special issue aims to highlight the significant contributions Prof. Terry Partridge has made to the field of muscle biology both through his own discoveries over half a century and the exceptional trainees that he has produced over this period. Submissions will be a tribute to his contributions and will help lead the way towards future growth in this field. If you have been affiliated with Prof. Partridge and would like to participate in this special issue, then we invite you to contribute a primary research article to this special edition. Anyone interested in submitting should first get in touch to outline the submission topic so the editors can assess whether the paper will fit the scope of the journal.

Submission deadline: 31 March 2021

Contact: Jyoti Jaiswal or Kanneboyina Nagaraju (details available via the link below)

More details here (PDF link)

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Authors: We invite you to share the story behind your published JND article to help us generate awareness of your research!

We aim to generate greater awareness of the research published in our journal by increasing the online reach of papers published in recent JND issues by helping researchers promote their work to a wider audience. To accomplish this, we would like to highlight the story being the research by gaining insight from our contributing authors.

We plan to do this by sharing the stories online, perhaps with accompanying short videos or animations created – most importantly – with input provided directly by you (if you are an author who has recently published in the journal). We cannot do this without your help.

So, if you or any of your co-authors would be interested to take part, please get in contact and one of our team will be in touch with you.

Contact the editorial office by submitting an email to: jnd@iospress.com

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As a member of our research community, we would like to invite you to contribute your own articles to the journal. JND offers contributing authors many benefits, including rigorous peer review and speedy manuscript processing, rapid online publication (pre-press) and an affordable Open Access option (€1250/US$1450). JND is fully compliant with all mandates by major funders, and Open Access articles are automatically uploaded to PubMed Central. More reasons to publish in JND are outlined on the journal's website!

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