the little lucky duck that could... and will! Where's Duckie? Groups Are Back! (for now, just a hop down the road in Stamford) 1st 5-week cozy "


the little lucky duck that could... and will!

Lucky Duck Infant Massage - Gabrielle  Dolly and Duckies

Where's Duckie?

Groups Are Back!
(for now, just a hop down the road in Stamford)

1st 5-week cozy "nest" starts Thursday, April 21
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Dear Duckies (past and future, colleagues and friends),

Yes, I miss you all, miss my delightful stream of new families to encourage, and miss my wonderful New York location parent-support partners for this labor-of-love sideline building world/family peace!

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The good news is that I will begin offering Lucky Duck groups in Stamford with the Birth Bungalow next week (see details below for joining our first group starting April 21) until infant massage can publicly return to New York.

Meanwhile, as some of you may have heard, ongoing "issues" with certain current officials at the NY State Department of Education most sadly prevent anyone from offering infant "massage" (a licensed word) learning to "unlicensed" parents... for use with their own babies!

Long story short, my certifying organization (Infant Massage USA, the American arm of the International Association of Infant Massage) and a host of other professional organizations remain at an impasse in working towards resolution of this heartbreaking ridiculousness, a situation that makes it impossible for practitioners of any kind to legally support parents in nurturing their own babies through touch (only in NY). Sigh.

I will spare you the details (though I do hope to share advocacy calls soon as we have the go-ahead to help win the fight), but just wanted to explain why my Westchester-based Lucky Duck Infant Massage has needed to lay low.

While I wish I could just tap webbed feet together three times and make it all right, this is not yet to be so please join me in hoping for rapid resolution... and in spreading the word that infant massage learning remains alive and well everywhere else on the planet (including CT)!

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Wishing you every possible joy with your babies, and throughout your lives and loves,

p.s. Please know you can always learn more at & its Resource Page or give me ring/buzz/beep anytime to chat.

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Your Cozy Group "Nest" Awaits

Spring Landings in Stamford

Great News!
Registration Open for 5-Week Group
Thursdays at 10 am Starting April 21
Offered with the Birth Bungalow
at Stamford Balance chiropractic studio

Join Here:

Questions & Arrangements
Email Gabrielle or call (917) 494-5371



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For our babies & ourselves... so much mind-expanding research on the benefits of nurturing touch and close connection for brain & body & soul.

Enhance Communication & Bonding
Relieve Stress for Baby, Mom & Dad
Improve Sleep
Ease Digestion
Support Healthy Development
Boost New Parent Confidence
Build Family Joy … and World Peace!

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Gabrielle Mason  - Lucky Duck Infant Massage

Gabrielle Mason, CEIM/CIMI
Gabrielle considers herself a most lucky duck to have landed in an infant massage group as a brand new parent and now delights in creating that soothing space for you.

She brings song, story, philosophy and fun to the beautiful art of infant massage; drawing on many years teaching Music Together and dozens of empowered Duckie Grad groups to date.

Though now mainly found coaching writing for Mercy College, managing a Rivertowns wellness studio, and running her family's Spring Training Productions radio-theatre gigs (any interested can see our "Bling Cycle" commission this Sunday, 4/17 at The Morgan Library & Museum in NYC!), Gabrielle will always adore guiding parents in the achingly-sweet, transformative practice of infant massage.


In creating a new family, we create our own little world.
May yours be full of great joy and growing peace.
- Gabrielle


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Notes from the Nest • the little duckie that could • April 2016

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