Welcome to the first ever TRAVELETTES newsletter - we are so happy you are joining us for this ride! Of course we want to give you an idea what you h

Welcome to the first ever TRAVELETTES newsletter - we are so happy you are joining us for this ride!

Of course we want to give you an idea what you have signed up for (literally!):

Every month you will receive an email from us in which we tell you about our most popular posts of the past month, so you don't miss any highlights. We will introduce you to a our favorite destination of the month and give you a preview of what to expect on Travelettes in the next few weeks. We will show you some hot new products and essentials that will make your trip easier and give you exclusive travel advice, which you will not find anywhere on the blog.

As a special thank you for connecting with us via mail we are having a monthly giveaway which is only open to you, dear subscriber! You'll have to bear with us until the end of the newsletter to find out more...

Mix all that up with inspirational images from our travels and you get our very special Travelettes newsletter for you.


In the past month we have given you loads of advice for the upcoming traveling season - how to choose where to go, what to pack and how to brave those nagging fears in the back of your head. We have taken you to New York and Tel Aviv, to South Tyrol and to our favourite beaches around the world. Here are our most popular posts from May:


From now on, we will introduce you to our favorite country or city every month, give you numerous tips on what to see and what to do and you will be the first to know where our journey will go! We will publish several articles on the blog, but also post interesting links and details on our Facebook page.

Our first stop is the hometown of Travelettes founder Katja Hentschel: Berlin.

Time to plan your next visit!


With a team of 10 Travelettes constantly roaming the lands to bring back the most inspiring stories and images from around the world, the calendar has been pretty packed lately! Of course we're always taking you with us on Instagram.

We'd like to give you a little overview of where we have been in the past month, an exclusive little preview on the topics soon to be featured on Travelettes.net!

New York

Some people are just lucky with the places they live in...

Travelette Nikki has been taking us around her hometown, New York City, to show us what big city life is all about - cute little restaurants, strolls in the park and hanging out among the tall skyscrapers of Manhattan!

Keep an eye out for her ultimate guide to off-the-beaten-track things to do in New York - coming soon!


Such a beautiful, little country - and Kathi had the pleasure to visit it for one week, leave all the political controversies behind, and explore the land and the people present.

She already told you everything you need to know about Tel Aviv, but there are plenty more articles to come.

Can you imagine to find a rainforest in Israel? You will soon read all about it.


In June we will once again take you to the most amazing places: Tanzania, Greece, Maldives, Zambia, France and many more. Make sure you follow us on Instagram - and of course keep an eye out for new blog posts!


There are a few things a Travelette never travels without - tiger balm, a notebook, our cameras (duh!). We have told you everything about our individual travel essentials in this post and things that we always forget right here. Now, we'd like to share our favourite essentials of the moment with you:

A Travel Scarf

This kind of travel scarf is the stylish answer to the money belt. It doesn't draw much attention, cause why wouldn't you wear a lose scarf, it's close to your chest which makes it fairly unlikely that someone would grab it out in the open, and, of course, it's pretty.

You can get this one right here for about $50, which is not all that much if you think about the multiple purposes it serves.

A Yoga Mat

Yoga is not only a great workout, it also makes you a better traveler - read our ten reasons for doing yoga on the road here.

These yoga mats by Yeti Yoga are just too cute - all designed and printed in Oregon, USA.

They are only $60 - so it's time to get your asanas straight and start practicing!


We love seeing all the questions and answers of eager Travelettes around the world on the Facebook group, so we though we'd use this space to give you some exclusive travel advice each month. Let's start with our personal tips on taking the perfect travel photos:

1) Don't be shy! We would not encourage you to photograph the locals without permission but learning "may I please take your photo?" in the language of the country you travel in can be a great icebreaker and many people will gladly pose. This is of course largely depending on the culture you travel in but often times you will find people to be open and friendly.

2) Capture the moment! Forget the poses and the arrangements, the best photos happen when things are happening and moving. Get your friends to jump or photograph them while they are laughing their hearts out - don't just go for smiley pics.

3) Skip the sightseeing! No one back home wants to see the 263000st photo of the Eiffel Tower. Rather than snapping a memory card full of famous buildings go to markets, photograph cute alleyways, straying dogs, people sitting in cafes, just try to get the athmosphere of the place you are traveling in into your camera.


As a special THANK YOU for joining our newsletter we will give away a fantastic prize each month!

We are starting with a cool Travel Kit which holds some great travel essentials which will make that next long-haul flight or overnight bus journey a lot more durable. Here's what's in it:

two packs of DENTTABS, all natural tooth cleaning tablets
edible wafer paper made of rescued fruit, from Dörrwerk
the book 'Wuchernde Paradiese' by Megan Mayhew Bergman (in German), Metrolit Verlang
fair produced socks by Minga Berlin
3-D sleeping mask by Ohropax
bioactive hand lotion by Pai skin care
unbreakable paper-sunnies by Papp UP
a notebook by Wednesday Paperworks ('Ono', A5 format, lined)

We will select a winner at random from the list of subscribers to this newsletter - so you've already done everything right to enter this Giveaway! If you like the idea of winning something every month, we'd be happy if you share this newsletter with your friends!


All things have to come to an end... thank you for staying with us all the way to down here.

Now it's up to you: as you know, this was our first newsletter and we sure have a lot to learn. We would love to hear your feedback, so you can get the best out of our monthly email to you! Is there anything you would like to see more or less of? Drop us an email to hello@travelettes.net - we'd love to hear from you!

And now, all that is left to say is: HAPPY TRAVELS!

XOXO, The Travelettes

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