Oral Arguments for Siegelman Appeal Postponed The Oral Argument to to made before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, tentatively scheduled for Ju


Oral Arguments for Siegelman Appeal Postponed


The Oral Argument to to made before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, tentatively scheduled for July 28, has been pushed back to October 13, 2014.

Dear Friend,

I have received an avalanche of prayers and well wishes for tomorrow's hearing! With this kind of support I can't see how we can lose! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

But my oral arguments, previously scheduled to be presented on July 28th, have been pushed back to October of this year. So hold on to those prayers and well-wishes for a little while longer.

Let me take this opportunity to review the two reasons that the Court of Appeals is willing to hear my arguments. As you know, the Eleventh Court of Appeals, while regarding my case as extraordinary, upheld the verdict in my trial. However, they did order the upcoming hearing - now postponed at least 2 1/2 months - on two claims.

Claim #1

One claim challenges the harsh sentence - three times the sentencing guidelines mandate - that Fuller imposed in my case.

Claim #2

The other claim that the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals challenged was the astonishing conflict of interest of U.S. Attorney, Leura Canary, who brought the case against me. I am not referring to the "appearance" of a conflict of interest, but an actual financial and political conflict of interest.

In his article titled Cruel Justice, Bennett Gershman reveals a conspiracy by Canary and her staff to give the impression that Canary was recused from the case while she was, in fact, actively involved.

"When news of her husband's possible involvement in Siegelman's prosecution surfaced, Leura Canary ostensibly disqualified herself from the case for her obvious conflict of interest....[but] she remained heavily involved in the investigation and prosecution of Siegelman. Indeed, Leura Canary's continued involvement violates a fundamental precept in American criminal law -- that a prosecutor must remain impartial and disinterested in the prosecution of a case. But Leura Canary had a direct financial interest in the success of her husband's client -- the Republican candidate for governor - and in Siegelman's electoral defeat."

For more about the conduct of the prosecutorial team in my case, click through to Cruel Justice by Bennett Gershman in the Huffington Post. Or dig into the links at the bottom of the page to learn more about Canary's judicial misconduct in the Siegelman prosecution.

Thanks again for your interest and support in my case.

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