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New Year, New Opportunities

Working with our clients lately, one thing is becoming very clear – many of you are struggling with hiring and keeping staff. The recruitment and retention struggle is a human resources challenge that is happening across North America, and isn’t expected to ease anytime soon.

In this issue, we’ll explore this ongoing challenge along with other human resources trends forecasted for 2022 to help prepare you for the rest of the year ahead.

And remember, our experienced P&A consultants are always here to help and support you as you navigate the ebbs and flows of the human resources world - reach out anytime!

The P&A Team



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P&A Client:

"Should we consider a seemingly unqualified employee for a senior position?"


Our client had been struggling to fill the most senior position in one of its departments. They had interviewed multiple candidates and were just not finding the right fit for the position and the organization.

What happened:

• One of the company's existing employees came to the General Manager and asked that he be given a chance to interview for the position and proposed why he would be good for the job, even though on paper he did not have the full qualifications.
• Our client contacted us to see if we thought it was a good idea to allow this. We encouraged our client to give the person a chance.
• In the resulting discussions, the employee blew them away with his ideas for the department and they agreed to hire him into the senior position.
• The lesson learned from this was that you never know where your next great candidate may come from and maybe they are already working for you! Look for opportunities to encourage and develop your high-performing employees. This will lead to greater retention and help with labour shortage challenges.


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Five Human Resources Trends Expected in 2022

The workplace looks a lot different in 2022 than it did in the pre-pandemic world of 2019.

Traditional HR challenges remain, but the COVID pandemic has transformed so much of what we as human resources professionals do, that it’s hard to imagine what else could be on the horizon.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we have done some digging around to find out what human resources experts across North America believe workplaces will be facing in the year ahead:

1. Labour shortage and constrained labour force

The current labour shortage in Canada isn’t a new one and was only exacerbated by the pandemic, when many people switched careers and shifted industries, people were pushed into early retirement, and immigration was reduced.

Read our article below and our latest blog to find out more about why this is happening and how you can adjust your strategies to successfully recruit and retain talent.

2. Evolution of hybrid work arrangements

The jury is still out on when and if a full return to the office (in industries where remote work is possible) will happen. What’s obvious is that the issue isn’t going away, and workplaces need to accept that hybrid work is the “new normal.”

Workplaces that combine remote and in-office working are showing to benefit both employers and employees by promoting better work-life balance, reducing overhead costs, and expanding the talent pool for recruitment. Workplaces that offer job flexibility will be employers of choice for job-seekers.

The technology for supporting staff in remote and virtual workspaces is advancing, and IT departments will feel the pressure to adopt new platforms that improve the experience for at-home workers.

3. Move to Human-Centred Workplaces

As HR professionals, we are happy to see this trend reaching industries that have traditionally been business-focused not people-centred. Workplaces must put an emphasis on employee belonging, inclusion, wellness and mental health if they are going to attract and retain employees. Organizations need to offer perks and benefits packages that put employee well-being at the forefront. This will attract talent and keep employees who have been feeling the stress throughout the pandemic.

4. Skills and Development Training for Internal Movement

Employers are looking increasingly inward to find staff to fulfill job vacancies, but with more of a focus on relevant ‘soft skills’ instead of specific job requirements. Therefore, training staff is shifting to providing opportunities for employees to improve their skills in leadership, collaboration, time management, and even empathy.

In what we’ve seen called the “internal talent marketplace,” employers are ignoring job titles and looking for employees that they can train and mentor into specific positions.

5. Are you listening?

This trend ties into all of the above trends. It’s about how workplaces are listening and responding to the needs and wants of employees. It’s no longer OK to do an online employee survey every four years. “Continuous listening platforms” will be the thing and there are lots of digital options for organizations to adopt.

However, employees are also looking for deeper connections with their workplace, as outlined in this article.

Employers will also want to explore digital technologies to continually monitor the success of HR activities, such as hybrid work arrangements, recruitment techniques, and diversity and inclusion endeavours.

One thing HR professionals can be sure of in 2022 is that the workplace and work arrangements will continue to change and evolve as we recover from the pandemic. If you need HR support, don't hesitate to contact us.


Why there is a labour shortage and what you can do about it

In a Business Development Bank of Canada report in 2018, the BDC states: “We do not expect labour shortages to get better for at least a decade.” So, unfortunately, our recruitment struggles may be here to stay for a while.

Why is this?

Says the BDC: “Labour shortages in Canada are, in part, due to the strong demand for workers generated by robust economic growth here and around the world. The expansion should continue into 2020, spurring continued healthy demand for workers.”

This is before the pandemic, which has only exacerbated the problem with many people in hospitality or high-pressure jobs like healthcare switching careers and industries. As well, many people were pushed into early retirement, and immigration has reduced, reducing the number of skilled immigrants entering Canada’s workforce.

It’s a difficult time for small and medium-sized businesses to find and retain staff.

To find out how you can improve your recruitment and retention, have a look at these articles:

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What is a Human-Centred Workforce?

In the trends article above, we talked about creating a human-centred workforce. But what does that really look like?

Josh Bersin describes it this way:

For more on the topic, check out Josh Bersin's article "The Secret to Wellbeing at Work is Leadership"


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