IN THIS NEWSLETTER: Upcoming Facility & Schedule Changes, Summer GX Class Schedule, and Temporary GX Class Check-in Procedures OPERS FACILITY HOURS F

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IN THIS NEWSLETTER: Upcoming Facility & Schedule Changes, Summer GX Class Schedule, and Temporary GX Class Check-in Procedures




Spring Commencement Ceremonites Require the Closure of OPERS Facilities

Please make note of the following changes to the facility hours for the OPERS East Field Complex during the final 2 weeks of the Spring quarter:

Mon-Thu (6/8-6/11): 10:00am-6:00pm
Fri-Sun (6/12-6/14): Closed
Mon-Fri (6/15-6/19): 11:00am-2:00pm
Sat-Sun (6/20-21): Closed
Mon (6/22): Summer Hours Begin (Mon-Fri, 6:30am-7:00pm, & Sat-Sun, 10:00am- 6:00pm)

Any FitLife programming (personal training sessions, GX classes, fitness assessment, workshopts, etc.) normally occurring outside of these reduced hours will be either rescheduled or cancelled until hours return to normal.

You can find more info on OPERS facilities hours by visiting the OPERS Website.



Due to the changing academic schedules, classroom availability, and participation rates that occur this time of the year there will be some reductions to our GX class offerings over the final 2 weeks of the quarter (as has been noted on our online and printed schedules since the beginning of the Spring term). Please make note of the "No Class..." notes for each of the workouts on our Spring schedule so that you're prepared for any changes to your normal workout schedule.

You can also refer to our FitLife GX Schedule on Google Calendars for the most up-to-date listing of our workout offerings, including session cancellations, instructor substitutions, and classroom relocations.



Our new Summer '15 schedule of weekly drop-in group exercise class has been finalized and is now posted on our website, Due to a combination of the lower number of summer class participants, reduced facility hours and availability, changes in instructor availability, and budgetary limitations, many classes offered during the Fall/Winter/Spring will not be offered during the summer, or have been changed to a different time and/or location.

Some changes to note:

1) Our Barre workouts have been relocated to the OPERS Dance studio for the summer, allowing for the use of the ballet bars, as well as greatly increased space for movement.

2) Due to the use of the College 9/10 Namaste Lounge by Conference Services during the summer, Iyengar Yoga will be held in the OPERS Martial Arts Studioduring the summer. The purchase of a Facility Usage Membership or Day-pass will be required for admission to the OPERS facilities.

Our weekly class schedules are always subject to change, so please refer to our class schedule on Google Calendars for the most up-to-date listing of class offerings, including occasional class cancellations, classroom relocations, or instructor substitutions.



Due the unavailability of sufficient student staff to cover all of our Classroom Attendant shifts during Finals week, Interterm Break, and Summer we will be relying on the use of our self check-in sheets (see pictures below) for the majority of our GX classes during these periods.

gx sign selfcheckinprocedures
form selfcheckin

Please remember to always bring your FitLife GX pass or student ID card so that you can find the correct number to write on the check-in sheet. Also, please write your name legibly. Every entry on these sheets will be entered into our system manually at a later time, and this very difficult (if not impossible) to do if we are not able to read your information.

Our ability to continue offering our GX classes during the summer (when pass-sales and participation are greatly reduced) depends on our ability to ensure that everyone attending has paid for their admission, and that we're able to get an accurate accounting of each use of your FitLife pass. If we learn that people are participating in classes without properly checking themselves in on these sheets we may be forced to cancel some of our offerings.

We appreciate your cooperation with this temporary inconvenience.