May 2016Welcome to spring! Dear Friend, I'll be arriving in Europe soon to begin my program of workshops and talks, as well as the annual meditati


May 2016

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Dear Friend,

I'll be arriving in Europe soon to begin my program of workshops and talks, as well as the annual meditation retreat in the Black Forest, Germany, May 13-18. Take a look at the schedule (link below) - I'll be in Freiburg, Hensellek (Black Forest), Badenweiler, Oy-Mittelberg and Zempow (near Berlin) in Germany, and in Zurich, Switzerland. There's still time to join me!

In Canada, at Diamond Heart, early bird registration is on until May 31 for our annual meditation retreat, "Love Yourself Well". Hope to see you here, July 17-23!

In our article this month, IIT graduate Merle Dulmadge writes about her insights into coping with illness. Thank you, dear Merle, for sharing these challenging experiences with us. We are all here to support you and each other on our journeys.


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

--Andre Gide


Early Bird registration discount until May 31!

Tanis at diamond heart

Looking forward to seeing you at Diamond Heart July 17-23.

Come to this meditation retreat to release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. Your heart will be grateful and your soul satisfied.

Gifts you receive from this retreat:
* Uncover unconscious family paradigms limiting your joy, love, energy
* Receive physical and psychological tools to eliminate old patterns
* Practice forgiveness for yourself and others
* Free yourself from fear and scarcity to embrace love and trust
* Overcome “overwhelm” and say “no” without guilt
* Heal past traumas to love fully
* Deepen your connection to Spirit and receive peace

Three days of silent walking and sitting meditation are accompanied by yoga for all levels, spiritual energization exercises, labyrinth, etheric clearing techniques.


About Tanis Helliwell:

Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., is a leading-edge psychotherapist, well-known for working with the body elemental to heal physical, emotional and mental traumas and patterns. She teaches her techniques internationally to groups of psychiatrists, physicians, psychotherapists and other healing practitioners.

sally playing flute at retreat

Sally Burnley – drummer and flutist - leads the spiritual energization exercise and labyrinth at the retreat.

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Discover your pot of gold at Diamond Heart!


Jonathan Beals, healer of deep psychic wounds in body and subconscious offers a complimentary healing session to each participant.

FEE: $795 + GST ($695 + GST Early Bird registration until May 31)
Accommodation and meals are extra. Register early as space limited.

LOCATION: Diamond Heart Retreat Center is beside the ocean offering swimming, kayaking, beach roaming, and forest walks and gardens.

TO REGISTER or FOR INFORMATION: Email Melany at melany-iit(at)

For the most up-to-date information on the retreat, click HERE.

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Navigating the labyrinth at Hensellek, in the Black Forest, Germany.

There's still time to register for my workshops in Europe this May and June, including workshops on Hybrids and Healing and Hybrids: So you think you are human and my meditation retreat in the Black Forest, Germany, Love Yourself Well (May 13-18).

A detailed schedule and registration is available here.


Coping with Illness

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By Merle Dulmadge

It’s a good thing we can’t see into the future because if we could we would probably spend a lot of time and energy worrying about the inevitable. Ignorance in this situation is, indeed, bliss. Everything seems to be going along just fine and then, in an instant, things fall apart. You don’t see it coming. For some, illness happens, we get through it, and life goes on much as it was. For others illness is so drastic that it changes our lives forever, and it can happen in a nanosecond.

A Year to Remember

2015 started off fairly normal, like most years. Little did I know that it would end up being a year of endings…endings of life, endings of good health, endings of phases of life. If I knew then what I know now I would have appreciated everything more.

There were many deaths of loved ones in the last year. Some were older and you expect the end to be near, but some were quite young and their deaths came quickly and very unexpected.

But the main change in the last year was changes to both my health and the health of some close friends. My health issues began with four bouts of a cold that dragged on each time for 4-6 weeks. My energy levels dropped drastically to the point that I was breathless even with the smallest exertion. Then I got pains in my chest and shoulder. While golfing one day in June I thought I was having a heart attack. I went through the whole battery of tests and in the end nothing was found and the pains disappeared as mysteriously as they had come. I was in emergency four times in one year for four different conditions. My illnesses came out of the blue and almost a year to the date they disappeared just as mysteriously. When all was said and done I ended up healthy again with no apparent reason for any of the health issues. For this I am very, very thankful.

Illness – A Curse or a Blessing?

We may think that an illness keeps us from living our life to the fullest but, in fact, it is a wake-up call from the Universe to move us forward into action. Disease, or dis-ease, lets us know we are out of balance physically, emotionally or mentally. Just like a pilot needs to constantly course correct to keep an airplane on course, we need to constantly course correct to keep balanced and healthy. So when we are ill, it is Spirit’s way of telling us we are not in balance. We may have had a nudge either mentally or emotionally and not paid much attention to it. Physical symptoms are like being hit by a 2 X 4 that we cannot ignore any longer.

There are metaphysical reasons behind each area of illness or disease. Examples:

Heart (love and security) – you take everything to heart; low self worth; fear of being unloved.
Shoulders (responsibility) – carrying a heavy load.
Throat (avenue of expression, communication) – not speaking up for yourself or having something ‘shoved down your throat’; difficulty saying no.

We are Not in This Alone

What I realized is that experiencing illness (feeling sick or just not right) or disease (affecting specific organs or parts of the body) is never just about me and what is happening to me. The impact touches all those around me and close to me as well. What is happening to me may trigger issues for them that they need to deal with. My experience may be holding up the mirror for them.

For example, at 64 my brother-in-law died very suddenly from a heart attack, which was a great shock for everyone and really hit my son hard. He had lost his uncle and Godfather. But choosing to go to the celebration of life would mean coming face-to-face with his estranged father who had abandoned him when he was very young. This trigger sent him into a state of acute anxiety, causing angina problems. Watching my son go through all this trauma and torment broke my heart and put me into a state of dis-ease as well. All three of us experienced heart issues.

When illness or disease happens to us or to those close to us we do what we can to get through it and to help and support each other. But often times it is much bigger than what is happening at a personal level. It impacts communities and countries. Sometimes we are taking on the experience of coping with illness and disease to help heal the collective consciousness of society.

My Insights

I believe everything happens for a purpose. There are no accidents. So when I face any challenge, I try to find the gift from the Universe in it. If we don’t learn something from our experiences, we’ll just be given more challenges until we finally ‘get it’.

So, here are my lessons learned about illness:
* Appreciate the experience. It teaches you about yourself and how your body works and lets you experience all there is—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are whole people.
* Challenges are our rites of passage as we grow and evolve.
* I used to think about attachments I had in terms of things or people, but I needed to look at my attachment to health and wellness and even my attachment to life.
* Illness and disease are merely symptoms of the real problem, which is a spiritual imbalance in our thinking, attitudes and feelings.
* Dealing with our fears is the most important work we can do for our spiritual growth.


Merle Dulmadge began studying with Tanis in 2000 and worked as the IIT Office Manager until 2011. Merle had her own consulting company (Dulmadge and Associates Inc.) specializing mainly in organizational effectiveness and leadership development until she retired in Feb. 2012. She now divides her time between her home in Lantzville, B.C., Canada on Vancouver Island and wintering in Yuma, AZ, USA. merledulmadge(at)


Love as always,

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