The Next Right Thing Dear Friends, I remember when my son was first diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies. In an instant, life cha


Camp Founder Rudy Rutabaga

The Next Right Thing

Dear Friends,

I remember when my son was first diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies. In an instant, life changed for our family. We felt an urgency to change everything -- what we eat, how we grocery shop, and how we interact with others – and it all had to happen immediately. We were creating the “new normal,” which was very stressful. But, over time we learned to focus on doing “the next right thing,” and took one step at a time. We focused on our daily challenges -- his next meal, our grocery shopping, and keeping him safe during play dates and at school. Eventually, we put enough of those steps together and ended up with a new way of life, which is now simply our life.

The Camp Blue Spruce board has decided to take this same approach as we face the unknowns of a pandemic – COVID-19. We are taking one step at a time to do the next right thing. As our organization prepares for summer camp, we are reinforcing our precautionary health procedures and closely monitoring the situation as it develops. As a medical camp, the health and well being of our campers is our only priority. We are following the lead of the CDC, the American Camp Association and our local health authorities and will regularly reassess our options. Given that it is too early to speculate what might happen, we will continue to work hard preparing for a fun, safe, and healthy summer camp experience.

Thank you for being part of our community. Please read this newsletter for some ideas of how we can stay connected. We are grateful for you and wish you and your family strength during these stressful times.

All the Best,

Louise aka Rudy

Louise Tippens aka Rudy Rutabaga Riversong
Founding Director


Building Community While Not in School

Girls Rule

Allergy Pals and Allergy Allies - Spring Sessions begin the week of April 5!

Camp Blue Spruce’s online peer mentoring program has had a great winter session, and we are gearing up for the last session of this school year! These programs build community and create hope and happiness where there may be confusion and fear. It’s a great way to spend an hour a week while you’re sheltering in place!

During last week’s sessions, one group talked about cross contamination and another talked about making friends and how to talk to new friends about food allergies/celiac. This was particularly timely for two of our participants whose families are in the process of moving to new states. Using a guided curriculum developed by the University of Alberta in Canada, the sessions are educational but primarily, they provide kids a safe space to talk about their lives with food allergies and celiac.

Register today to join the spring session!

Be a Peer Mentor!
Many of our peer mentors are going to continue working on this project and a few new ones are being trained. If you are interested in being a peer mentor and guiding these conversations, please apply today!

Shelter at Home and Join us on Facebook and Instagram!

Join us virtually for some fun camp activities while the kids are out of school. We’re stepping up our Facebook and Instagram posts and offering fun crafts, songs to learn, nature activities, and even some astronomy! Post a comment and share photos of how these activities are working with your family. @campbluespruce


Work at Camp Blue Spruce!

It will Change Your Life and the Lives of Your Campers

Join an amazing team at Camp Blue Spruce this summer. You can make a huge difference in the lives of our campers by encouraging resilience, determination, kindness, and teamwork – all characteristics that our kids need now more than ever. The impact you have on these kids in one week will last them a lifetime.

You will also learn those same traits, incorporate them into your ethic and be ready to take them with you to your next adventure. Camp is an amazing experience. You want to be there!

We are looking for program staff, cabin counselors, and kitchen staff. Apply today and join a team of camp professionals who build optimism and community, even in times of uncertainty and fear.


Camp Blue Spruce's vision is that all children and families living with food allergies have a sense of belonging, trust, and community.

Camp Blue Spruce provides children with food allergies a summer camp experience where they can be independent, confident, and worry-free

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