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Dear All Moral Fairground supporters,

It's an extremely challenging time because we are all trying to navigate in unknown territory and trying to make sense of what is happing to us globally. We understand the need for care during this time to ensure the best possible outcomes for the most vulnerable members of our society, the elderly, the homeless and the sick.

We advocate for people to come together in solidarity and keep on supporting each other the best way possible. We encourage everyone to support small and local business that at the moment are struggling to keep afloat, we can still make good consumer choices by shopping local, making an effort to purchase from the small business down the road, keep on supporting the amazing ethical business network.

We have decided to cancel the events we had planned for March, but we are really looking forward to catching up in April.

Susanna & the Moral Fairground Team.


Changing Stories


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We’re all in the business of communication. We communicate because we want to influence others to think, feel or act in a particular way.

But a voice only works if it’s heard. First we must manage attention, an increasingly scarce human resource in a universe of crisis and noise.
Brain science tells us when we hear or tell emotionally charged, character-driven story relevant to us, we engage, pay attention, and remember.
That’s why stories are such a powerful agent of education, influence, and learning. Stories produce empathy, trust, a sense of belonging, and a willingness to co-operate in our listeners.
When we understand how stories told in context work to do this, we can use them to change the narrative from negative energy, wilful ignorance, and torpor, to hope, collaboration, and action.
In Changing Stories, Sandy recounts her own unique experience of storytelling to build a 20,000-strong worldwide community. She demonstrates the context for telling stories and how we can harness the power of story to propagate good in the world.
Through a mix of presentation and practical application participants will learn:
• why and how story works • how story changes the narrative • the context for telling story, • the five vital tools that uncover our authentic stories • how to structure and craft contextualised story.
If you want to change the narrative in any sphere of your life to one of positivity, action, and word power, join us at Changing Stories on April 30 for a full day workshop, visit website for more details.


Call for presenters - Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020

Call for Presenters

Visit website for more info

We are now in the look out for knowledgeable speakers, facilitators, practitioners, educators who are passionate about sharing information that can really deliver valuable tools and solutions that contribute to the creation of more opportunities to have a positive impact in the realm of People, Planet and Purpose driven economy.

The Ethical Enterprise 2020 conference is titled: Revisioning the Impact Economy: Shaping an inclusive approach to a better world and was born from collective recognition of the need for change in value placement, methods and the metrics of measuring impact as well as truly considering the beneficiaries in the undertaking of any initiative.

Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, how can we mould what we already have into something more effective and impactful? What does it mean to create impact, and who really benefits from the initiatives that are put into place? What metrics are more sustainable and impactful long term?

Applications open today and close on the 25th of May 2020. Visit our website for detailed information and to apply.


March Event postponed to May 2020

Women Power Humanitix banner

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Woman Power

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

6:00pm to 9:00pm

BlueRock - Level 16, 414 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Join us as we celebrate and discuss how we can continue to actively rediscover & lean into our power whilst embracing our sovereignty and shaping our own paths as women. We’re here to shift the mindset from passively receiving to actively discovering and gaining.

This event is for anyone who cares about human rights being observed for all, and as cultures and rights have developed and evolved, it is also for those who wish to cherish what women have been able to accomplish in that time. It is also a time to give gratitude to our foremothers who pathed the way to the freedoms and rights we have today as well as to remind people of the remaining disparities and raise our voices on those topics.

We love to celebrate the successes of the women who make up our communities, as well as learn about how we can reconnect with ourselves, our unique insights and gifts as women and how we can tap into those for our benefit. We are here to embrace another way of doing things and of being, a way that is equally important, effective and different.

Cost: $20 PP

Light refreshment included

Each guest will receive a box of QI Fairtrade Organic Tea


Maria Chindris - Sisterworks

Sandy McDonald

More speakers to be released soon


Call for Papers - Student Symposium 2020

Call for Paper EEC2020

Visit the bottom of the call for presenters page for more info

The Ethical Enterprise 2020 Revisioning the Impact Economy: Shaping an inclusive approach to a better world is a great opportunity for PhD students to meet practitioners – small and medium-sized ethical enterprises from around Australia– and pitch your research to them, network and even find participants for your data collection. This is a new initiative we are introducing in 2020, so don't miss out this massive opportunity. Apply!

▪ If you are a PhD student at any stage of your project
▪ If your research focuses on social entrepreneurship, ethical practices of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
▪ If you want to test your research proposal or findings against the reality and get feedback from practitioners
▪ If you are looking to partner, network with or research Ethical SMEs
If you are a PhD student at any stage of your project
If your research focuses on social entrepreneurship, ethical practices of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
If you want to test your research proposal or findings against the reality and get feedback from practitioners
If you are looking to partner, network with or research Ethical SMEs

For more information and to apply, go to the bottom of the Call for Presenters page of the website.


Follow our Ethical Living Blog - great stories every time.

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Melanie Raymond - Youth Projects

Welcome back to the 10 women, 10 stories blog series! If you’ve read the other posts then you’ll know that in this series is all about highlighting the wonderful women in the ‘for purpose’ world. We wanted to see what would happen if we created an all-women lead Ethical Enterprise Conference for 2020! In that, we want to see what happens when women share their thoughts and ideas, come together to take action on things they believe in and support each other’s success.

One of Victoria’s local heroes, Melanie Raymond, Chair of Youth Projects, is with us today and is a great representation of youth and homelessness advocacy on our committee and thus a part of our 10 Women, 10 Stories blog series. Melanie Raymond brings a much-needed voice for those in our society who aren’t always able to have their voices heard, listened to and considered to the committee. There are many aspects to our societal structures that most of us have no idea how to handle, and while some would rather not acknowledge, most feel emotionally triggered by. In the moments of feeling disempowered – whether you are personally impacted by social inequity, have been or know those who may be, in not knowing how to navigate challenging issues like youth homelessness, poverty and issues such as underemployment, it is helpful to know that there are people like Melanie Raymond who are taking steps to creating a more equitable society that values creating opportunities for everyone in a very real way on a day to day basis. Continue reading here.......


Out and about in the network


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March 2 Zero

March 2 Zero, a world-first digital platform providing tools and challenges to reduce carbon emissions.
Just as ‘Dry July' and 'Movember' have motivated people to combat disease, March 2 Zero uses the month of March as a catalyst to galvanise climate action.
Everyone is encouraged to pledge to reduce their carbon footprints. March 2 Zero also urges energy and financial companies to prioritise carbon neutral offerings.
Sign-up here commit to personal action via the pledges
Contribute to Pozible campaign

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Term and Conditions of Entry

Design for Change Competition

HUMIFORM has teamed up with Planet Ark for National Tree Day for the third round of the Design for Change Competition! If you’re 18 years or under, you are wanted you to design artwork for a printed t-shirt that reflects what trees mean to you. The clothes we wear can tell a story about what's important to us and we want these t-shirts to share a message about the world you want to live in. Term and Conditions of entry here.

Expression of Interest Melbourne Soup

Melbourne SOUP brings people interested in doing good together. At a SOUP event, attendees pay $15, hear four presentations on projects that have a social/environmental benefit to Melbourne, enjoy a bowl of soup and live music, before voting for one of the presenters. The presenter with the most votes goes home with $10 from every ticket sold.

The Expression of Interest form to present at their next event is open now until Wednesday the 15th of April. For more info, and to register your interest, head over to their website.


Photos Gallery.

We ran two fantastic events. The Climate Change and Us Networking Event at BlueRock and Celebrating Women in Social Enterprise in collaboration with the City of Whittlesea. Here are some snaps.

IMG 5624

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 5666

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 6834

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 5557

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 1021

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 5674

Climate Change and Us - February 2020

IMG 5748-01

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

IMG 5715-01

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

IMG 5796

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

IMG 5765

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

IMG 5812

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

IMG 5782

IWD - Women in Social Enterprise March 2020

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